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  1. You cant judge RV solely on FB HC hires. He has done a TON for this University, including some other good coaching hires. Sadly, I'm not sure our new Prez is aware of how pathetic the athletic dept was before RV. My 2c.
  2. Dickey had some demons to work through. It happens. I wish him well. He, like Dodge seems to be a good evaluator of talent. I really like the reality show idea. It would break any number of NCAA violations and that's just fine with me. The NCAA needs to go away. That said, who are we looking for? offense or defense? I like defense coord with loose reigns over offense and a good OC. But that's what I thought we had in Mac. I was wrong.
  3. I hear really good things about the OC at Memphis.
  4. That's right Ben. We want a coach who's going to say, "Let's go lose !" Jeesh.
  5. I stand with RV and Mac. Each of them inherited a dumpster fire. RV has created a much better athletic department than I have EVER seen at NT. Mac took the Dodge fiasco and turned it into a bowl champion. Do they have limitations? Yes. RV has got to learn how to schedule better, and I do question some of his hires, but then again, he hired Aston and Jones. Great hires that only got lured away bc their dream job became available. He also hired Dodge and a few other flops. It's not a great track record but it beats the HELL out of the previous 20+ years. RV raises money and we no longer sacri
  6. I'm not sure Brandon adds much. Also his brother is not eligible at SFA bc he's a transfer? That's why you transfer to that division so you can play immediately, ala Dajon. Conversly, Ashton is a great add. I will still listen whoever you guys put on. Ok, maybe not Helwig
  7. I want to hear him talk about scheduling, and take responsibility for this year's gauntlet. What are the steps to ensure a better schedule for future years HAS HE LEARNED FROM HIS MISTAKES???!! I would also like to hear you guys thank him for everything he's done. The haters on this board clearly don't remember how deep in a hole this program was before RV. If you think it's bad now, you clearly don't remember Helwig. We played so many body bag FB games just to fund the other sports it was exhausting. I'd like to hear about baseball, fundraising, and what will happen with the space Fouts
  8. clearly you don't remember AD's before RV. Back to the original question. I think Dodge has football smarts and is a good evaluator of talent. 2 fatal flaws though. He was loyal to his HS coaches & he was loyal (biased) toward his son. Yeah, he should have handled things differently. But he didn't. That's on him. I like him, but he screwed up.
  9. I did listen from the website. Good stuff as always.
  10. I know it looks right but did you actually listen? I've checked again and it still seems off. I'll listen through the website.
  11. When this appeared in my iTunes podcast feed, last weeks episode downloaded I've been having some issues with my old phone, so it may just be me.
  12. I go on vacation to Mexico to 9:40am Sunday morning. If this isn't posted by then...I'll wait til I get back. Thx for all you do Harry. But I REALLY want to listen to this on the plane.
  13. Sinbad was on my morning show today for SXSW. Really nice guy. He spends his time these days promoting his daughters music career. Club music. Not my scene but the entire family is very pleasant. I talked to him last year quite a but was way too busy this year to chat him up about Denton.
  14. Longview High School Bobby Taylor 1991 DB Notre Dame 10 year career in NFL (9 with Philly) Inducted into Texas Sports HOF James Street 1966 QB Texas (also a hell of a baseball player) Too many accolades to list Inducted into Texas HOF
  15. Dunham loved the job so much that he stole it from Merecer. In his book Mercer pulled no punches in his description of that fiasco. While I think Dunham has done a fantastic job I've always held a bit of resentment for how he went about securing that job. Maybe another Mercer protege can step up. I took both semesters of Mercer's broadcast sports class. I have respect for anyone who can do this well. It ain't easy. Despite my personal feelings about Dunham I will miss his call. He does a superb job.
  16. That is a lot of soccer in a short amount if time.
  17. Williams is a different style QB than McNulty. Game planning suffers.
  18. No mention of Bill Mercer, the guy Dunham screwed out of the play by play job.
  19. It happens everywhere. I work on the UT campus quite a bit. I see tshirts from all different schools. Even A&M. Take it in stride. The more important question is if we are seeing more NT apparel on campus. You will ALWAYS see other schools represented.
  20. By doing the interviews in front of the cooler I think Vito is getting some of that sweet Reddy Ice kick back cash.
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