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  1. southsideguy

    Planning Mean Green Shenanigans in Fayetteville

    You could be a trend setter!
  2. southsideguy

    Planning Mean Green Shenanigans in Fayetteville

    Lets just hope we get to here the lady sing when the game is over. Sorry I just think this is the funniest video ever.
  3. southsideguy

    Former WR Kidsey Signed by Redskins

    Wasn't he the player that hit some pedestrians in Denton?
  4. southsideguy


    BTG has to come back ,love to watch it.
  5. sure this game is not from a home game at UNT when Benford was here. The crowd looks to be the same. When does the team starting playing in Italy? Will #14 join the team for the games this summer?
  6. southsideguy

    Loaded FAU will be aiming for a repeat

    didnt they hire oppie taylor as the OC?
  7. southsideguy

    Please control this board better!!!

    Great now Cougar Queen will never leave the board.
  8. I remember the players standing around looking into the stands at that game. I couldn't understand how they could not give a rats ass, if nothing else play for personal pride. It was a dark day in UNT history to be the worse it had to be really bad. It was so bad i thought about turning in my UNT season tickets and buying TCU ones instead...wait that has already been done before. We paid that team a lot of money to kicked our ass at home.
  9. i say the michigan loss to ASU was bigger. But in the MG world nothing was more embarrassing then this loss.
  10. I am excited for the upcoming basketball season. The Benford years I bought season tickets for the good old UNT but his last year I would not buy season tickets because the program had become so bad. I just bought tickets at the gate when I wanted to go a game. I bought season tickets last year to support our new staff and I will be buying them again this year. It was great to see the people at the CBI tournament and I hope the momentum carries into this year.
  11. southsideguy

    Austin Aune former Argyle Qb available?

    BYU does this all the time.
  12. i find it funny the left is going to protest Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, no matter it who it is. I love they are so opened minded. I really think the USA should break into to countries. The divide in politics has become so big I think we may see the next civil war soon. The states could vote to be socialist state or a republic. Kinda like new coke vs old coke. Then California and New York can have their own laws on immigration and other laws they seem to ignore. Then we could all be happy again. The illegals would have a safe place to go and live in the friendly socialist states. But I now see Canada wants us toe force our borders better so people stop showing up in Canada so maybe socialist states might change their tune. I watch Drug Wars on focus TV sometimes and it is interesting that some of the kids they pick up don't belong to any of the adults in the group. First the conversation they are the children of the group, then it is a relatives child they taking to the USA and then it is a friend's children. They are using the children as pawn to enter the country. I saw a documentary on the same channel and it was about an illegal alien family and they had it all thought out, anchor babies, bringing it relatives, they knew the immigrations law very well. The are not dumb and know who to use the system. Once the anchor baby arrives the government benefits start. One other concern I have for the people of North Texas is effect of the rapid growth on our natural resources. I kayak the area lakes and I can tell you lakes are getting low, so much so that some boat ramps are closing down. We go into a drought and with the increased demand on our water supplies and we will all be in trouble. The illegals do cost the tax payers a bundle of money but can also put more strain on our natural resources. We run out of water , we are out of water and spiral downward will follow..
  13. I just hope that female ref that is so bad does not return to CUSA. She was terrible at her job and just wanted to throw flags to feel the power I think. I know I am talking football here but yes we could use better BB refs as well.
  14. southsideguy

    Times have changed at UNT

    In the past seasons about this time or a little earlier we were discussing what uniforms to wear to our games. Nice to have other things to talk about then our uniforms. Cant wait for the season to begin. When does fail practice begin this year?
  15. Welcome home Mr Roland, we love our Ok players at UNT.