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  1. Bracketology

    We have better than a 1% chance to make the tournament.
  2. MTSU now ranked #24 in AP

    Hot take : They are not going to win the conference tourney.
  3. Marshall 2/17/2018

    Thoughts and predictions?
  4. Any News Holston's Injury?

    Looked like a cramp.
  5. DRC: UNT to host high-scoring, balanced WKU

    Lets beat these clowns.
  6. 2018 C-USA Preseason Power Rankings

    Below MUTS. That is a disappointment
  7. WKU 2/15

    I think most of us are happy with the split the last 2 road games. Thoughts and predictions for this game?
  8. 2018 CUSA Newcomer of the Year race

    Smart! McCasland better get coach of the year.
  9. Texas San Antonio Students Vote Against Athletic Fee

    Houston Baptist is far worse.
  10. Texas San Antonio Students Vote Against Athletic Fee

    Prosper high schools gym is the nicest in texas imo.
  11. Middle Tennessee State (2/10/18)

    Because his shooting percentage has tanked.
  12. UAB (2/8/18)

    Unreal how Benford is still coaching college basketball lol
  13. Rice (2/3/18)

    What a coaching job by McCasland
  14. Funny, but have you been through gate B at the super pit?😂
  15. Rice (2/3/18)

    Yeah please don't watch anymore games the rest of the season haha.