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  1. I don't see how it is ok to be ok with what has transpired in the last year and a half. How can you be ok with what happened last year and the terrible losses this year and then getting by by the skin of our teeth at home against the opponents we have played. I don't buy into a win is a win against the D-2 and NAIA and other bad teams we have played. How we have been winning against these teams is not acceptable. Once a year is fine, every game is not ok.
  2. I was very excited and happy about our win against A&M the other day but realistically if you look at our schedule and quality of teams we should be at worst 9 wins and probably should have 11 wins. Still losing the way we have lost and winning by how we have been winning besides A&M game is concerning. Still have yet to see progress in year 2 as conference approaches.
  3. It's amazing that I almost said word for word what you would say. Unbelievable.
  4. You dang right. That is a W. 7-5. What is our RPI?
  5. Well we made up for the lack of shooting by not playing defense.
  6. I guess you didn't sense the sarcasm there. We have read those kind of replies from a certain poster on here.
  7. One of the better replies I have ever read on here. Teen Wolf quote was genius too.
  8. Well we were favored by about 5 so this what was expected. Now if A&M beats us by more than 40 then I will start to get worried about Benford. 7-5 is exactly what I predicted us to be.
  9. Look how many people were there for a Sun Belt Conference game. We had finally gotten to a point to where we were getting 4 or 5 thousand in there on a regular basis and now look at us. Probably will struggle to get to 1,500 the rest of the year.
  10. Are we? My first game last year was the UTA game and it might have been the worst defensive display I had ever seen. Didn't get much better as the year went on, wide open shots in the paint, open looks from 3, it was embarrassing. And never got better. I was hoping this year would be better but it's not. Went to the Incarnate Word game and we give up 50 something points in the 2nd half. Then watch the BYU game and it is all the same. Open 3's, open shots in the paint, layups and I never see helpside defense. Inexcusable. I probably missed 3 or 4 games in the whole Trilli and Jones
  11. As a wise man once said, "the proof is in the pudding."
  12. From everything that I heard, the only thing that the Benford regime has been tougher on is game day practices. I have heard that JJ was a lot tougher and more demanding. So when things weren't going well it was too late in the year for Benford to try to lay down the law. Then you had kids missing practices and what not.
  13. JJ was tough on the kids and had high expectations and didn't play around. Do you really think that these kids would have all graduated if it was an undisciplined program? And I am not sure what Alzee was able to get away with in the past that he didn't get away with this year but I think that is BS. This is just my opinion but I think that it was such a bad year and Benford didn't come in and put his foot down at first and it cost him. Then you had guys missing practice or missing classes so he benched them. A perfect example would be a new teacher who doesn't lay down the law the fir
  14. Even with the loss of Walton we should be able to beat a D-2, and then UTA and UL-LA at home with Chris, Jordan, Tony, Roger, and Alzee.
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