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  1. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    It never felt so good to be so wrong......
  2. We close strong at the half but when we come out of the half we start very slow. I am not the coach but I thought we got out of the locker room a little late. Maybe they should warm up longer and take some shots from the field before the half starts, we only got layups in before the half started. I still think this team is on right track and they never quit. I only remember Drapper taking one shot that was block last night. He had some open looks at the basketball. One thing you can say is North Texas football and basketball are pretty darn exciting these days.
  3. Yes, UNM it took it seriously. They suspended after the signing date and between spring practice. If the allegations are correct he should be fired.
  4. Marshall 2/17/2018

    i do not know a lot about Marshall but The MG can beat them. We really need this win. I just hope we have different zebras calling the game.
  5. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    UTA is always a local option when students do not want a big sports program. I remember when UTA dumped football the enrollment dropped for a few years after that.
  6. College Football Has Its Largest Attendance Drop in 34 Years

    i play fantasy football but dont watch the games, maybe that is why I dont win the leagues.
  7. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    they get a sense of importance when they do this, little do they know they just a jack ass. I just hope the election people checked all the right boxes so this nonsense can stop. If this the same person from the first vote we should deport him to UTSA where he will be among friends.
  8. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    just don't let the 9th circuit court make the decision. This isn't baseball two votes and your out.
  9. Any News Holston's Injury?

    Last night after the game interview he thought it wasn't serious and would be able to play Sat>
  10. Place your bets

    If only 100 or so students voted it should take about 20 minutes to count the votes.
  11. Place your bets

    if that is all that voted hopefully it passed if all the athletes and students involved in the sports activities voted.
  12. WKU 2/15

    One thing you can say about this team is they never give up. Last year team would have folded when we fell behind. I think the future is bright for MG basketball. We are playing with the top teams in CUSA and we are really into a rebuilding year.
  13. WKU 2/15

    He has gone from bad to terrible. Hope this guy is not calling conference games in the tournament. He should be calling 8th grade girls basketball games.
  14. WKU 2/15

    The difference in Foul shots is unreal, we got hometown at our own gym. Then we try to intentionally foul at the end they cant find their whistles. This is the worst of the worst group of zebras that I have seen. I was watching the older guy with hair, when the team would take the ball after a basket he ran down the court looking at the ground. He missed an obvious turnover. I dont know if CUSA is trying hard to get a second team in the tournament but I say this was crap. We didn't help ourselves coming of the half, we were cold and turn the ball over three times on the first four times we touch the ball.
  15. WKU 2/15

    i just saw that too? Is it really at 8 or is it typo, maybe national television?