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  1. I dropped an f bomb and now everybody's innocence is shaken. Now lets move onto something thats actually important.
  2. U. N.... T... The motherfuckin eagles! U-N-T Eagles! Fight! Fight! Fight!
  3. 1. The university isnt a person. Its an inanimate object. 2. Whats your point? 3. Show him the movie Shrek, its a kids movie with cussing in it and Shrek is green. 4. Get 1/4 of the crowd LSU brings om before saying that. 5. Most people have never even heard of directional Texas
  4. Wrong. I just keep posting here because I always get a reaction. I often got ignored on the TCU board until I pretty much gave up and left and banned on the others. A$M banned me within 3 or 4 posts.
  5. Who cares about them? They hear worse things on Youtube, School and TV. Let's stop pretending that hearing MFing eagles is going to corrupt them
  6. Ive been banned from every FBS Texas school board at least once except for here, TCU and UTSA.
  7. I made another account 2 years ago and have been posting there ever since.
  8. Must be nice to have a school mascot and dorm named after you.
  9. Over on the UH board we're laughing at the fact that DCTF had the nerve to put that. We're going to run UNT off the field and have the backups in the game by the 3rd quarter.
  10. Translation: I couldn't make a cohesive argument to CK2 so I took the snowflake way out.
  11. Talk to me when UNT gets one player drafted this decade. Meanwhile we have had 3 1st round draft picks in the last 5 years.
  12. We're still on a level above all of those schools though. Remind me how much UNT gets a year from the CUSA media deal. UH is 53rd in revenue out of all NCAA schools. UNT is in the 100s I think.
  13. This is true. People already have a low opinion about UNT football, so its not like it could be any lower especially after managing to lose 66-7 to an FCS team.
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