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  1. So I should go ahead and put the baby to bed?
  2. laxtonto

    Incarnate Word Destroys SFA 31 - 7

    SFA fires their head coach right before the season due to off the field stuff. Not taking anything from IW, but they are 0-2 and struggling a bit.
  3. laxtonto

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    I'm a happy man. Go mean green!!
  4. 41-6.... I would have been happy with that as a final...
  5. 70 is a possibility, but I would guess Fine sits early in the 3rd
  6. Damn... Fine is going to own the UNT record book for QB
  7. someone just got burnt on the double move
  8. They already have more 1st Downs than SMU did... OOPs.. coming back
  9. Anyone else using ESPN+ Curious if you guys are getting the same lame MLB ESPN commercial over and over I am
  10. I think this game might be more competitive if they scheduled a high end 5A team
  11. Streaming on ESPN+ Well worth the $5 a month
  12. laxtonto


    Nice fastball on 3td and long