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  1. Yeah, they won their first two titles under Crum in the 80's.
  2. As far as Cincy goes - all of those were pre-Super Pit era. We have played them a bunch of times though.
  3. Good calls. I thought all the Louisville games were pre-Super Pit. Forgot we even hosted Wyoming.
  4. Well, my title said we weren't counting finalists. Oklahoma State was already mentioned as a champion.
  5. Northern Iowa with an upset win on the road.
  6. We've hosted them at the Super Pit? I know we did back in the Snake Pit.
  7. Good call! Been a long time since I looked at my NCAA championship history book (it only goes through the early 90s since that's when I got it). That was in the era where arguably the NIT was just as, if not more, prestigious as the NCAA. I think even Adolph Rupp at Kentucky said something like the NCAA was the lesser tourney back then.
  8. UTEP San Francisco Virginia Any others? I'm pretty sure UNC played here when we hosted the first round of the tourney decades ago, but we weren't the home team, so I'm not counting that.
  9. Mustangs in a dogfight.
  10. Dayton with a big win. SMU leading early.
  11. Wake Forest annihilating Towson.
  12. Dayton not struggling on the road early.
  13. Jalen Jackson. EDIT: Victorygreen04 got it a few seconds before me.
  14. Yeah, I was gonna mention Josh if we were covering assistants
  15. I like Sunday to give more time to sell tickets and to get the students back in town.
  16. Home teams went 7-2 last night. Not a surprise given the better seeds are supposed to host (though neither Dayton nor MSU does tonight because their arenas already had stuff scheduled), so they have the double advantage of being better on paper AND at home. I guess the big question is how many road teams can win tonight.
  17. They have no control over the CBI or CIT. If they expanded the NIT to 64, those tournaments could continue to go on. There are more than 128 schools with winning records. Hell, both tournaments invite schools with losing records (like us).
  18. I believe right before the NCAA took over the NIT field was 40. That's as large as it has ever been.
  19. Sure, that's fine. I'm just saying the A10 and MWC are at least on the same level as the league we're about to move into top to bottom.
  20. I'd like to keep WKU on the schedule after we leave CUSA. Try and add an A10 and/or MWC team on the schedule every year...either the same one or mix it up. Need to play some winnable quality basketball teams in the OOC.
  21. I mean, the NIT is probably in better shape now than right before the NCAA took it over. The last few years it was still being run by the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Basketball Association, it was looking pretty dire. That's why they (the MIBA) sued in the first place.
  22. Yes, they took it over as part of a legal settlement about 15 years ago.
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