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  1. That must be Apogee. Better put that out..... EDIT: Changed to Apogee. Credit given to greenjoe.
  2. It's going to be a boon to some and a anchor to others, but it's not going to be strictly along the 'P5/G5' lines, at least not in football. For every D'eriq King that goes to Miami, there's going to be 3 or 4 McKenzie Miltons/Shane Buechele/Brady Whites/Zach Smith's/Ruder, so I expect more talent to flow down than up. Stanford and Tennessee are getting killed right now with the portal and I imagine that programs that take a down-turn and players see themselves as rats on a sinking ship now have a way out. But region proximity to players coming out of HS could be huge and I can be
  3. Sonny was smart in that he realized that the school's relationship with the city was key and has worked to build it, but I don't think it would have worked the same had he not had access to the Portal. It's allowed him to circumvent the normal recruiting process and find high-end talent that wouldn't have been available to us. That being said I don't see why it stops with us - the rest of the AAC has followed suit and UNT is primed as well. I've said before 'live by the sword die by the sword' and it's only a matter of time, I believe.
  4. It seems as though we've both gone and hired DC's with a black mark on their resumes. I'm going to stay away from PB, because the charges levied against him were borderline, if not blatantly, felonious, and he's not our problem anymore. Leveatt's, however, were of a hot headed HC who made a stupid mistake and it cost him handsomely. Trying to be objective here - if it's my son, and the HC punches him and then lies about it, if he's fired and it cost's him upwards of $5M and his job and reputation, I'm satisfied. That may not be, however, the attitude of the kid or his father - so be i
  5. That might explain the winless season in his second year. That doesn't explain the 1-11 record his sixth year.
  6. I don't see why. It was the most logical and comprehensive post on the matter.
  7. Maybe he was just really, really happy in Ford Stadium? 🤷‍♂️
  8. Aresco has said that they're in no hurry to add anyone, and given the current climate of programs losing tens of millions of dollars adding a school you're not absolutely, 100% sure about could be considered rash. From what I gather they makes somewhere around 4.5-5.5M/year in the MWC, which is apparently $1.8M more than any other school, an understandable sticking point for the rest of the conference. In the AAC they'd make just over the $8M/year which is the same as everybody else. They'd play against far more recognizable football and basketball programs and have a MUCH larger pr
  9. CSD has been public about his telling Stone he's going to have to compete for the position and the kid seems fine with it. 'That being said' JQJ has said he's open to playing defense and some of us are curious to seem him at LB or S. This is Lubbock we're talking about. There are reports that those rocket surgeons have put together a private investigation to see if Art Briles was really guilty....
  10. Good kid but it wasn't working out. He went into the Navy game when we had an enormous lead and managed to fumble, about blowing his only shot. It's clear that at this point the staff are already looking to Stone to be the QB of the future and a couple of independent analysts have Buechele coming back for next year, so good luck to the kid - life goes on. And frankly we should all be as well liked as Sonny is right now.
  11. Basketball season is going to be an absolute mess. I'd encourage both teams to keep their options open.
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