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  1. I didn't get mad about anything. Dont lie.
  2. I'm hardly on here anymore. Yall keep tagging me and asking me to comment
  3. I rather be that guy than the guy whose wrapped around my finger so hard that they and their fellow fans often have me on their mind. The guy whose school lost 66-7 to a mediocre FCS school. The guy whose school cant recruit worth a damn for the most part outside of a few hidden gems. The guy whose school cant even put 30k into a stadium. The guy whose school cant even get a single player drafted. The guy whose school newspaper even suggested shutting down the football program. The guy whose school cant even win a CUSA title. The guy who didn't even realize that two can play at this game. That's true irony.
  4. I dont really look at Twitter so...
  5. Meaningless. Get a better recruiting class or get into the Top 25 then come see me. You know you're a loser when you gotta hang onto a twitter post.
  6. CK2

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    1. He just signed an extension, he'll be around for a bit 2. Applewhite is still better than anything UNT has had in the modern era. Hell, he even has bigger wins than Littrell.
  7. CK2

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    And we're scoring 40+ almost every game too.
  8. He already announced that hes done
  9. I thought our bowl sucked but holy crap lmao. Utah State in New Mexico?! Yuck
  10. CK2

    Kendal Briles Tx State Top Target

    Can't stop King on offense. He's a bit shorter than Fine but with a stronger arm and better offensive production. Also all of our linebackers and most of our Dline (the ones who were productive until injury) return.
  11. CK2

    It Just Must Be Tough.....

    I'm sure they'll dry their tears with their P5 money and take solace in being DFW's team for college sports.
  12. He filled in nicely last game after King went down with an injury. Will be making his debut start against Memphis on Friday.
  13. CK2

    ED Oliver Vs. Major Applewhite

    No. Those jackets are used by our players when they come off the field. Applewhite told everyone who was not playing to take them off since it's been a team rule forever. The equipment manager told Ed to take it off. Ed told him to buzz off basically so Applewhite was informed and came over and slightly pulled it over his shoulder. Then Ed got pissed off. over the whole ordeal. Applewhite never has and never will publicly call out a player or coach.
  14. Pretty damn good. We're rolling 31-9 at the half right now. Unfortunately King is hurt and being looked at but Mr. Tune is filling in nicely so far.