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  1. First two series of downs we run the ball, Seth said, he was going to run the ball in his press conference...SMU had 8 in the box every play in the first series. You think "Gram Harrell" would have run the ball??? Now, Seth had 4 years to find another Mason Fine so he could run this offense and 4 years to find corners like we had when Gram was here. The Houston coach said, Seth was a "meat head" in the weight room in college. Maybe, less time in the weight room, more time coaching!
  2. Men! First, long time supporter…Both of you have this coming, the buck stops with you! National TV, we looked like a high school team; do we ever practice tackling? I can’t believe the talent level was that much better than what we had on the field, but SMU came out to play; much more physical and was ready. This is my point, we were embarrassed as a team and program on national TV; a lot of people have stepped up and contributed to this program, they deserve better! Quarterback? My god, Jason Bean cannot throw the ball accurately enough to sustain success on the field, just go with Austin and hope for the best! Defense (wins championships), way too slow up front, way too slow at the corner position; recruit, recruit, recruit those positions! If I ran my business the way we played last night, I’d be out of business! My two cents!
  3. We did not look good on defense, very slow on the line, defensive backs out of position; SMU will tear us a new one if we can't come up with a better game plan.
  4. UNT78


    Defense looks as bad as last year?
  5. Just signed, who is this guy? Listed on twitter as a quarterback commit 2020???
  6. Thank you Seth for being on your game! This team is loaded with talent, the future is bright!
  7. Not! I have tickets on the 50, lower deck at AT&T stadium with food and liquor. I have club seats at Apogee; food is much better and the seats are just as good. Parking at Apogee is a breeze compared to most FBS schools in the country. Article is BS!
  8. How many years are left on his contract?
  9. Seth, gets a free pass this year considering injuries, but he better win next year, irregardless!
  10. Facilities, attendance and recruiting is definitely trending way up! Did you notice La Tech's crowd (homecoming, 7-1 and 7,000 people at the game?) and, the absolute worst football stadium in the FBS yet they continue to recruit well, explain that one? We finally have an AD that knows what his doing, Seth isn't going anywhere for now, if he doesn't win he's gone! He better realize "defense" wins championships". We had many injuries and no cover corners with speed on defense; that can't happen again! While I'm at it we need defensive linemen!!! Perhaps, Seth has learned from his mistakes? This year's recruiting class is the best in the history of the program (assuming it holds until signing day). People, things are very bright for the future of this program. The most impressive thing I see is the fan base is growing tremendously, 40,000 students means we are bigger that most and will continue to grow in the metropolitan area. Two things, football and men's basketball, that's all that matters in this game of thrones; don't care about any other sport, these create revenue and national recognition! If you really want to win keep the donation coming, buy season tickets; next year should be a good one! One last thing, we're not going to a bowl game this year, just not going to happen, next year!
  11. Ibleedgreeen, you’re an idiot, so a marching bands should play “show tunes” ? Go to the internet type in marching bands, you’ll understand!
  12. Brodie sucks! Damnit, pass the ball, quick crossing routes; could have burned SMU 10 times with crossing routes. Defense, are we so weak we can’t afford to blitz the quarterback, answer is yes, our cover corners are slow as shit. The entire defensive line is way too slow and undersized...season is lost, Fine has missed throw after throw all season, no answer for this one.
  13. What was up with the girls throwing wooden guns in the air, stupid!
  14. Brothers, the comment about the band is so true, UNT band sucks, it's not a marching band; I don't go to a college football game to listen to show tunes (or Jass) by Williams and Hammerstein. For god sake fire the band director, hire the band director of Grambling, Prairie View A&M or Texas A&M... And, just maybe, play more than two songs at the game. I've been listening to these 2 songs for about 10 years now. While we're on the subject, stop bringing people on the field during time-outs, ie, tennis team, soccer team, etc. no one cares, (or can hear what's being said) play loud music, a little Jay Z, Aerosmith, etc. high energy songs creates excitement with the crowd!!!
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