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  1. *cough* https://www.denverpost.com/2019/08/21/cu-buffs-grad-transfer-mikial-onu-safety/
  2. Good luck figuring that one out. I posted my thoughts on that in another topic. LSS, I’m not looking forward to it.
  3. Some would argue this is what’s happening at UConn right now - their roster has basically evaporated due to the changes in conference affiliation. But, I mean, it’s their own fault. Stanford is running into a unique problem- due to the difficulty of getting into their graduate schools kids who graduate with playing time remaining are leaving early. To his credit David Shaw has recommended they move on to a master’s program, and as a result they’ve got something like 15 kids transferring this year.
  4. Meet Arkansas LB Bumper Pool: https://arkansasrazorbacks.com/roster/bumper-pool/
  5. uh Houston didn't 'build for 2021' Houston quit. Don't recommend that.
  6. I mean, Idaho has a population of 1.7 million. If size of TV markets was an indicator then BSU wouldn't be FBS. Shoot, Nebraska has only 1.9 million themselves. Just win so much they can't ignore you. That's the only way.
  7. The hard reality is that they'd let Richland CC in if it meant attaining P6 status. I understand that geographical proximity can work against a school when it attempts to move up, but that's the fight we all have while fighting for inclusion.
  8. I know everyone else in the conference is open and even possibly excited about the possibility of Boise State joining the AAC, but I can't stand it. I think it reeks of short-term gains and long-term instability. BSU joining doesn't make the AAC a P6 conference. Rather, it's going to water-down any common goals and identities that exist within the conference, be it geography, school missions, and - most especially - whether it's going to be a football or basketball conference, because there absolutely will be a basketball only school, like VCU, that joins to balance the conference or whatever, along with their own independent agenda. Sooner or later realignment is going to hit, and when it does the AAC, instead playing the long game and building the conference, is going to start to revert to whomever is hot at the moment and filling the spots with footall and basketball-only schools, creating a Big East 2.0. When that happens the hybrid structure is going to doom the conference in the long term. Furthermore, if the conference becomes more successful too soon in it's going to force a P5 conference (likely the Big XII) to cherry pick the AAC for more talent to continue to keep pace with other conferences. Might be a little dramatic, but it's certainly possible. So as far as I'm concerned, BSU can stay in the MWC - no need to fix what isn't broken. If they have to bring someone in bring in an all-sports member that we can invest in for the long term and work to build cohesion and common goals with. Otherwise, we are planting the seeds of our own demise.
  9. I think Dykes has come up with a common sense approach to using GT's and DFW as a way to attract better talent, going with a simple approach to the players: Have more than one year left of eligibility Be from DFW Fit your teams needs and have little to no disciplinary issues (James, the TE I just mentioned, smoked pot. Peronally, I'm fine with this, call me whatever you want) Endless amounts of talent disappears under the depth charts in the P5 for no real reason than arbitrary judgement calls - Burrow is a prime example of this at OSU - so there's no reason there can't be a way to find talented players who are decent kids to come home once they graduate. Honestly, there's no reason UNT couldn't clean up, either - this rule change has a chance to really level the playing field. As far as the DP goes.... after 35 years of sucking, it's time to move on. No reason we shouldn't be able to win and do it cleanly.
  10. The coaches have been open about looking at GT's at a couple of different positions, especially RB, DT, LB, and a CB, so I expect a few to come in some way, shape or form - we've also landed a 4* WR JUCO prospect, stealing him from TCU (hell yeah). But a couple that we landed last year but didn't play are the intriguing ones to me - the OL from Boston College that I think is going to add some depth is a big one, and then my genuine favorite, Kedrick James, the TE who was going to start for Alabama but got kicked off the team for smocking pot. With Proche leaving and an OL that had problems getting a strong push up front this kid could contribute to both issues, making our receiving corps even better this year. He got hurt last year and didn't play - can't wait to take him out of the box.
  11. Everybody has their own take on this, but I think Dykes realized when Buechele transferred in he had the team to win right then and there. In 2018 SMU was 5-7, had 21 of 25 returning starters, and was a QB away from winning the AAC West, and if you win your division at SMU you have done your job. So when he landed Buechele he decided to go all in for the next two years, loading up on qualified transfers and getting lucky on a couple others - McBride lettered at Auburn but after the neck injury he was ghosted by 32 other programs before e-mailing us, and Stephens, the CB who covered Rico, was a 3* RB from UCLA who simply asked to walk on and was told "fine, but we need DB's not RB's so that's what you'll have to play." So a couple guys just landed in our lap when they got passed over by everybody else. We got a little lucky, to be honest. We're good at QB right now, but those DT's from Texas would find the field in a hurry right now. *EDIT* Grammer
  12. There are those of us who tend to believe that Morris' was in over his head as a HC and that his real talent is as an OC. It's been shown a number of times at a few different schools, and that alongside his contacts at the HS level he would be a very strong OC pick. Not being funny or picking a fight - if you can get him, get him. As far as Norvell goes.... I grew up in Memphis. A number of people are saying that that the inside scoop on Norvell is that the reason that he was passed over for a few P5 jobs is that he has some personal issues that could be a concern. The term 'college girls' has come up in a few discussions, and that has scared a few programs off. We'll see if that matters here. If I were a razorback I'd take a look at Fritz. National championship at one level and now rebuilding Tulane? Seems like a winner to me.
  13. Arkansas spends $10M on Chad's buyout. Dykes goes to Arkansas, who spends another $6M on Sonny's buyout. Buechele graduates in one year with his MBA, and due to new transfer rules goes to Arkansas to get his PhD in Feline Hunting and Culinary Preparation. He is joined by the upper half of SMU's 2020 recruiting class, never to be heard from again. Arkansas opens with a loss to Nevada and Sonny is fired when they lose to Charleston Southern 51-9, costing them another $15M. Heard it here first.
  14. You can transfer without sitting out a year if you graduate from your school and have at least a year remaining. I believe there is some sort of requirement that the school you go to have a program not offered at your first school, thus acting like there is an academic reason for the transfer. That, and the fact that he only played in four games last year at UT allowed for that season to be considered a redshirt year, so he had two years of eligibility remaining when he showed up. TBH I would imagine that if someone managed to graduate their master's program in a year (not that difficult a notion) then, yes, they could move on - hope he doesn't do so.
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