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  1. Is it sad I’m at the point of not knowing which is worse…… winning or losing here in OT
  2. It’s been a week and a half… Heard rumors about this mid-last week from the ivory tower side that UNT, MWC and the AAC were in heavy discussions, but never thought it would move this fast… I am very happy about how this turned out.
  3. https://theamerican.org/news/2021/10/21/general-american-athletic-conference-announces-the-addition-of-six-universities.aspx Announced at 9:00 am on the AAC Website!! It is done!
  4. Hell… I’ve donated for banners to flown around stadiums to help voice our displeasure with the AD, so why not billboards to piss of SMU fans too… I would be in for a few scheckles as well… Would just need someone to take some good pictures for me because I live in Ohio..
  5. No. They killed the WAC16 idea and so the infamous airport meeting at the Denver airport led to the split off into the MWC. Several schools ended up getting screwed in this and all these years later, some of the MWC schools still hold the judge.
  6. Most of the UTEP problems is bad blood between the original members of the MWC (or former members of the WAC more appropriately) and UTEPs unwillingness to go with the WAC16 idea years and years ago. UTEPs rigidness then is being repaid in spades. I have no ill will to UTEP, but I can’t fault schools that have a long institutional memory either.
  7. So this may be dumb question, but I haven't really seen an answer for this... What happens to the playoff payout structure if all of the sudden if there is one less G5 conference? Does the change in payout get split up among all conferences or split among the remaining G5? If they are going to increase the split for the G% into a G4, there is a huge incentive to go ahead and axe the CUSA before they can back fill more with FCS schools and further dilute the distribution pool.
  8. So it looks like we have a few open dates to fill in the future... what is the AAC policy on non-conference schedules? We now need like 5 games in the next 5 years
  9. Dare I say it... Dare I dream.... Baseball..... coming to UNT?
  10. So the real question is did the AAC go to 14 knowing that they will eventually lose 2 or to lock out the MWC from Texas to hopefully shake loose AF and CSU?
  11. Get ready for Thursday and Friday night ESPN games!
  12. Funny enough we have a way better chance of getting into the AAC while SMU is still there than SMU does of ever getting into the Big12. The AAC is stuck trying to play defense against a possible MWC expansion while there is no other real market force out there that would incentivize an SMU add to the Big12. It might make SMU grumble, but they dont really have a choice if they want to keep their paycheck. If the MWC expands into Texas, they may be better suited for the expanded ESPN tv deal at the cost of the AAC. That is the big driver in this and frankly all the complaints by SMU mean nothing to the AAC if it comes at the cost of the ESPN media rites deal…
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