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Found 11 results

  1. We're Doing it Again! Come watch the Mean Green take on LA Tech with Austin alumni and friends! Waterloo Ice House Burnet Rd $3 beers $6/7 wings A good time by all!
  2. ATX Mean Green Folks, Talked to my GM at Caroline and he said we could do a watch party at the Upstairs bar with drink specials (food is already fairly cheap). Catch is, I need to get at least 15 people there so we can continue to do more events at the bar/restaurant. Besides @Jason Howethcan any of yall commit to coming downtown on a Saturday morning to watch our Mean Green?
  3. Hello Mean Green Nation, I would like a show of hands of how many Alumni leave in or the around the Austin Area. I know the topic of UNT presence in Austin has hit wall after wall. But I feel the time is now to get this movement going again. But for a movement to start, we need to get an idea of what we are working with. Lets bring MEAN GREEN NATION to the State Capital!
  4. I do this once a year before football season as this is my 4th (or 5th?) football season in Austin and people move here all the time. Who is a Mean Green fan that lives here? We had a decent game watch party in 2012 and 2014 (the first game or two), and I want to do more at the Silo... like fill it up. Comment below- maybe we can get a happy hour going before as well.
  5. South by Southwest starts in Austin on Friday with a keynote from President Obama. There's some great panels and things to do this year and I know there's a few of you who are tech/media/music/film enthusiasts. I don't have a badge, but I was wondering, are any other Mean Greeners coming down to Austin for SXSW?
  6. To all in Austin this weekend, You are cordially invited to the Mean Green Complaint Hour, otherwise known as join me for a beer at the Silo. Come for 5 seconds, or come for 5 hours as we discuss the disappointing year being had by the Green Guys. Topics to be Discussed: -Can the defensive demise this year be traced to the players stealing leftover Grey Goose from Dan McCarney's cabinet? Or is our DC just drunk every game? -Carlos Harris Sr's Twitter Account - If Dajon Williams puts his feelings on Twitter, should we believe them to a T a la teenage girls and Justin Bieber lyrics (is he still cool?) -How can we use the might of the Mean Green nation to force all youth sports leagues to only play games on Saturday at 8 in the morning so that no alums miss an 11 am kickoff? -What the f*** is the Sinclair Network? -Should we move the last few Coaches Show to a vegetarian restaurant since this team doesn't have much meat to it? -If we had an open tryout for Greeks for the team, would they be more inclined to come inside the stadium? -How will we end our Arena League player drought? -Who would make for a more interesting Scrappy, Greg Abbott or Wendy Davis? I think I'm gonna head down around 1 or so.
  7. To all Mean Green fans who live in Austin and are not going to the game- I called the Silo on 7th and they confirmed they will be showing the game. If anyone wants to come join me at 11 am on the East Side, I will be in my green SOW t shirt cheering the Mean Green on (with my computer open to do a game recap obviously). If anyone would like to join and support a UNT bar, please let me know. Thanks.
  8. It's a 30 minute walk from Silo to the stageyum according to bing...anyone heard of a shuttle situation? Or is that in my dreams?
  9. I've lived in Austin for six years now and was wondering if there were any NT alumni-owned businesses down here that I can support when I need products or services. I've heard the advertisements for All Pro Foundation down here but I don't need any foundation repair done. Thanks.
  10. I have a challenge for you all. You've probably seen the Keep Austin Weird shirts: You've probably also seen the Keep Denton Beard shirts: As a showing of solidarity and focus on beating UT on August 30th, I challenge you to put down that razor and let those beards grow until game day. I mean really, who has time for shaving when our focus should be preparing for the kickoff to the 2014 season. I propose we get our beards started no later than May 30th. 3 months of growth should look pretty dang good. When people ask you about your change in facial follicles, use the opportunity to spread the word of your support for the Mean Green. Tell your friends, alert the media, spread the word... Let's win the challenge of Beard vs. Weird. Note: Ladies, please show your support by pushing the men in your life to participate in this challenge. Don't change your own grooming habits...really not needed.
  11. Looks like Rick is either being recognized or a speaker at this event: http://www.collegiatefacilities.com/rick-villarreal/
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