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  1. Having to downsize. Have 3 different 3 feet by 5 feet canvas wall hangings. Mean Joe Green Football, 4 different football helmets! and more! Email Rick at ParksAnd RecRick@gmail.com go Mean Gtreen!!!
  2. No biggie boys, but Carlos played a PGA tournament earlier this year, I think The Memorial. But, is his first since getting his PGA card! Really impressive!!!!
  3. One thing I know for sure after 30 years of UNT sports. Some of the greatest turncoat fans in College Sports!
  4. So proud of what Georgio does for the Mean Green Nation. He is a true UNT Mean Green Fan. I'm proud to know him...because George is UNT! And, one nice and talented guy as well!
  5. My take is this.... They, agreed or disagreed, found a hit for them in Larry Brown. I have seen all the lists that have been published, all talking about the OC of A&M, Clemson, Ohio State and others.... I think that would be a big mistake for SMU. Why? They couldn't keep them if they are successful. Yes, I'm not saying SMU couldn't come up with big money, but Dallas is still controlled by Texas and A&M. Just wait till the Aggies play at Ford Stadium in a few weeks. With that said, they need a proven winning coach who has some age....and who still would create some excitement, be a good recruiter, and be able to communicate with the media. Our Coach Mac.! (I still wake up sweating at nights thinking an incredible offer will take Mac away from us). I agree with many of you: Mack Brown, I am not a UT fan, but really believe Coach Brown is classy. He has learned some lessons about Assistants, but would be loved by SMU Alums, the media, and would fare well in recruiting. I know many of you laugh, but Mike Leach should not be ruled out. They see what are happening around, and his arrogance may fit some of the richer alums. Dave Wannstadt may be of interest. And, we have heard that people have mentioned Larry Coker. I am shocked, that you include Coker and not Coach Mac (but thank heavens). I believe (and I know we are not supposed to care), but if they go young, it will be short lived. That's ParksAndRecRick's thoughts on the issue.... ...more importantly: GO MEAN GREEN!
  6. Harry, Spot On! Almost can't wait for the defense to hit the field! And, special teams as well.... Will be tough test Thursday though.... Lots of fun! Gosh, we hit hard! Go Mean Green!
  7. Agreed Adler! Looking forward to seein' everyone Monday at Rudy's! We all need to bring a friend Thursday night as well! I am bringing 2 new folks! Go Mean Green!
  8. Howdy, I have 2 great Season Tickets available for free for today if you can use them. Appreciate not trying to re-sell. Just give me a call at 214.724.5670 and I can get you the tickets in Denton. (Mean Green Fans Only!) Go Mean Green! Rick Herold Director of Parks, Arts and Recreation City of Grand Prairie ParksAndRecRick
  9. National Weather Service says a beautiful 83 degrees, winds out of the NE at 10mph at beautiful Apogee Stadium. Bring on the Green!
  10. I have had lots of things happen in my fifty years. And, one thing I have learned, and told many employees....I don't play God. Paraphrasing one of my favorite quotes....No one can start life over....but, anyone can create a brand new ending. To our football players, don't let this define your life at your young age.
  11. Awesome news! Hope it is true. Perfect fit for the Green! "this is just the beginning....."
  12. One of the greatest moments in UNT football history. Simply stated, "THE STAND"!
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