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  1. BREAKING TEXAS FOOTBALL NEWS: Redshirt freshman wide receiver Kai Locksley will transfer from Texas. http://www.scout.com/college/texas/story/1718169-kai-locksley-transfer
  2. I use TuneIn. I've also gone straight from KNTU's website. Both are pretty easy to navigate.
  3. I trust SL to coach him up and get him more involved. He's the one guy I look at to be a big time star. But my track record picking rising stars is pretty poor.
  4. If it's on the home team to provide a live stream of non TV games, don't expect too much from this game. I've worked quite a few games in this gigantic stadium. It's always a hassle. I'm not sure the Jtron crew is going to provide much of a feed.
  5. RV sucked at scheduling. But he did get us out of the 3 body bag games a year that Helwig used to fund the athletic program. I'd still like to see the 3 metroplex schools play each other.
  6. I was taking it all in stride, but it appears we were the only Texas team to lose this weekend. Ugggh. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. I do believe we have the right coaches to turn it around, but my head hurts from growing pains.
  7. Missed it. Is there an online version? I can't find it.
  8. I was gonna say ourselves but this is much more eloquent
  9. http://blogs.library.unt.edu/unt125/2016/08/14/fred-mccain/ im sure this has been posted before but thought I'd reshare. He was special.
  10. I'm going 5-7. I'm a homer and REALLY hope we go .500 but if we go 5-7 I'm dancing on rooftops.
  11. I went ahead and listened off the web site. Good stuff as always. Episode #159 didn't show up until #160 was posted.
  12. Cedar Park. My weekends are usually booked solid during football season but I get the occasional game day off b
  13. I've worked on a tv crew there a few times. It's a nice old stadium. It's beauty is the landscape, not the stadium.
  14. I defend RV quite a bit but scheduling was a HUGE weakness. I hope it improves but aren't we locked into non conference opponents for a while?
  15. Good article. On the list of influences at the bottom I thought for sure he'd cite Mike Leach.
  16. It may be time for him to leave but I am very grateful for everything he did. If you think this program is bad now you just dont remember 15 years ago.
  17. Thinking back 15 years ago. RV was new and wanted his own FB coach. Finances being what they were he decided to let Dickey hang himself, and he damn near did. You know the rest. Cut to present day. A new AD will want his own BB Coach and many think that time is now. By most accounts this team should be much improved. Does the AD let Benford play out his last year? If he doesn't and this team makes a run late, we'll be in familiar territory. The similarities are intriguing but I guess not all that uncommon with the coaching carousel being what it is.
  18. I read Mercers book. He got screwed, especially since he gave his heart and soul to NT. I'm glad he made nice with Dunham. Craig Way had to play peacemaker. I am fortunate enough to have the occasional conversation with Craig. Mercer is his dear friend as is Dunham. If the University hadn't done something to bring him back into the fold it would have been a slap in the face.
  19. Mercer was in the broadcast booth for Rangers game in the third inning last night. I didn't get to catch it but was told at age 90 he still has it. Great great man.
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