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  1. We are upping our watch party game this year. New look and feel. #compensatingforpoorplay
  2. Fuzzy’s will have domestic pitchers for $9.
  3. He did say we played behind where we should be at this point in the season. (understatement)
  4. video already has 1,000+ likes on YouTube.
  5. This reminds me, Fuzzy’s is directly across the street from the Texas Presby hospital in Allen, if anyone is looking for a landmark to find us. 😉
  6. BTW: Fuzzy’s Allen has Yuengling on tap.
  7. I knew we were doomed today when Herbstreet said on College Game Day this morning that anyone could beat UAB the way Georgia did last weekend.
  8. It’s already time to lock the gate? #hit6
  9. So if someone was a college position coach that also spent time coaching high school football, they are given the scarlet letter for having coached high school ball? Asking for a friend.
  10. I have to admit, I like the built in backrest to the bleachers at Ford, but that is it.
  11. I may try the 200’s next year. Last time I sat up there, I don’t remember having issues.
  12. As I said above, not impressed with some of the SMU fans near me, but as I read through this thread, I wonder what the visitor experience is like at Apogee on the student side. Not trying to have a get of my lawn moment, but I wonder how much of this is just part of college football.
  13. Rewatching on ESPN+, they said they were taking him off for an ankle X-ray. Not sure the results.
  14. Ford Stadium curse: https://meangreensports.com/news/2007/9/8/North_Texas_Sets_School_Records_In_45_31_Loss_To_SMU.aspx
  15. Parking is a mess. I always take the train instead. There is a free shuttle between Mockingbird station and the stadium. Air conditioning and plush seats. We didn’t have to wait on the shuttle to or from the stadium as well. Walked right on both ways. The pre game event the Alumni Association put on was great as well. The shuttle stopped there as well. I had the same experience with some of the SMU fans as well. I don’t mind folks cheering for their team, but several groups were outright taunting UNT fans. If you were in section 121, we may be talking about some of the same people.
  16. At the half: Coastal mullets 28 Kansas hasbeans 15
  17. UPDATE: Alumnus DJ Dakota Jimenez is playing for us and Alumni owned, Smokey John’s BBQ is being served. AND cash bar.
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