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  1. Biggest game in the History of Western Civilization.
  2. Class act fan base. I wish we had beaten Memphis or K State instead of you guys, because they were assholes and y'all are awesome, but it is what it is. Feel free to visit any time.
  3. NT 78 -------- PU 69 Final
  4. NT 61-------- PU 61 Free basketball!
  5. 36.6 to play....I am a wreck
  6. NT 61-------- PU 57 1:22 to go HUGE response after they tied it.
  7. NT 57-------- PU 55 3:48 to go Purdue increasing their defensive intensity. Gonna be really nerve wracking....
  8. NT 55-------- PU 49 7:11 to go Huge response to their run.
  9. NT 47 -------- PU 45 10:42 to go Boilers making their push. Gotta weather this.....
  10. NT 41 -------- PU 37 14:06 to go I'm glad we're hitting threes so well tonight. Their size is starting to hurt us.
  11. NT 32 -------- PU 24 Halftime Gotta hold on for the run that's coming out of the half, but I LOVE our chances right now.
  12. NT 29 -------- PU 20 3:12 to go I wanna get to the half up six or seven. With Simmons back in the second half, I like our chances.
  13. NT 27 -------- PU 18 5:21 to go Hamlet!!!!!!!
  14. NT 19 -------- PU 15 7:59 to go It's a grinder...just what I wanted.
  15. NT 16 -------- PU 13 11:39 to go Simmons having two fouls already could hurt, but loving the pace of play we're starting to impose. Hitting shots early as well.
  16. NT 9 -------- PU 6 15:20 to go Nice start, but I want us to slow down the pace. I feel like we're playing a bit erratic early and we've been lucky the Boilers haven't taken advantage of it.
  17. TuneIn isn't gonna work for the game tonight. The NCAA makes sure that no online stream can be run legally. Obviously if you can get KNTU on the radio they're still calling the game though.
  18. About half an hour away till tip. I'll probably still do the scoreboard updates and running commentary even though I know everyone is gonna be watching the game too.
  19. Oregon State gives us the annual 12/5 upset.
  20. Two OT games in the first five to complete - including Oral Roberts dispatching Ohio State. Gotta love March.
  21. Play four minute media timeout segments and don't lose any of them by too much. If we're in this by the mid point in the second half, Purdue might start to struggle mentally. The main problem with calling for upsets this year is the lack of fans. No neutral crowd getting behind Cinderella might prevent some of the ones from previous years.
  22. UCLA/Michigan State - first game of the tournament to go OT. Three of the first four games either decided by 1 or in OT, and the first game was good too. March Madness is back!
  23. The Norfolk State/Appalachian State & Drake/Wichita State games were both great. Promising start to the tournament.
  24. Nice to see you considered yourself riff raff for 30+ years.
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