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  1. Christopher Walker

    DRC: C-USA media days coverage (Day 1)

    I think as long as we hold onto Chancellor Roe and BOR members of the crop we've had in the last ten years, we may not have to worry about this as much. For as thorough Roe's credentials and expertise are in managing STEM-minded organizations, funding, et al, she is also very well-acquainted with the value of sports to universities. Her son is a Redshirt-JR DT at Virginia Tech, if you recall.
  2. Christopher Walker

    2018 C-USA Media Day Video: North Texas

    0:45 seconds in, our own @aztecskin appears in the background.
  3. Christopher Walker

    Planning Mean Green Shenanigans in Fayetteville

    Having worked for Andy's pre- and post-remodel, I sincerely appreciate this comment.
  4. I secured my visiting section ticket yesterday and my AirBnB this morning. I'm officially way too excited for this weekend jaunt to potentially upend the Hogs. It's been four or five years since I was up in that part of the State, and then it was to officiate my best friends' wedding. Any particular bar or spots folks have their eye on to turn into Mean Green central? I'm thinking of JBGB's, Dickson Street in general, and then visiting Crystal Bridges art museum that Sunday on my way out.
  5. Christopher Walker

    Underdog Dynasty Releases Preseason Predictions

    He proved rather ineffective at guard last year, though, no?
  6. Christopher Walker

    DRC: Former Argyle QB Aune added to UNT's roster

    Vito has always denigrated Shanbour at every stage of the latter's development.
  7. Christopher Walker

    Underdog Dynasty Releases Preseason Predictions

    More like they just saw his physical dimensions and said, "yeah, him."
  8. Christopher Walker

    Mean Green Ditches Ticketmaster, Moves to Paciolan

    I called in to get my Arkansas ticket. They are having some issues setting things up in the new ticketing system. I'd call.
  9. Christopher Walker

    Denton Caravan Stop

    Just stop by some afternoon. The HUB Club entrance is typically open for regular business and the door to the concourse would be as well.
  10. Christopher Walker

    Two New Regents Appointed and One Reappointed

    Bryan’s not running the reboot but he is managing the music side of things there.
  11. Christopher Walker

    First time to go to Apogee. Help?

    That section got moved to 108 this year with about 80 tickets, all of which are now sold.
  12. Christopher Walker

    New Mean Green FB Schedule Poster

    Woah. I need that one of The Drive™.
  13. Christopher Walker

    Watching Party Location Change? (Collin County)

    There is always one at Eastside across all the TVs. Having it on the rooftop patio projector at II Charlie's would be cool, though, for sure.
  14. Christopher Walker

    Hopefully this gets you excited while you wait for #BeatSMU

    Was not expecting Muse to accompany a Mean Green hype vid. Pleasantly surprised.