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  1. I’m guessing Dickies arena in FTW. AAC might be impossible to book with next season’s NHL and NBA seasons in limbo.
  2. https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/6/11/football-best-team-ever-1-1967-vs-1-2002.aspx ‘67 vs ‘02 feels like a no-brainer, but it looks like this one is coming down to the wire. Both seasons had wins against Cincinnati, but I don’t think a team that started 0-5 against FBS opponents should beat out a team that almost went undefeated(and featured Joe Greene).
  3. If this promo doesn’t bring out the students, I don’t know what will...
  4. According to 247 Sports, UNT’s 2020 class is ranked 67th in country. That’s ahead of UCF, Houston and Virginia Tech. Considering the lack of nfl draft picks, bowl wins and conference titles in a mediocre CUSA, I’d say we are overachieving in the “perception” department.
  5. UNT is ranked #11 on this list according to Complex. According to this list, we’re higher than both UTA and UTD and UNT is the ugliest campus in the state of Texas. I like how they picked a demolished structure to represent the campus... https://www.complex.com/style/2013/09/ugly-college-campuses-dex/?utm_source=kw_fb&kwp_0=1465102&fbclid=IwAR2KMLKi1Nft84Dx0RSuB0sFSe7_dqU9__inTQHFFoCG_4LzN-kWRnzB19k
  6. Then they would be putting their own schools at a major recruiting disadvantage. Voters would remember that.
  7. I know the season is now totally lost for this team, but Mason still has a lot to play for. With his draft stock on the line, he needs to finish strong with more performances like last night. Hopefully he can convince atleast a few teams to invest a draft pick in him.
  8. If you aren’t playing meaningful ball, this is true for pretty much every team in the group of five and plenty of schools that do not play in the Big 10 or SEC... to an extent.
  9. Seth currently ranks just below Sumlin(Arizona) and Smith(Oregon State), but above Tom Allen (Indiana), Harsin (Boise State) and.... Brian Kelly?! Something is missing...
  10. This was quite possibly the worst sports weekend for the Dallas area fan/UNT alum. Stars lose again and drop to 1-4-1, Cowboys lose for the third week in a row to a winless team and we all know happened Saturday night. All while the Astros are playing to go to the World Series. Does it get any worse than this?
  11. Get ready for a crowd of 13,000 next weekend at apogee. Another blowout at the hands of a G5 team, not really sure how Seth finds something better than K-State at this point.
  12. Agree with this for the most part, but TCU and Baylor have probably leapfrogged Tech. Both schools recruit several 4 star players every year and Tech is consistently near the bottom of the Big 12 in recruiting. Also, both tcu and Baylor have been much more relevant over the past decade
  13. Really wish they would bust the bad boys out atleast a few times a year. I’d also like to see what a white or black alternate would look like!
  14. I wonder what the attendance number was on this game... their stadium looked 30% full on tv.
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