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  1. I don’t know why, but damn I love beating Tech…. Might be that those smug assholes tried to keep us out of CUSA and now not only are we beating them, we are doing it as we plan on leaving them behind…
  2. This is all about what titles they can or ant use and the limitations on the number of coaches by the NCAA. Much like Bama, they are just using their deep pockets to build a staff to automate more and more of the "other" stuff the HC at most programs do and let their HC focus more time on he is good at. This is something from Saban and in a way I am concerned about what this does to the availability of HC talent at the G5 level. Saban's genius is he knows what he isnt great at/doesn't want to do and delegates to proven former HCs that failed at other locations. So now those guys can either go analyst at the big P5 schools instead of back into the G5 ranks.
  3. Saying there are 100’s of coaches available is the thinking that ended up leaving us with Todd Dodge… There are probably 5-10 coaches each cycle that “fit” the needs of a program like UNT. We aren’t after the retreads of the completely untested, but instead those that have proven something and now are looking to land somewhere to springboard to a midlevel or higher P5 job. How many of those 5-10 names are still available and how have their agent responded when approached? If there is a solid better option, you make the move now. If not you are just as likely to luck into a disaster hire as an improvement just picking from the general available “field” of talent available. The mistake was made by not lining up a replacement 6 weeks ago and now we are stuck in no man’s land.
  4. The problem is if you fire him and then spend the money to buy him out and his assistants then you are pot committed to hiring someone now. The problem with that is we are seeing a massive hiring cycle in the college ranks this year (way more than most years which can be somewhat attributed to COVID) in whihc we would be the latest of the job open. So we are going to be fishing in a shallow pond that has been pretty heavily picked over.. Unless we already have "our guy" lined up right now, do you want to go out and hire a retread and be prepared to be doing this again in 3 years, during the early part of our move into the AAC?
  5. Hard to can him with how bad the current market is for available coaches, but I know before the UTSA many were stating he needed to win both the UTSA and bowl game to keep his job. The real problem is that if you fire him can you get a better option this year or do you do like Neb and give the guy a lame duck year knowing that he has no real chance of hitting 9 wins/making the conf title game/winning a decent bowl game. Essentially you go into next year already starting a search and planning on canning Seth once he is no longer going to be able to make the conference title game.
  6. Are we doing any form of ticket donation setup this year? I can’t really make a bowl from Ohio, but would gladly donate what I normally would spend to young alumni or students.
  7. Normally, this far in coach’s tenure at school and having to fight and claw to get to a bowl game would be a mandate of win or go home from the AD. This is not a normal year and the available talent is looking pretty shallow. Much like what Neb realized, the worst move to make is to make a move now with limited options as a replacement whole shelling out the cash for both buying out the old staff and bringing in the new. If he wins the bowl game then it’s easy and if he loses I’m still 70/30 he’ll be back.
  8. Is it sad I’m at the point of not knowing which is worse…… winning or losing here in OT
  9. It’s been a week and a half… Heard rumors about this mid-last week from the ivory tower side that UNT, MWC and the AAC were in heavy discussions, but never thought it would move this fast… I am very happy about how this turned out.
  10. https://theamerican.org/news/2021/10/21/general-american-athletic-conference-announces-the-addition-of-six-universities.aspx Announced at 9:00 am on the AAC Website!! It is done!
  11. Hell… I’ve donated for banners to flown around stadiums to help voice our displeasure with the AD, so why not billboards to piss of SMU fans too… I would be in for a few scheckles as well… Would just need someone to take some good pictures for me because I live in Ohio..
  12. No. They killed the WAC16 idea and so the infamous airport meeting at the Denver airport led to the split off into the MWC. Several schools ended up getting screwed in this and all these years later, some of the MWC schools still hold the judge.
  13. Most of the UTEP problems is bad blood between the original members of the MWC (or former members of the WAC more appropriately) and UTEPs unwillingness to go with the WAC16 idea years and years ago. UTEPs rigidness then is being repaid in spades. I have no ill will to UTEP, but I can’t fault schools that have a long institutional memory either.
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