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  1. Cry and whine all you want but I'm right. Fine would start at every FBS school in Texas not named UH, UT and Tech if Bowman is healthy.
  2. Stop falling for same ol shit everytime. Lol it got so boring around here, I only come around every once in a while.
  3. UNT made the same mistake of extending McCarney before he really won anything. Smh
  4. We would drop all of our athletics before we join a shitstain conference like that.
  5. Hofheinz got rebuilt and is now the Fertitta Center, far better than that dinosaur called the Super Pit. We have a brand new IPF, multiple grass and turf fields. UNT can never sell out tiny 30k Apogee so the ability to expand is completely pointless. There's a reason why a player like Ed Oliver would never sign with UNT.
  6. Yet nobody seems to mind since we get better players, have better attendance and nicer facilities. By your logic USC, Ivy League schools, Cincinnati and many others shouldn't have better everything than UNT.
  7. I'd rather you stay away from our academics since you don't know the difference between by and buy.
  8. UH isn't in 5th ward. Damn you even fail at smack talk.
  9. No but we're in the Sweet 16 while UNT is at home with no tournament to play in.
  10. Whomp whomp whomp whomp whaaaaaaaaa
  11. Well you weren't here to snitch on us today. So on the phone I stay.
  12. You liar! It said I can't ignore myself!
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