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  1. A hurt Nova vs Wintrop makes a great opportunity to make it to the Field of 16
  2. Lots of salty replies in there... WKU fans are not pleased
  3. Im with you.. I got no faith in the NCAA committee correctly placing any CUSA team after the last few years. We should be a 12 or 13, but should and will are 2 different things
  4. So the tourney is in Indy huh? That is like 3 hours from me... I wonder if I can finagle some sort of UNT pass from the members of the UNT admin I know..
  5. If I win this... I am going to send Thor and 3 other of you guys in my place... Hard to do this from Ohio
  6. Holy shit! Missed the last 2 mins and OT putting the 9 month old back to sleep
  7. Waiting on Mike Stoops because he still thinks there is a chance he could land on either of the UTs staff depending on what shakes out...
  8. https://sportsurge.net/#/groups/0
  9. Man I feel old... I grew up as a kid on that campus, back when Fry street was still dirty fry and 1/3 of the building on campus were not there. I love how Denton keeps growing. It only strengthens UNT
  10. sportsurge.net and go from there... It is the backup setup for all streams off of r/cfbstreams
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