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  1. Travis

    Big day ahead!!!!

  2. Travis

    New Turf at Apogee Stadium

    You are on a roll lately.
  3. Travis

    Texas at El Paso lands big time fullback

    Who is Texas El Paso?
  4. Travis

    Finals - Best of 3

    That thing probably melted a few hours later.
  5. Travis

    Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    I wish i was there.
  6. Is this one on Wren for not replacing the worn flag... Or God for causing it. I think we know where the real blame lies...
  7. WHo had the three point record in a single season before smart broke it tonight? Rogers??
  8. Travis

    New Recruiting Coordinator Announced

    We can always just buy him a Texas tie. No big deal.
  9. Travis

    Louisiana Tech (1/18/18)

    We are just trying to make it a challenge for us.
  10. Travis

    FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    Where did Briles Jr go?
  11. I might be a thousand off... it could have been 5,600. But I am pretty sure it was at the 6,000 number. and that was before Rawlins Hall was built which should be about a 400 dorm hall at least.
  12. There was 6,600 when I was a hall director when I left in 2012. I know of one dorm built since then that is pretty large so we have to at least be above 7,000. Then we have two more being built right now, yes?
  13. Travis

    Dennis Parker retires

    It was a tie game. And likely a play that you aren’t going to get the ball. You are merely setting up the other team for success. Which happened. Last seconds or not, it was a play that gave the other team an advantage. And that makes it a dumb play.
  14. Travis

    Dennis Parker retires

    I'd say dumb is going for low percentage of success plays when you don't have to. It is kind of like inbounding the basketball and lobbing up a full court shot in a tied game when there is 8 minutes left on the clock. It just doesn't make sense and it isn't a recipe for success. Clearly, he wasn't 'successful'.
  15. Travis

    Dennis Parker retires

    That play sure sounds dumb to me.