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  1. Says a lot when 9-4 with no division or conference title plus a bowl game against 6-6 UNLV is considered a megical season. 2015 Houston on the otherhand was a REAL magical season.
  2. I always eat a slice out the box before giving it to the customer.
  3. You call yourself a Coog and you didn't know about this?
  4. Why would a UNT player ever be on the cover of DCTF? Surely you guys arent that delusional.
  5. Imagine being delusional enough to think anybody gives a shit about lacrosse. Go play a real sport.
  6. The rash on my buttcheek is due for a breakout during allergy season.
  7. UNTs other rival is the anti-sports sentiment from the student body
  8. I don't care for Art or his son simply because they're con artists
  9. 2010-2015 Sam Houston teams would have beaten UNT. Thats why RV avoided them
  10. Still cant find your games on TV not that anybody really watches UNT.
  11. Let me know when CUSA gets a billion dollar TV deal or airs its games on a channel I can actually find in America
  12. Also UNT is trying to talk shit about the AAC yet won't have a home P5 game until 2027 which will likely get bought out.
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