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  1. My question isn't that, but how many of the GA seats have we sold. I expect the lower bowl to be pretty full,
  2. Not quite as good as the first game today, but the Kansas/Creighton one was a lot of fun too.
  3. I thought it was a very well written synopsis.
  4. So, this UNC/Baylor game isn't too bad, eh?
  5. I thought the Ducks would give them a better game. Aggies will be tough for either VCU or Wake Forest in the quarterfinals.
  6. Flipping between the Big Dance and scouting some of our potential future opponents in the Final (Oregon and A&M). Aggies out in force. We need that kinda crowd tomorrow.
  7. No exaggeration this time, but I do think you can make the case this is the biggest game we've played this season (even counting the CUSA tournament). Obviously the game to clinch the league regular season was huge, but should we win over a recent NCAA champ, with big crowd in a tournament with as much history as the NIT, that's a much bigger deal than many think it is. Would arguably our biggest home win since we had to win the old SLC tournament at home with a chance to go to the Big Dance on the line in the 80s.
  8. We know all about missed free throws too!
  9. I agree, we need students en masse, but do students even read this board?
  10. There have been a few really good games today (Illinois/Chattanooga and Miami/USC especially), but it's still been a step back from yesterday. Not exactly a surprise, I feel like either one or the other day gets the really good stuff.
  11. Given they were a top 4 seed, Purdue was thought to be 16 at worst by the committee, not #20.
  12. They do use them. They're just one metric of several that they look at. When they created the NET they never said it would be the sole thing they looked at.
  13. USC and Miami with the first entertaining game of the day.
  14. I think the Murray State/San Francisco game was my favorite so far (I mean I loved seeing Kentucky lose too). They were throwing haymakers at each other all night. Fun game.
  15. Eh, it wouldn't have. You don't want all the good games on one day.
  16. The first wave of games today was pretty disappointing. Only the Ohio State/Loyola Chicago game was even haflway competitive. Hopefully some good ones crop up as the day prgresses.
  17. Well, you don't need every Power League to buy them like hot cakes...you just need down to mid tier level. And it wouldn't just work itself out. Look at the SWAC schools for example. They all whore themselves out with road games, Hell, that's what we did when Trilli was here. You do that, you're asking for failure. And the big boys would do that to all the little guys. They wouldn't need to make it like the SWAC either. Just cutting out a couple of wins off of schools like us or Dayton would make the difference between being considered and not at all if you're just going by wins.
  18. Give them opportunities on neutral floors, and yes more upsets. But these games would nearly always be on the road. Akron is a really solid squad and on a neutral floor would probably beat UCLA 3 times out of 10, maybe 4. But if they played in Pauley, UCLA wins 9 out of 10. And what I'm saying is, if all that matters was wins...the big boys would buy the hell out of wins.
  19. Nah, I don't consider anyone in the top tier of their leagues, even bottom rated leagues, cupcakes. Well, maybe the SWAC and MEAC champs some of the time because those programs are really underfunded even in comparison to other small leagues. But the top teams would always play those games at home. Sure your Texas Southern can win every blue moon on Florida's home floor, but that is the exception rather than the rule. The reason upsets happen so often in the NCAA's is these are all neutral venues. Winning on the road at a ACC school is exponentially harder than winning in a neutral gym. You play all these money games on the Power league gyms...even more so than now because now wins are all that counts rather than SOS...and we won't like the result
  20. Define cupcakes? Okay, the bottom of the barrel squads in the bottom leagues. Not St. Peters, but your Canisius's. And you wouldn't get Duke playing Gonzaga out of conference because neither team would want the loss. It would be how college football used to be. That used to be the kind of stuff Syracuse used to do, but then they missed the NCAA tournament several times because their OOC SOS was so lousy.
  21. NMSU with the nice upset over UCONN.
  22. Unless the better seed's arena has a prior commitment they get to host. That practice began about 15 years ago when the NCAA took over to NIT. Prior to that it was more of a bid process.
  23. I really don't think you can go just by record either. If that's the case everyone would load up on cupcakes in the OOC.
  24. NMSU and Connecticut giving a preview on how our game with UVA may look. Eight minutes in and 11 total points.
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