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  1. Jim Mora out at UCLA

    At G-5 schools finish 6-4 and up you keep your job for life.
  2. How About Boston College

    rather play WV. I think they are down to their 3rd string qb.
  3. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    We seem to go hot and cold. I wish the refs would let them play basketball. I don't know how a team can play defense under current rules.
  4. Where To Eat After The Rice Game?

    playing rice??? some reason i am thinking oriental food.
  5. UTEP hires new AD

    If you win in El paso they will come. There is not a lot going on in the big El Paso. They are on island and not close to any major cities and have a captive audience with no real competition. Not even safe to go to Juarez anymore. Back in the day when I spent two years at UTEP (being from El Paso) the crowds were always pretty strong in both football and basketball. I am amazed at the pictures of their lack of fans at both the Sun Bowl and the Haskins center. They win or just are decent and they will lead the CUSA in attendance. But recruiting to El Paso has to be hard. It is a commuter school. When I made way to NTSU I thought I died and gone to heaven.
  6. 2017 Player Adoption Thread

    Do you now believe in Mason Fine! We have him for two more years!
  7. Kiffin says he is sticking at FAU

    I guess that is why we play the game, to see what happens. Glad you bought a ticket.
  8. The Changing FBS Football Landscape

    I have had this same thought about football but if the stadium can last 20 years it will be ok. I am just afraid the lawmakers will get involved first and shorten the 20 years. I guess we can always play touch or flag football in the stadiums. Soccer is risky also, I will be bored to death. The NFL will be facing the same problem so I am sure they put the money out to keep the game going. That is my hope anyway. The players have become bigger, stronger and faster and makes a violent sport even more violent. I played in High School during the 70's and a big lineman weight around 200 or 250.
  9. Kiffin says he is sticking at FAU

    Looks like UNT made your top ten attendance number. Florida Atlantic Top 10 Rank Attendance Opponent Date 1 30,321 Miami 9/11/2015 2 29,103 Western Kentucky 10/15/2011 3 28,481 Navy 9/1/2017 4 25,632 Slippery Rock 9/1/2001 5 24,116 FIU 11/18/2017 6 21,106 South Florida 10/6/2007 7 19,760 Marshall 10/12/2013 8 18,540 Arkansas State 11/10/2007 9 17,724 UAB 11/1/2014 10 17,715 North Texas 11/8/2008
  10. Kiffin says he is sticking at FAU

    does not sound like the locals care about FAU.
  11. USAToday Bowl projections 11/21

    UCLA fired their coach recently? Well a new trend has been set by the guys figuring to go to the NFL. They are choosing to sit out non important bowl games and not risk injury. The Stanford rb did not last year for the sun bowl and I think a few others did the same. once someone does they all seem to follow suit.
  12. USAToday Bowl projections 11/21

    i don't know what is better winning a bowl game or getting killed by K-state. If we had a better defense I would feel a little better about it. K-state is putting up points this year.
  13. USAToday Bowl projections 11/21

    i am not sure K-state would be good match for us.
  14. MGN: on Beat Writers and SL's time

    I haven't heard anything from sl that says he is staying. I know most time it is just lip service but the silence worries me. I sure he won't say he is leaving until after the bowl game.
  15. Bowl projections post Army win

    I don't want to back to the HOD bowl again. Lets have a showcase for out team in a different location. Maybe kids from other states get to see us play and have interest.