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  1. BonfireBrian

    Old Dominion (1/31/19)

    For those in DFW, it is also showing on Ch. 47.
  2. BonfireBrian

    New Mexico (12/18/18)

    It will also be streaming free on the Stadium app.
  3. BonfireBrian

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    This article is from 2005.
  4. BonfireBrian

    Arkansas game seating

    They didn't say, but I also didn't ask.
  5. BonfireBrian

    Arkansas game seating

    I called the athletic department about Arkansas tickets late last week. I was told we are getting a big allotment from Arkansas and that they would be available in mid-July.
  6. You can buy single session tickets on Ticketmaster as well. Here's the link: Use offer Code "NTMen" and the tickets reduce to $15. Women's session tickets are also $15 under "NTWomen"
  7. BonfireBrian

    Looking ahead... a hypothetical

    Here is the only official tiebreaker scenario I have seen from CUSA. It's listed in the Media Guide online: Home field for the C-USA Championship Game will be awarded to the team that posts the highest regular season winning percentage against conference opposition. The first tiebreaker is the winner of a head-to-head match-up. Additional tie-breaker information will be released at a later date.
  8. BonfireBrian

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks, @TheTastyGreek @ScreamingEaglesFan - Sent you a PM.
  9. Does anyone have an extra blue/red parking pass for the Bethune-Cookman game Saturday? I'm bringing a bunch of family and don't want them to have to walk from Fouts.
  10. This event was last night.
  11. BonfireBrian

    Congratulations, Mark!

    Congrats, Mark. Well deserved!
  12. BonfireBrian

    Marshall Gets Screwed

    I'm not saying it's not good for us, just a little skeptical of how they arrived at their conclusion.
  13. BonfireBrian

    Marshall Gets Screwed

    Rice to host the Championship Game on Saturday. Looks like some funny math to me, but here's the official release from CUSA. CBS BCS Standings: (Marshall #33, Rice #54)
  14. BonfireBrian

    Vote Brandin Byrd AT&T All-American POTW

    Voted and shared.
  15. BonfireBrian

    Men's Bracket

    That's because it makes no sense.