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  1. There are some surprises on the list - a school like Kansas State for instance I thought would have been more like 90% alumni since KU is the top dog in Kansas and would theoretically get most t-shirt fans. Pretty interesting overall.
  2. I miss the old NIT logo, but I guess it had to go since the F4 isn't in MSG any more.
  3. There's also Jim Phelan, but I believe most of his career was in D2.
  4. Eddie Sutton I think. Pretty sure he has three F4s, but never advanced to Monday night.
  5. By winning percentage? Or overall record?
  6. Considering the Jayhawks have more overall wins than anyone, it was kinda crazy they ONLY had 3 titles. So, it's sort of poetic that they pick up another one over a school that had twice as many.
  7. KU with a tremendous comeback. Deserved champions.
  8. Kansas was dominant. Duke and UNC played a classic like they so often do.
  9. TBS actually has had pregame stuff for the last hour.
  10. Xavier has a ton of great tradition.
  11. Wooden seems to have been similarly hated in his time, but the sport was just really becoming what it is in popularity near the end of his tenure. Other coaches clearly resented his holier than though, saintly persona while the UCLA boosters were obviously dirty as all hell. Of course all the big schools were playing dirty back then, just like they all bend the rules now.
  12. "Let him" - LOL. No one is letting him do anything if you're implying the NCAA, that's tin foil hate level nonsense. And if you're saying the other teams are gonna lay down for him, that's even nuttier.
  13. Last year's team will always be remembered more fondly and given they won a game in the NCAAs will always be better historically. This year's team was probably better though. But in ten years we'll all remember last year's team as the better one. Like Cooley mentioned that's just what happens. I saw an old member of the Steel Curtain once...I think Jack Lambert...talk about that he believed the best team they had in their run was one that didn't win the Super Bowl. Everyone else remembers the 4 in six years though.
  14. I'd like to see Krzyzewski go out on top, but I'm pretty cool with Nova or KU winning. Never cared for UNC much, but there have been worse winners (Kentucky) through the years.
  15. Kansas down six at the break...outscores Miami by 32 in the second. Holy crap.
  16. Yeah me too. Though it'd be crazy if Miami, whom we could've beaten, goes.
  17. Villanova looked like their gritty best and Duke jelling at the right time. Both deserving Regional Champs.
  18. I generally think the Sweet 16 is about where strength of conference ends and after that it's more strength of individual teams (like say, just because Baylor won the title last season doesn't mean the Big XII was the best league). But that's still hilarious.
  19. I don't think that going to other teams destroyed their legacies.
  20. UNC and UCLA played a helluva game. Bruins coulda put their foot on Carolina's throat with a few minutes to go, but once Carolina tied it with 90 seconds or s (on a second chance three - offensive rebounds killed UCLA), I knew they were winning. I hope St. Pete's can beat UNC. On my personal hate scale, only Kentucky rates higher.
  21. Well, everyone I know wanted to talk Gonzaga and Arizona going down. That and Duke continuing on. Didn't even hear the Nova game mentioned. And last night's wrap up show on CBS Sports Network even joked about that Villanova's win MIGHT make the highlights.
  22. I guess I mean more analysts and general messageboard/water cooler talk in the real world.
  23. Well, we haven't won the AAC yet, so I'm not sure he needs to be the highest paid coach in the league yet. Needs to be in the upper handful though.
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