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  1. The fact that it hasn't happened yet, makes me more hopeful. As I said yesterday afternoon when these things start to happen, they tend to go really fast once the rumor gets out there. Every hour it doesn't makes it less likely it will.
  2. The Mark Few's of the world are very "few." It's tough to turn down huge money to go elsewhere. Obviously Few did long enough for Gonzaga to compensate him for that loyalty. We all want Mac to be something similar but who knows if he will be. Few is one in a million.
  3. It'd be possible even if he had. Coaches promise they're staying and then leave all the time. I'm not saying he's is or isn't, but some comment he did or didn't make a few days ago isn't gonna keep him from taking a new gig if a bank vault is opened up.
  4. Big 12 will still be a power conference in basketball and for this conversation that's all that matters. Going from one school in the same league to another (like we're about to be with the Mustangs) can happen. Beard and Tubby Smith going from Georgia to Kentucky are two that come to mind, so it wouldn't be unprecedented. I think we should prepare ourselves for the possibility, but I also don't think we should commit seppuku. Every hour that goes by where it doesn't happen makes it less likely IMHO. These things seem to happen fast when they happen.
  5. I graduated before we ever got in the Sun Belt. We were still Big West until the summer of 2001 if I recall. I can't remember who premiere team was there. It's funny I live amongst the BW footprint now, I feel cheated we left when we did. 🙂
  6. Mac played a faster pace here his first two years before transforming into a grinded it out guy. He probably wouldn't be opposed to running a faster pace if he thought he could win with it - he just found for here we did better playing slower. SMU can pay him more, so he could jump. Before coming here though he showed a lot of wanderlust and I have to wonder if he doesn't want that part of his life to be over. He's built a lot here already and unless someone in a Power League comes calling, I think it might be tough to go. We definitely need to increase his pay package.
  7. Still the best in NT history. I went to a lot of women's games back then because they were just about the only winning team we had when I was in school. Them and soccer anyway. Men's basketball was terrible and football wasn't very good either. Of course right after I graduated both got immediately better with JJ getting hired and the four straight conference titles in football.
  8. Yeah, they did. My mind had them not overlapping as much as they did, but when I did a quick search it was their entire careers.
  9. I thought she came a couple of years after them, but perhaps I am mistaken. Drane was older than Mitchell, I think their careers only overlapped a season or two.
  10. Perhaps so. I only remember a couple of players' names from that era. Jalie Mitchell of course. Then Empress Drane because that seemed like the best basketball name ever. Empress was also really cool. We worked together at a phone bank for a few months around 2000.
  11. Well, you need both too. Your most important player isn't necessarily the guy who takes the big shots all the time. For instance, one could argue Shannon Shorter was the MVP of a couple of JJ's best teams, but Tristan, George, and Josh were the guys that got the love.
  12. Hope he comes back. Hit a ton of big shots throughout his career. Brought us back from the brink against TX State and UVA.
  13. I thought it would have been more, but the crowd had a ton of energy come though on the broadcast. Hope we can have the attendance momentum of the last part of the season carry to November.
  14. Yeah, I don't have an encyclopedic recall of numbers our guys have worn through the years or anything, but I don't think we've ever had someone wear 90.
  15. Hey, I know Perry has come through in the clutch with the tying/winning/putting out of reach shot like at least half a dozen times this season, so I don't necessarily have an issue with what we did. Given the time and score though, I wish we'd had a different approach. Maybe have Perry drive to the basket and hope to get fouled. He is a 85% plus free throw shooter. I will agree though, that was a great game. Listening to the UVA broadcast was also interesting. They especially couldn't get over Bell, "That guy is everywhere!"
  16. Yeah, no kidding. Hopefully we'd have had a good crowd to try and will the guys to victory, but with such a quick turnaround who the hell even knows. I thought the Super Pit helped the squad yesterday. Very loud on the radio feed.
  17. 71% I agree though, not a good shot right there.
  18. Not that anyone will wanna talk about it for a few days, but there were some legit great games today. I was only halfway watching them once we lost till I got sucked in to the last half and OT of the TCU/AZ game.
  19. The part where you have consistently bad takes and get confused by just about everything.
  20. The toughest part of the loss is OU also lost, so we would've hosted the quarterfinal.
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