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  1. I'm pulling for Villanova, no question. I'll root for the Wildcats over most of the teams remaining.
  2. I mean, the Big 10 was arguably the best league in December. But because OOC games tend to end in January, we really can't compare if teams and conferences improve over the season. The Pac 12 obviously greatly improved over the course of the season - but because they're just playing each other no one could really tell.
  3. So here is the breakdown of the big boy leagues. Big 10: 9 teams, 7-8, 1 team in Sweet Sixteens Big 12: 8 teams, 8-7, 1 team in Sweet Sixteen ACC: 7 teams, 4-5, 2 teams in Sweet Sixteen SEC: 6 teams, 6-4, 2 teams in Sweet Sixteen Big East: 5 teams, 4-3, 2 teams in Sweet Sixteen Pac 12: 5 teams, 10-1, 4 teams in Sweet Sixteen I think a bid or two easily could have been taken from the Big 10 & 12 and given to a WKU or pick your deserving squad from one of the Mid Major conferences. It's not like those leagues represented particularly well.
  4. After some of the blowouts today, we shouldn't feel so bad about our 23 point loss. Sometimes it just goes sideways in the Tournament for one team and the other squad is playing at a God level. See USC vs Kansas.
  5. They've since made it to the Final Four. Arguably could have beaten UNC in the National Title game that year. That was a pretty poorly officiated game from what I remember.
  6. Gonzaga's guys look like they've been playing together for about eight years. They're gonna be tough to beat.
  7. The Big 10 was widely accepted as the best league this season. It may have been so in December, but other conferences obviously improved. Right now it appears the Pac 12 is.
  8. The question wasn't what means more to the school. It was what was "best." This obviously meant more to the school (I mean I'd guess so anyway, not like many of us were alive when we won Natty's in Golf), but a National Title is better than that.
  9. In athletics history as a whole? We did win a few National Titles in Golf back in the day. I'd say they have the edge.
  10. I might look into it later. It's an interesting metric, but I'm not sure I'd trust it completely. I do think this probably is our best team of recent years, if not ever, but an argument for last season can be made since we won the league regular season. Also some of the previous seasons they grade I think we were probably better than than others which are scored higher. Example...our 2009-2010 tournament team is rated lower than almost all the years surrounding it. I personally think that was JJ's best team by a wide margin.
  11. The question is do we hold on to McCasland? I didn't want to discuss it while we were still in, but there is a high chance he is courted heavily this offseason by some school with a bigger checkbook than us. The big boys like hiring young up and comers who have had success in March.
  12. Nova looked like their national title team from three years ago tonight. That team also had ridiculously crisp passing and seemingly endless guys who can shoot from behind the arc. I'm not saying they were unbeatable tonight, but it would have taken the Duke 92 squad or the Florida team from 2008 to do so. Much love for our guys this season. This was a magic carpet ride.
  13. Nova 84 ------- NT 61 Final
  14. Nova 67 ------- NT 44 7:52 to go Just gotta tip your cap. Nova is a blue blood for a reason.
  15. Nova 59 ------- NT 42 11:42 to go Things kinda stagnating for both teams right now. Not good when you're down 17.
  16. Nova 55 ------- NT 40 14:00 to go Trying to crawl back in this. Shooting much better.
  17. Sorry...I meant Houston. LOL.
  18. Houston and Oral Roberts both win thrillers.
  19. Only the second time ever a 15 seed has made the Sweet 16.
  20. Nova 47 ------- NT 27 Halftime If a teams shoots 60% from behind the arc...you ain't beating them.
  21. Nova 37 ------- NT 25 3:52 to go Can't stop them.
  22. Nova 26 ------- NT 21 7:31 to go Wildcats on a 13-0 run. Exactly the sort of situation I was afraid of.
  23. NT 21 ------- Nova 18 9:33 to go Hamlet playing all world early. Need to really work on close out on their shooters.
  24. NT 16 ------- Nova 11 13:33 to go Great start. Need to defend the three better though.
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