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  1. Honestly, I have purchased as much in one visit from this location that opened 2 weeks ago, than I have in the bookstore, stadium store, and Vortmans combined in the last 5 years.
  2. in Denton near BestBuy. Legit selection good quality. Still stocking up.
  3. Coach Fry coached 9 more games that Coach Littrell in 6 years. If Coach Littrell won all 6 games he would still be 5 games behind Coach Fry. However Coach Fry is only our 3rd best coach by win percentage (Coach Littrell is 6th). He is also 3rd in games coached (Coach Littrell is 7th). Name Term GC W L OT J. W. St. Clair 1915–1919 32 20 10 2 Jack Sisco 1929–1941 121 74 37 10 Hayden Fry 1973–1978 66 40 23 3 Theron Fouts 1920–1924 39 23 14 2 Odus Mitchell 1946–1966 216 122 85 9 Seth Littrell 2016-present 57 29 28 0
  4. "As Mean Green players take the field, they touch the statue to pledge their best efforts in the game." I noticed during the last home game that only 2 players touched Spiriki. In the first few years with Seth most made it past the statue. Maybe we are under the curse of the Spiriki since they have abandoned the tradition.... ...I am sure the illuminati is involved as well... I need to put on my foil hat hold on...
  5. Spiriki, a bronze eagle statue, was unveiled in 2011 at UNT's Apogee Stadium. As Mean Green players take the field, they touch the statue to pledge their best efforts in the game. The statue by renowned wildlife sculptor Kent Ullberg was commissioned by the Geezles, a campus fraternity from the 1920s to the 1970s that includes many former athletes and coaches. The name "Spiriki" comes from an old fraternity greeting believed to be the combination of the words "spirit" and "kee," the cry of an attacking eagle.
  6. Just read the master plan... A new arena is in the works, just not yet. Source: https://www.lightthetower.com/images/masterplanbook.pdf
  7. Navy recruits nationwide and their alumni base more than others is nationwide. When you look at the distribution of the west it checks a lot of boxes for them. Also travel expense is not as big of an issue as it is off of the government budget not the athletic budget.
  8. So if I read the contract correctly Seth gets 100% of salary for his contract if he is terminated. (By winning 7 games he triggered a 100% clause) If termed today it would be approximately $3 million. It drops about $113,000 a month through January 2024. So knowing the cost, what are some ideas to raise $3M to alleviate our pain? I wonder how much the Lovelace and McNutt families would pay to have their name removed from the IPF at this point.
  9. First 30,000 should bring your own!
  10. Here is the address 25TH INFANTRY DIVISION BANDATTN: COMMANDER (you can sub one or all of their names here)437 ULRICH WAYBUILDING 2105WAHIAWA, HI 96857
  11. From the Wise County Messenger UNT assistant dies in wreck on U.S. 380 One of the University of North Texas’ top basketball assistants died in a single-vehicle accident on U.S. 380 east of Decatur early Friday morning. Nelson Haggerty, 47, of Denton was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash near the Imperial Group. UNT confirmed Haggerty’s death Friday. “Our hearts hurt for Nelson’s family, our men’s basketball family, the UNT community and everyone Nelson positively impacted during his life and career,” said UNT Vice President and Director of Athletics Wren Baker in a press release. “Nelson had many special gifts and talents. He was full of positive energy and encouragement, and he will be missed dearly. Please keep the Haggerty family and our UNT basketball family in your thoughts and prayers.” Haggerty joined the UNT coaching staff in 2019, after spending eight seasons as the Midwestern State basketball coach. He played college basketball at Baylor, where he is the school’s all-time leader in assists. With Haggerty on the UNT basketball staff, the Mean Green celebrated its first NCAA Tournament victory over Purdue in March. Haggerty was driving a 2008 Nissan Armada eastbound on U.S. 380 around 2:30 a.m. Department of Public Safety spokesman Sgt. Ricky Hunter said preliminary investigation indicates the vehicle left the right side of the roadway and struck a culvert. “The Nissan overturned and went through a fence before coming to rest,” Hunter said.
  12. It must be burnt black like his uniform stunt.
  13. 13 for 19 with over 6.6 yds per attempt 2 TD 0 Int and a passers rating north of 158. Give the kid the ball and let him try to win a game.... It can not get much worse.
  14. Daizion Carroll #78 Playing guard has been solid. In all the games I have watched he has good foot work and is normally able to progress to his secondary block. He is a sophomore(r) and is from what I understand not afraid or the weight room. He is at 307 this year and I bet he will be 325 by the time next year rolls around. He played in all 12 games last year as a freshman(r) and has earned a starting spot. I have seen him take a play or two off but for the most part is always in the mix. I am happy we have him for a few more years.
  15. I guess I need to up my rookie numbers. I have been on since 2004 and only have 309 post. So in 12 less years you have almost 700 more post.
  16. A vomitorium is a passage situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre or a stadium, through which big crowds can exit rapidly at the end of a performance. They can also be pathways for actors to enter and leave stage.
  17. Kason Martin after 5 games - Bean gets pulled after a pick 6 against SMU, his 4th pick of the season. Aune gets folded in half heading around the corner on a broken play against Charlotte. Martin gets the call and never gives it up becomes the QB of the future. Adaway breaks out against UTEP after a few others go out due to over use. We wonder why Adaway was not used earlier in the year. We have our triplets for the next 2 years.
  18. Yes they are having in person classes. There was a government proposal this summer to prevent international students from staying in the United States if they were taking all their courses online. So if UNT decided to not have on campus classes the international population would not have been able to attend this year thus reducing the student body by roughly 6.6%. This proposal was withdrawn but not before the go/no go call for the semester had to be made. My daughter is a Sophomore this year and while she is taking a full load she only has one lab that is scheduled in person. From what I understand that is the case with most students. In fact 2 of her classes were moved on line in the last 30 days. I am expecting her lab to be hybrid where they do the physical part of the lab every few weeks. Her and her roommates as well as several freshmen friends of hers are all looking froward to moving in this weekend.
  19. Released last week 7/28/2020 https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/7/28/tickets-mean-green-athletics-expands-mobile-ticket-options.aspx "All season tickets will be available on mobile devices"
  20. Lost my job so others could keep theirs.
  21. This e-mail was sent to students and parents yesterday: Thursday, April 30, 2020 Dear UNT students, It has been almost two months since I last saw you on our beautiful campus. I miss you and the hustle and bustle of campus life. During this time, we have all been adapting to virtual services, remote and online classes, and shelter in place. I hope you are doing well, that you are staying safe and healthy, and are making progress. Like me, I suspect you are looking forward to being together again to live, learn, and enjoy our rich campus experience. Our leadership teams have been working hard to help us begin the transition from remote learning back to more normal campus operations. Today, I want to inform you that we plan to begin limited in-person teaching as early as Summer II and are planning on safely resuming campus learning and residential life for Fall 2020. As we plan for our return to campus, the new normal will be different. Your safety is our top priority, and we will take every precaution to keep our community safe in this new world. We are assessing options and precautions for eventually returning to campus for all in-person activities and programs, ranging from lab-based research to general instruction and the undergraduate residential experience. Of course, these plans depend on continuing improvement in COVID-19 cases, and guidance from federal, state, and local health authorities to ensure your safety. We will be communicating in the coming weeks about what exactly you can expect when you return to campus. This global health crisis also has had a financial impact on all of us. I want you to know if you need help of any kind you can get access to our many services at the Start Green Stay Green website (https://www.unt.edu/staygreen). We are here for you through these challenging times. Many of you have been hit hard by the current economy, and we are doing our best to balance easing financial burdens with providing the top quality UNT education and experience you deserve. If you are experiencing financial insecurity, please apply for assistance from our emergency grants-in-aid program available through the CARES Act. These funds are available now and are meant to help you pay your bills so you can stay in school and earn your degree as planned. Applications for the emergency grants-in-aid program can be completed at htt ps://tinyurl.com/UNTStudentSuccessFA. Despite the many weeks apart, we have become an even stronger, more connected UNT community through this shared adversity. I hope someday we look back at this time and see not just the challenges, but also the love and care we gave one another. We will emerge from this global health crisis stronger and more united as the Mean Green Family than ever before. UNT proud, Neal Smatresk UNT President
  22. Martin. He was a jokester the last few years as he knew he had no hope playing. His leadership has started showing. Again I do not know if he starts the season but he will get his shot an he will not let it go.
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