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  1. The end of the game tonight was number 3 on the top 10
  2. We should only have 1 loss next year (LSU) and any more should not be tolerated. NT should not be content to be the big fish in a little pond and as long as Dickey is here that is all we will be. Do we know what our entire OOC schedule looks like next year???
  3. I tend to agree tearing down the goalposts or not, the important thing is student pride and getting it to come to life for an entire year and not just the first and last home games of each season.
  4. 20 for 20 WHERE IS MY DEGREE????????????????????????????????????
  5. Dont worry EagleChick, jsut got off the phone with flaunter to finalize our NEW ORLEANS plans and he is a go for tommaorw night, TG, BB, and Tavarn (the 3 headed monster)/.
  6. Sorry guys i didnt realize i was on the football page when i posted this topic, so im sure its on the slate to be moved. MY BAD!
  7. Just saw a highlight of the NT and A&M softball game and they mention us as the MEAN GREEN, but i thought all womans sports were going to be recongnized as the LADY EAGLES? Is the Sport Specific?
  8. Not sure of When but i know we play at Mack Park off of McKinney Drive. You should be able to find a schedule on the Rec Sports Website. The Club Team is actually some pretty good baseball and a fun bunch of guys, if you couldnt tell i used to be a part of the team before the injuries cought up to me but i still know some players and are planning to get out there this spirng to see them compete for the NCBA title.
  9. Justin count me in, when i think of tailgatting i think COLD!!!!!!!! Let me know if you need any help?
  10. Count me in, class just cant hold a candle to an old fashoin tailgate(cold), some arse spanking by the NT Basketball team, and of course the BIG announcement. C-yall Thursday
  11. I vote MVP basically becuase i love the gameplay of EA and i will stick to it unitl it disappoints me and so far that just hasnt happend
  12. as much as i hate them i would have to include Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swann.
  13. I love basketball and i really love Football and for all you football lovers out there the best thing that can happen to the football team is for the basketball team to be competting for the title. Think about it? Isnt everything about exposure? Do you think those recruits for texas and oklahoma do when they come to visit the school during this time? Those schools take the kids to the basketball games jsut to show them a part of the atmosphere they will be playing in. Not to mention the more successfull programs you have the more likely ATHLETIC donors and the school will be willing to get behind your PROGRAM not just one sport. So even if you dont like basketball get out to the Super Pit and yell your ass off for the football teams sake, cuz you never know when there might be that one blue chip recruit we need to take it to the next level sitting down there watching the fans and how they SUPPORT THERE MEAN GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ill take an X-Large and im on the green team If we go with number i would like 19
  15. QB/TE - Offense LB/DL - Defense Slow but has good hands and a decent arm, can call an offensive gameplan in my sleep.
  16. Not sure when the game is but i game to play, Scott Keeler 5'10" 215 Good arm, not much speed but have great hands can play either QB, TE, O LINE, D LINE, LB JayDub can confrim that im not in shape unless of course were drinking beer but can be a lot fun to laugh at on the field.
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