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  1. Agreed. From walk-on to key contributor. Love stories like his.
  2. This better get at least 20 upvotes, hearts, trophies, etc. He was our MVP.
  3. I said about a month ago that one day Perry would miss a game winning shot and we'd all be surprised when it happens because he always comes through. I really thought we were somehow gonna pull this out in both regulation and OT when Perry had that shot. What a season. Last year is our historic best team ever given the NCAA tournament win, but this squad is actually probably the best team we've ever had. At least in the last 50+ years.
  4. UVA 71 --------- NT 69 Final
  5. UVA 55 --------- NT 55 Overtime This team has so much damn heart.
  6. UVA 55 --------- NT 49 3:38 to go McBride nailed some huge shots to cut the lead down to three, but then we turned it over and VA pushing the lead out again.
  7. UVA 50 --------- NT 43 7:54 to go Ousmane having a great game. He's carrying us offensively this half. But every time we get to within 6 or 7, Cavaliers nail a three.
  8. UVA 44 --------- NT 37 11:40 to go Trying to claw our way back in this.
  9. UVA 42 --------- NT 33 13:29 to go Both offenses coming alive. Now we need some stops.
  10. UVA 36 --------- NT 26 17:01 to go Wheels are coming off now.
  11. UVA 26 --------- NT 24 Halftime We really struggled offensively from about the ten minute mark to the under 4 media TO, but otherwise I think we were the better team. Unfortunately that six minute stretch was key in them taking the lead from us. Only one bucket down...I'll take it.
  12. UVA 21 --------- NT 17 3:49 to go Our offense grinding to a halt right now. Need to get something going.
  13. NT 15 --------- UVA 15 7:47 to go Cavaliers on a run.
  14. NT 11 --------- UVA 6 12:00 to go Both offenses able to get a bit more going.
  15. NT 4 --------- UVA 1 15:34 to go Both teams having trouble scoring as one would expect. Crowd sounds good.
  16. Tony Bennett effusive in his praise of NT on their pregame show.
  17. Guess I can't listen to our radio feed off MGSports. Thankfully it seems like I'll be able to get UVA's broadcast of the game.
  18. SMU goes down. Only home team to lose so far this round. Dayton's home arena being unavailable likely was the difference in their loss to Vandy in OT.
  19. Home teams now 4-0 with Xavier's win. Dayton is on the road again because their home arena is being used for the State HS Basketball tournament. Might be tough for the Flyers to win another road game to advance.
  20. Texas A&M hosts Wake Forest on Wednesday. Chances are we'll play Tuesday if we win today, which doesn't make sense.
  21. Yeah, I'll be listening to our game while I have like three others on mute.
  22. Three NIT games on Saturday. Home teams were 3-0.
  23. This has been a crazy day. Really the only non competitive game was Providence/Richmond.
  24. TAMU looked like more on TV to be honest. Didn't watch Wake, but that few is a bit surprising to me.
  25. First round of the NIT games rarely sell well because of the quick turnaround. Second Round and especially Quarterfinal games usually have much better attendance, the kind you'd expect for a big game. Semis and Finals usually are pretty sparse unless a team near NYC makes it.
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