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  1. Why is that crazy? Several of us have commented on it.
  2. The Ramblers were definitely underseeded. I respect Illinois a lot, but they never seriously threatened the Ramblers.
  3. It was, but I don't think as big as this was. I got people giving me congratulations that didn't even then.
  4. I'm not saying I'm upset he's failed at Texas. 😉 Just surprised.
  5. It's funny, I think Smart is a really good coach. Not sure why he hasn't had more success in Austin.
  6. If they just went by how the field was seeded we should be no worse than 30th, if you think Ohio was a better 13 seed than we were. I would have been fine with 29 or 30 because we are a 13 seed after all. But to put a 14 and 15 below us after we won a game where we led all but around two minutes of game time is really bad. I mean obviously someone has to be 32, and any of us would feel disrespected considering we all just had big upsets. Still...
  7. Reseeding the field article on ESPN. I'm not upset they have us as an 8 seed (as a 13 seed, surely they would do so), but they have as the worst team left. Now we gotta win. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31102486/reseeding-men-march-madness-2021-field-round-32
  8. I think I saw that this was the first tournament that every seed number but 16 won a game.
  9. No, this would be more like worrying about a job opening while the Holiday Bowl was about to be played. No offense to any of the Bowl games we played in (because I was happy to be in all of them), but this is way bigger than anything we've been in. This isn't quite like one of the top tier Bowl games yet (that will kick in starting if/when we get to the Sweet 16), but it's in the tier just under the big six.
  10. Someone will come calling, but I'll worry about if we can hold onto him AFTER the season is over. Right now if you aren't thinking about Villanova then something is wrong with you.
  11. That was me yesterday. I had Ohio State in the Final Four. LOL
  12. There's some magic right there! ACU defeats Texas.
  13. Even taking out our game, yesterday had more magic than yesterday. More close games coming right down to the end. We did get Ohio upsetting Virginia though, so that's something.
  14. I mean Indiana was perennially a power until about 20 years ago. I figure they are the right coach away from being again. Purdue has been historically the best team within the Big 10. They have more regular season conference titles than anyone else. They've never cashed in come March though.
  15. Never been, but I've heard the Indiana War Memorial has a tremendous museum there as well.
  16. I don't think Winthrop was overseeded at all. They just didn't play well. They have a quality program though.
  17. I couldn't remember that bear's name. (That might be the best place I ever stayed in on a trip - awesome house)
  18. Time for the Nostradamus pic? I want to, but I can't remember if it's good mojo or just funny (to me), and we need to keep the mojo rolling.
  19. I only want Johnson to call the game because he's proven to be good luck. He's a pretty mediocre color analyst - and I feel like I'm pretty easy on announcers compared to most.
  20. My Mom wrote for the Daily sports page during the Blakeley era and got to know Jimmy Gales and Billy Tubbs while covering the team. Neither of my folks (Pop was a 4 year letterman in track and cross country) follow NT sports like I do at all, but Mom sent me several notes last night about how exciting it all was and how she's sure Blakely is looking down on all this and smiling.
  21. I actually thought Nova looked really good considering Gillespie was out. Still, I agree this is winnable. Nova should be favored, but this is a much more even much up on paper than Purdue was (to me). I give us a 40-45% chance to win this, practically a tossup.
  22. It's iffy, but since they won their first title in the mid 80's I'm gonna say they are. I know they haven't had sustained success until Wright showed up, but they did have some good teams back in the day under Rollie Massimino.
  23. Nova has won 3 titles, two in the last several years. I'd say they are a blue blood at this point.
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