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  1. DRC: UNT picks up commitment from Larry Wise

    i hope next year the pit is rocking like it did the chi. It made it a lot more fun
  2. FIU hires new mens hoops coach

    I guess you forgot Benford was an assistant when we hired him with no HC experience
  3. NCAA Significantly Changes Kickoff Rules

    might as well send out the cheerleaders for kick offs now.
  4. FIU hires new mens hoops coach

    we know how this turns out
  5. New 2018 commit 4/20/2018 - Larry Wise

    Welcome to the Mean Green nation.
  6. 2018 HS - Trace Young - 6'8" SF

    i had a friend who played football for wyoming and he told me it was miserable in the winter, it was his only div 1 school offer so he stayed all four years.
  7. 2018 HS - Trace Young - 6'8" SF

    wyoming? has he been to wyoming in the winter? It is miserable and the night life lacks.
  8. NCAA Significantly Changes Kickoff Rules

    also they are going to or still talking about putting a 40 second clock on the extra points and kick offs. How about get rid of the red man who slows everything down. The other parts of the game go fast it is the commercial breaks that kill it. KNUT plays a zillion PA during the game. There is got to be reward for being at the game but we suffer through the commercial breaks like the radio and tv people.
  9. DRC: Breaking news -- Lauren Holmes leaving UNT

    it this much movement in college basketball normal, seems we have had more then our share this year.
  10. Little off the topic but in our stadium

    saw the high lights from smu spring game on the news, I didnt look like they had anyone in the stands to watch them.
  11. DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    if we beat Ark we will be looking for new HC at the end of the season.
  12. DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    If we are going to play the word like teams it would be better to play them for the first game so we get game experience before have to play the SMUT.
  13. DRC: Breaking news -- Holston leaving UNT program

    This a true accomplishment on his part. It took me about three years to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up and two more years to take the classes I needed. I hope we are not losing anyone else because the core is in place for a special team.
  14. DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    i suffer from the battered fan syndrome. I want to think we will be better then last year but I am not sure.
  15. SMU had a half page ad in the Denton paper this morning inviting people to the spring game. Wonder if our coaches will take them up on the offer?