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  1. I will always call him D Dub.
  2. That's the beauty of fiction. He can be whoever you want.
  3. Could only listen. Didn't hear the attendance numbers? Good crowd?
  4. I believe Trilli's team almost lost to Abiline Christian. Almost.
  5. Granted. I just assumed since he was #2 on the depth chart he'd get a shot at starting. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have DW under center. Just posing a question.
  6. For the record I'm all for DW getting the nod. I'm curious as to why MiniMac didn't get a shot at starting. I'm really excited to see (or hear, if I can't find video of the game) what DDub brings to the table. I like a dual threat QB. It should be fun.
  7. Uverse subscriber in Austin. Our Sinclair partner is the CBS affiliate. They have the Florida game on. I think I'm screwed. I've looked around for an on-line feed, but no luck. Any ideas? I'm gonna listen to Dunham's call no matter what, I'd just like a visual to go along with it.
  8. Why can't Stevie Wonder see his friends? B/C he's married.
  9. Mac is all about taking a negative and turning it into a positive.
  10. http://m.am1300thezone.com/onair/the-sports-buffet-22066/north-texas-play-by-play-announcer-george-dunham-with-craig-rod-and-jon-82714-12712439/ Whole interview. I'm on my phone or else I'd use the link tool.
  11. It's over. I heard about the last 10 minutes. Spoke highly of Skladany, the NT secondary, Greer, then finished up with some vocal impressions. I'm coming around on Dunham. Mostly b/c Bill Mercer and he buried the hatchet.
  12. Mac knows what I want for my birthday. I expect to recieve that about 10:30 Sat night. I should probably update my profile pic. But my 4 yr old boy wrote it, so probably not.
  13. Supposed to be watching kids. Nickelodeon for them. KNTU for me.
  14. Will coaches show be available on line after the fact? Probably can't listen live. GO MEAN GREEN !!!
  15. A tradition I'd like stopped..."Fly like an Eagle!" It just doesn't sit right with me. Perhaps I'm in the minority. I just don't like it.
  16. Math + alcohol = errers. Or errars. Or errors. Screw it. BEAT TEXSA!!!!
  17. It is my understanding (and I may VERY well be wrong) the new AD for UTexas would not allocate room in the stadium for the Green Brigade, but would block off a section if UNT wanted to buy the seats for the band. At approx $100 a seat, that's about 200 grand just for the traveling band. I may very well be wrong about the bands, but it wouldn't surprise me if it is true. The new AD is slashing budgets left and right. It's weird b/c the UT athletic budget is huge. But Steve Patterson comes from a money background and cuts waste at every point. Deloss Dodds had money and spent it. Patte
  18. Craig Way is a UNT grad. Great guy. Knows his paycheck is from UT, but keeps Denton close to heart. Sorry about the misspelling. Fat fingers and auto correct are not my friends. He was ON the radio. Maybe he was in a radio. That's the beauty of radio. We'll never know. They should have the interview up on line sometime today. BEAT THE HELL OUT OF TEXSA!!!!!
  19. 4:30. Am 1300 the Zone Live interview.
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