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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Once teams realized that Nelson, our playmaking machine at LB and transfer from Illinois, was below average in pass coverage they torched us if they had the necessary personnel. Memphis, ECU, and FAU all feasted. Fine tried to take advantage but had a couple poor passes mask the gameplan - he underthrew a receiver Nelson was covering by a country mile and Nelson got an easy INT out of it. It's why I asked about your receivers and DB's - I expect us to improve on the line on both sides for the second game but if we find ourselves losing a few battles to those positio
  2. Stop stealing from the Bed Bath and Beyond clearance rack, dude. And it's pronounced 'Tar-jet'
  3. No. Smoking jacket and cigarette holder, and don't forget the 25 y.o. trophy wife - we need the money.
  4. Here you go. Makes me hungry just watching.
  5. https://247sports.com/college/smu/Article/College-Football-Zero-positive-COVID-19-tests-for-SMU-after-season-opener-Texas-State-Sonny-Dykes-151281397/
  6. https://www.smudailycampus.com/news/phil-bennett-fired EDIT: Credit given to UNTJim1995
  7. No. To my knowledge the football team hasn't had a single reported case.
  8. My apologies - I forgot I had a role to play. *cough* Prepare thy anus, peasants. You're going to get spanked harder than a Phi Delt on pledge night. 👍
  9. You must be a TCU fan. Just go to the SMU Hall of Champions and find out for yourself. Take your time - it'll be there for another year or two.
  10. My god. Between that and the Iron Skillet our trophy case is going to look like a trip to Target. How are the receivers and DB's looking? I predict we go back to the 4-3 and focus on stopping your running game and force your receivers to make plays while we go back to more of a basic Air Raid and try to flood your defensive backfield. Wondering how we are going to match up on the outside.
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