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  1. Not sure if this has been addressed on this site before, but will UNT and UAB still be considered mid-major when they move to the American? I’d have to think sharing a conference with Memphis, Wichita St and Temple might change things.
  2. I wonder is the Big 12 dissolves within a few years. All those big TV deals are bound to expire and a conference with these names is definitely last in the P5 pecking order. I wouldn’t be surprised if schools like Tech/TCU/OSU bail for the PAC-12 and KU/Iowa State aim for the Big 10. WVU goes to the ACC where it already belongs.
  3. La Tech is averaging 2 draft picks a year since 2013, yet they are consistently middle of the pack in conference recruiting rankings. They have more draft picks than Colorado, K State, Ok State and Texas Tech in the CFP era. How are they developing NFL ready talent at such a consistent level?
  4. Let’s just try and make the final score look somewhat respectable at this point... can we get within 10?
  5. Tried out this bracket simulator and got UNT into the sweet 16 on the first try. You can set parameters that allow you to favor things like defensive ability, madness level and your alma mater. Check it out: https://www.wsj.com/graphics/ncaa-march-madness-2021-bracket-generator/
  6. A 30-27 loss @ MTSU is a very generous prediction for this team, I’d actually think that there is a chance UNT isn’t the worst team in the FBS. But we are... 38-21 blue raiders
  7. We just lost to an 0-3 team at home and haven’t beat an FBS team in almost a full calendar year. Not sure I could pick the mean green until they show us something.
  8. Clean look! Sort of looks like they could be a Tulane alternate
  9. Wow.. In a fall with 4 fbs conferences playing zero football we can’t do better than ESPN+?
  10. Like this look! I think a green version of the Old school NT helmet with white lettering would look even better.
  11. I don’t think it’s a bad time to play a road game at a P5 opponent, if we can make up some of the financial incentive lost from Aggie. Crowd noise shouldn’t be a factor at all and who knows how these coaching staffs are handling preparation for the upcoming season. I bet you will see plenty of upsets early on.
  12. Now just announce the storm trooper unis as the other primary uniform and we are set
  13. I’m guessing Dickies arena in FTW. AAC might be impossible to book with next season’s NHL and NBA seasons in limbo.
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