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  1. Pac 12 with three teams in the Elite 8. USC looks legit and both UCLA and Oregon State are gritty as hell. Gonzaga looked fantastic as did Michigan. Baylor has been dominant too, should be a good matchup with Arkansas's talented team. Houston had a fairly easy trip, but they've been getting it done.
  2. CMJ


    Bulldogs take the Consolation game in a thriller. Memphis won the title.
  3. I'm curious why events longer than the mile, say the 5K or 10K, that are run on an oval are considered "cross country." They're definitely track events. We used to have a great distance running program from the 50's through the 70s. Probably better than any other T&F discipline at NT at the time. Note: My father ran for NT. In fact I believe he's still technically the school record holder at one of the distances (3 mile maybe?) because they quit running it in NCAA competition shortly after he set the record.
  4. I'm not saying it isn't. History won't much care who you beat to get there. But it's also true that it's a dream trip. It's hard to remember many that were easier. The first that comes to mind for me was North Carolina in 1991. If I recall their trip was 16/9/12/10, and even that I wouldn't necessarily say was easier, but it's comparable. They were upset at the Final Four by Kansas who then lost to Duke in the Title game.
  5. Houston advances. No disrespect to the Cougars because you can only play who is in front of you, but they've had the easiest trip I can ever remember to the Final Four based on seeding (provided they win on Monday). Beating 15/10/11/12 is a dream path.
  6. Almost saw history from Oral Roberts there.
  7. I mean Baylor also shot terribly from three today. You could say Nova was lucky the Bears were as off as they were. Overall both squads played really good defense today though.
  8. Baylor didn't shoot well either. Baylor really shut down the Wildcats in the second half though. They barely scored over 20 points.
  9. I'm pretty heartbroken than Loyola Chicago lost. I really thought they might be the favorite in their region now. C'est la vie. The Pac-12 shows their dominance.
  10. I liked Beard at Tech. It was nice to see that program being able to challenge the more traditional basketball schools. Hell, he nearly won a National Title there. Sorry to see him go - but I understand why. Austin has got to be easier to recruit to than Lubbock.
  11. It's not always all about the money - otherwise Coach K would have left Duke in the early 90's when the NBA first knocked on his door and Mark Few would have left Gonzaga around 2004. But there has to be a good pile of money you're paying AND some sort of emotional attachment.
  12. There's a difference in "win or else" pressure at a Power School vs here. Here it's competing for conference titles and getting to the NCAA Tournament. At a Power School it's not being satisfied unless you make the tournament every year with a run to the Sweet 16 every couple of years. At the Blue Bloods it's getting to the Sweet 16 four out of five seasons with a Final Four run at least once every 3-4 seasons.
  13. If I recall, according to the S curve, the Selection Committee rated Purdue at 15.
  14. CMJ


    Three great games tonight and the LA Tech/WKU game was pretty good too. Hoping the Bulldogs take the whole thing.
  15. The point is that it was longer ago than 18 years ago. I think most people remember that Elite 8 run in 1999. It was before George Mason, VCU, Butler, or Loyola Chicago made Final Four runs from similar leagues. Few people thought it was even possible for a school like that to make that kind of run anymore. Once UNLV fell off after Tarkanian left, it seemed that era was gone.
  16. I would prefer to hire from within if we could. It's always a tossup because I'm seen promoting assistants succeed and fail, but if we want to keep the same culture my choice would be to try and snag a staff member should McCasland leave.
  17. It'll probably be half that price in a couple of months when they haven't sold many.
  18. Wasn't the transfer portal thing really started because of all the coaches that would leave season to season? Also that coaches could just not renew someone's scholarships, leaving them out to dry? I thought the idea was that if coaches can leave for whatever reason, then players should too. I think the commitments should have been stronger both ways. If a kid doesn't pan out, you can't just revoke his scholarship. Allow kids to transfer anywhere with no penalty if the coach they signed with was fired or left for a new gig. Otherwise go back to the old rules.
  19. I don't think Emmitt meant to DROP football. But something like shifting 5-10% of the football resources to basketball.
  20. If USC plays like that, they can take Gonzaga. I say that as someone who is rooting for the Bulldogs and think they're the best team left. But wow, that USC team was impressive the other night.
  21. I definitely picked up that he was as tactfully as possible saying he felt the support wasn't the best.
  22. Well, he's from Texas - so that made a bit of sense if he wanted to "come home" so to speak. Strictly speaking though, you are correct.
  23. I'm sure he has a list of places he'd definitely leave for (like say if Baylor magically opened up because Drew got hired by an NBA team). Then he probably has a list of schools he'd go to in they paid him enough to coach. We just have to hope that neither of those two scenarios comes up in the next few weeks.
  24. To piggyback off of what Plumm said, not only does the Mean Green Nation need to show up for the first home game, we need to the whole season. I understand it's easy for me to say this since I live out of state, but I don't care. After winning a game in the NCAA Tournament, unless we have a dramatic cratering next season, we need to AVERAGE 6K+ fans at the Super Pit for the season. I don't care if we're playing an NAIA, WKU, or Texas A&M. The squad finally gave us a win in the Big Dance, they deserve the support.
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