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  1. I see you guys have found my alt account What about this for intro music? http://youtu.be/P5ZJui3aPoQ
  2. Were these women sex trafficked? Were they underaged? Was some pimp beating them and holding them hostage? No? Then why do all these guys need their names flashed through the news, charged with serious crimes and have their lives ruined all because they were paying for sex? Gotta keep the faux puritanical mindset in place I guess. Thanks for all the brave and noble work you did here blue. 🙄
  3. What if we get some sort of canopy overhang built to protect the alum side from sun and rain? Lotsa dough upfront but might pay off.
  4. They kind of already do that? That's what all those silly dice roll games are in the TV timeouts are for I thought.
  5. When you forget that there's also male cheerleaders.
  6. Neither did Joe Paterno if that's the logic we're using here.
  7. Guy with twice as many posts tells me to get a life.
  8. 14 posts in this thread and he still won't reply to either of yours.
  9. And yet they're all owned by billionaires so it's funny to me when they cry about how low their budgets are every season. That's a whole other topic though and Moneyball is a great movie for the simple fact that they actually conceived a decent storyline from that book.
  10. I think out of 101 only 3 of us ended up at UNT. There were probably about 10 or 15 people each that went to UTA or Navarro College. Despite my mom's suggestion, I wasn't going to attended Ferris Senior Senior High.
  11. I feel like one of the biggest issues we have when it comes to licensed gear is that nobody seems to agree on the same green. If you attend any sports event you can see 40 different shades of green sometimes. School really has to get stricter about what green we are and keep it that way. UCLA actually has their official colors on the pantone, and I've never seen UT gear that was the exact shade of burnt orange those goobers love so much. Be careful with buying stuff from fanatics that's not a major brand like a Nike or Under Armor. I've gotten a few tees from them and they fade and wear out incredibly fast, just wal-mart type of quality on their stuff.
  12. I'm nothing close to a D1 athlete but when I was looking at colleges I specifically chose the ones that I knew I wouldn't see half of my high school graduating class at. Might be a factor for some, might not.
  13. A cis female coworker and mother was called sir in an email because her name is pretty unusual and somewhat gender neutral. I suggested that she put her pronouns in her signature and it may prevent it from happening again. I'm so woke I guess.
  14. Well the people that get paid to vote in that poll feel different, blah blah blah, Oregon State just curbed stomped Florida. Hey man, you wanna ignore good college football be my guest, I enjoy it.
  15. Yeah the conference that has the Heisman winner and half its teams in the top 20 this year, who wants to watch that!? Buncha softies.
  16. It's Bennett's last game, surely you can just shake his hand and air your grievances with the media or something. What good did he think was going to come of that? "Ah you're right coach, I'll only recruit the cleanest players I can find from here on out". Jackass.
  17. ESPN crew: so what sorta local Frisco scenery can we film for ad breaks? bowl people: uh we got some Xmas lights across the street there
  18. Because he just scored a rushing TD again us at the time to take the lead...
  19. No. It was 99 and it was definitely late. 3 was incidental because he landed out of bounds, my mistake.
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