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  1. Im not drinking the Litrell Kool aid yet, but I like this recruiting class. My favorite signee is Kason Martin. I love his attitude and his experience. Big time pipeline to get in at Manvel and could lead to getting others to commit. 2nd is Ogunmakin. Seen him play and it may be a biased choice, but he's a good athlete.
  2. UNT won 9 games so expect more TV next year and bad kickoff times and day games.
  3. I don't care if it was Senior day. McNulty had a year in a half to show something. Maybe even longer. He shouldn't have started or ever played again. Yall love some Chico...
  4. I was a Mac fan. I guess I still am cause of the 9-4 HOD Bowl season...but McNulty...I can't forgive that mess... and McNulty even started AFTER Mac was fired...I just knew he would never ever see the field again after Mac was fired, but Chico...Mac was responsible for McNulty, but Chico was definitely in on a lot of the rest of the flops. Chico needs to stop getting a pass from this fanbase. Chico should have been replaced...just like someone on this current coaching staff. The signs are there.
  5. Means was Chico's recruit. Chico was very high on Means even when Deer Park was doing bad his senior season. I was told by a very reliable source that Means was Chico's guy. Mac had nothing to do with going out and looking for QBs. I'm not sure many know how recruiting works. Coaches for certain areas go out and look for talent. They bring what they find back to the other coaches. If I am over Houston area and I am a DL coach, I'm not just looking for DL. I'm looking at all talent and if I see a nice db or something, I would let the position coaches know. Not sure if Mac's staff trusted each other in that regard, but Chico had a lot of say so in the offensive talent. I have seen it first hand at the Houston Satellite camps. It wasnt Mac telling Chico who to look at. Lets stop this myth. Mac had his faults, but he was not hands on like some want to think. If anything he was the opposite and probably should have been more involved.
  6. The biggest improvement over the years is Seth's offensive scheme and finding a QB that can play D1 football. Gotta give Litrell credit for that. That is the major upgrade in player development and talent evaluation I have seen. There has also been a few other offensive pieces added to show that they know a little something about offense. Now, we need the same for the defensive side. Since Littrell is considered an offensive mind and coach, he shouldn't be responsible for both sides of the ball. That is when you have to have a DC that can find talent and evaluate, like the offense has done. I do not see one sign where we are headed in the right direction on defense.
  7. Having plays with the expectation that our line would block for more than 3 seconds was irresponsible. In FAU'S bowl game many of their pass plays were 3 second reads or less. Who cares about how they looked in practice. Fine is mobile enough to move him around and not be a sitting duck back there. And where were the short routes/safety valves?
  8. Jones balled out. Props to him on hanging in there. Not sure why Manvel went zone though. Yeah 88 was nice and he had a few catches...still no reason to stop the pressure and go zone. 88 looks like a player, but considering Manvel has a corner going to Penn state and a safety going to A&M, 88 should have been locked up. He was tall, but not big like gronk. These kids are getting rated high and all these stars because of these youtube videos and camps. all this footwork and dancing, but can they play football? I'm sorry, in my opinion, a secondary with 3 or 4 D1 players and 2 of them being "studs" shouldn't get lit up like that. 28 the linebacker is going to Navy...He was nice. looks like he can play some football. Onside kick. Really Manvel? they lined up a 6'5 wr over there and yall had no one over there?
  9. They are getting rid of the ball fast. The line hasn't been required to block for more than 3 seconds on a lot of plays. Its quick reads and they move that QB around. He's not a sitting duck. We really should take some notes.
  10. Brown has no say so. I bet he will be the scapegoat though.
  11. Corners have been mismanaged for two years. I thought it was Ek, but after this season it's Ref. Brown does not have much input, but i'm not sure if many corners coach does in college.
  12. This. and trust me...the corners would rather play that way too. Last year when they kicked Buyers out from his db spot, I thought we would really be doing some pressing and covering. Should have just let Buyers play nickel in hindsight...
  13. Coming into this season the strength of this team was the secondary. Last season too. That is where the veterans were and the players that showed some promise. Not only the fans were saying the secondary was the strength, but also the analysts. Some had post and pre-season recognition. I don't see many secondary players wanting to keep ref... We saw some of these players make plays in actual games as youngsters. So all of a sudden, these corners and safeties can't play football? not just 1 player, but multiple players. In an area the DC coaches. And who can forget how we covered Sutton the last two years?...There was no improvement. And if we are going to be a high flying offense, WE HAVE TO HAVE GOOD DBS AND GOOD DB COACHES!!! We are going to be in shootouts and back and forth games. It just comes with having that type of offense.
  14. No Sutton...I like our chances. Hopefully no Ref either...
  15. And Mac was 9-4 coming off a HOD bowl win...we extended him knowing there were questions. I'm comparing the situations. Issues with the other side of the ball and recruiting. Very similar. Good thing in Littrell favor is his team is young, but the bigger thing is next year's schedule won't be as hard as when Mac was here.
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