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  1. Peacock

    Please control this board better!!!

    I am confident this picture was in your gallery and not just taken.
  2. FWIW: UTSA's Student Athletic Fee Referendum is Crushed
  3. Peacock

    La Tech at UAB

    Blocked!!! UAB wins!
  4. Peacock

    La Tech at UAB

    Both were following penalties, so a little longer than usual, but the K had “Scott Norwood” Syndrome...They were wide right...
  5. John Baker was a punter for the Rams in 2000-01. Played in SB 36.
  6. Peacock

    Ferry to West Point

    I talked to a few Army Alums that were recruiting in Ft Worth the other day... They recommended the ferry... wanted to make it, but I am cheap and sprung for the Rice game instead...
  7. Peacock

    SMU Game Tix arrive yet? Update?

    I just got 12 tickets Row 1 Sec 123... They match where my season tickets are in Apogee. Can't wait...
  8. Peacock

    Weird request

    I got a few... They are old player jerseys... Scott Hall, Montey Stevenson, Jamal Branch, all whites... And a #20 practice jersey in green that I will always say is a Jamario Thomas jersey ... But no name on back they run tight though.... Even the Stevenson... PM me...
  9. Pretty sure Homosexuals experienced a similar fate to the Jews in the camps...
  10. Peacock

    School colors?

    Bryan Adams grad here too! And our Alma Mater was to the tune of "Deutchland, Deutschland Uber Alles"
  11. Peacock

    Apogee has never looked better

    In Adrian Lewis's History of WWII class, we had a older gentleman that was auditing the course. It was a night class, and one evening, Dr. Lewis turned over the lectern to the man. For the next hour and a half, he recounted his experience as an 18 yr old tail gunner in a B-17 over Germany. He spoke modestly of his combat experiences, but I still fondly remember his talk. Among the most interesting comments... Condoms were use to urinate in on long flights, the dropped earthward.
  12. If you can't get enough UNT warm fuzzy feelings tonight, go search #UNTPreview on twitter to see posts for some of the 1500 students that attended UNT's open house today! It was as high as #3 in trending topics today!
  13. Peacock

    Nickname for Dajon Williams: Great Dajon

    Help us Obi Dajon Kenobi... You are our only hope...
  14. Peacock

    MGB: UNT lands second Sunday commit

    Chris Miles OL from Flower Mound committed last year too... Pipeline?
  15. Peacock

    UTSA leading 21-0 over Houston