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  1. OU UT X2 Arkansas Tulsa Superdome X2 Cotton Bowl X2 La Tech LSU SMU X3 Fouts Apogee
  2. Rico was on the sideline at Houston game, on his feet, interacting with teammates.
  3. Why can't the NT Daily properly support the football program? What a shitty headline.
  4. Lighten up, snowflake. Have no clue what happened behind closed doors. I think the football team has proven itself disciplined.
  5. I just call the MGSF, i don't go through the online or the ticket office.
  6. I am going! I have a customer right outside of Berkeley so will definitely be having a Friday meeting the day before the game. I recommend staying in Emeryville. Pretty much every hotel chain is represented there and there are some decent restaurant options. Only about 10 min from the campus. My favorite restaurant in the world, Chez Panisse, is in Berkeley as well. If you're into food, get a table.
  7. Stop bitching. I am going to use 25k AA miles. Not too shabby.
  8. What other programs? What are your "sources" telling you? You say in your clickbait headline that he is being vetted by Tech, but in the article say that he isn't being heavily considered by Tech. What other "multiple programs"? Please elaborate.
  9. So as I said, not a real candidate for either job.
  10. I swear Vito has a secret desire for Seth to leave. Only guy writing Seth as ties into these jobs.
  11. Pretty sure this happened at the Sun Bowl, don't think it was a "baseball game". Count me in.
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