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  1. City Works Frisco, which is right outside the Ford Center, is the official spot.
  2. CBS article says we are trying to find a different opponent. Hope we can find a game last minute.
  3. Yes, site/server seems to be down. I'm sure they can take care of it at the ticket office if it doesn't get resolved prior to game time, but I bet those lines will be long, unfortunately.
  4. I think it would ideal to push the series back a day and play Saturday/Sunday instead. Seems like the women's team flying out Thursday and the WKU men's team coming in Thursday will be bad. It's supposed to snow in Bowling Green Thursday too (of course, they can deal with it). It also gives an extra day to get the power situation under control. My vote is get the WKU AD to agree to push both series back a day to give more time for the weather to clear and power issues to get resolved.
  5. The first level is open, although the first 8 or so rows are blocked off. It's 1,500 seating capacity (supposedly) and available seats are scattered throughout the lower and upper bowl.
  6. Capacity is reduced to 1,500 this season and it is spread out throughout the entire Super Pit, including the 200 levels.
  7. Seems like a very reasonable question to me...
  8. I thought today's game was originally supposed to be on ESPN+, but now both UNT and UTSA athletic sites are showing game is only on CUSA.tv. Yuck....
  9. Vito and FBschedules reporting game will be in Denton on Friday 12/11 @ 5:00 PM.
  10. It's good for CUSA if WKU is good. I think they are the most respected team in the league and everyone will benefit if they have a great year.
  11. This year does not count toward eligibility, just like football. Where are you seeing game times? I saw somewhere that CUSA implemented a 21-hour rule (the tipoff of each Friday/Saturday game must be at least 21 hours apart).
  12. I'm not a fan of Judy, but there are many, many other conferences doing this too. To me, it makes sense to do everything possible to schedule in a way that maximizes opportunities to get games in. It's not ideal, but I think this is the right approach for this season only.
  13. All of those tournaments aren't happening in Orlando anymore. The article isn't completely clear, but sounds like the Diamond Head Classic we were supposed to play in is now cancelled. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/30197592/espn-scraps-plans-host-8-men-college-basketball-events-orlando-bubble
  14. There are no bowl eligibility requirements this year. Basically every team is eligible regardless of record. Ruling came down last week.
  15. It is on other Fox Sports regional networks also throughout the country. Probably not all due to other local programming, but worth a look for anyone living outside of the DFW area.
  16. My understanding is that Sinclair now owns Stadium and the Fox Sports regional networks. The Tulane/Southern Miss game this past Saturday was on FSSW+. I only saw a few minutes of it, but it looked like a quality broadcast. It looks like FSSW will have the UTSA/UAB game (also Stadium) at 11:30 AM, another game at 3:00 PM, and our Stadium broadcast at 6:30 PM.
  17. My parking has a barcode in my Apple wallet but the tickets do not. When you get to the ticket, click on the black circle in the upper righthand corner with the three white dots (sorry - no idea what it is called). The QR code is showing in there. Not sure if that's a common problem or a solution for everyone, but that works on my iPhone. At least I hope that's the right QR code....
  18. Kickoff was announced yesterday. 6:30 PM.
  19. You should have points in your "Points awarded BEFORE June 30, 2018" - if you don't, there may be a problem.
  20. I saw a tweet somewhere (can't find it now) that CUSA TV schedule is expected to be announced this coming week.
  21. Follow "Live Conference USA" on Facebook. Any of these live Stadium or CBSSN games on Facebook Exclusive will show in your feed and/or are available on that page.
  22. We actually received 2 MORE votes this week to now 9 total. According to the coaches, we are the 29th best team in college basketball. And still ahead of Texas.
  23. For those in DFW, it is also showing on Ch. 47.
  24. It will also be streaming free on the Stadium app.
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