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  1. Well, Iowa was the team that deserved to be in and they got bounced. Michigan was the questionable one and they move on.
  2. I'll be following the sales we know with great interest. Obviously the GA seats are unknowable.
  3. I'd hope so! Obviously given the opponent, and situation, I wish we could draw more, but I think the quick turnaround will prevent an attendance in the 8-9K range.
  4. Provided Texas Southern loses today, I'd invite Josh White.
  5. Richmond with the first true upset of the day. Michigan over CSU was by seeding, but given the Wolverines were top 10 in the preseason and play in the Big 10, I have a tough time considering them beating Colorado State an upset.
  6. I have found multiple boards for UVA. Not sure which is the best/most frequented.
  7. We have a thread going, but at the Super Pit we've also hosted. Wyoming (1943) Oklahoma State (1945, 1946) Louisville has won multiples (1980, 1986, 2013*) since we lasted hosted them (1975) Cincinnati has won multiple NCAA titles, but before the Super Pit era. Baylor has won too, but we hosted them prior to their title so I'm not sure that fits your criteria. I think that was it.
  8. Funny, though Martha was likely dead before Hemings became his concubine.
  9. I don't wanna steal his thunder, but I found this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wahoos#:~:text=Official University of Virginia sports,sing "wa-hoo-wa
  10. Thanks for visiting. I've watched you guys play a few times this year, but this is a great primer on you all.
  11. I mean ESPN+ started like 4 years ago. I tried to get it to work briefly, but much like earlier ESPN online editions it was rife with skipping issues and whatnot. Wasn't gonna keep wasting the money on that frustration.
  12. It may be cheap, but I've never had luck with any of ESPN's streaming products going all the way back to ESPN360. This goes over multiple computers and residences. Perhaps the servers in LA are lousy, I don't know. I quit trying to stream ESPN some time ago.
  13. Trust me when I say most people do not have Hulu bundled with their TV service. Many people, sure.
  14. Basically teams only really make money from ticket sales and concessions. But you don't lose money either (like the CBI and CIT).
  15. https://www.sportico.com/leagues/college-sports/2021/ncaa-nit-revenue-1234625859/
  16. Four games on TV and four on ESPN+
  17. Notre Dame and Rutgers giving us a classic.
  18. I'm waiting for the NIIT bracket to be fixed on their website, but until then I'd trust our ticket office.
  19. Hoping for 6K or more for this game.
  20. As a side note, even just a handful of years ago every single game of the NIT was on either ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU. It really sucks now that about half of them are on ESPN+.
  21. Biggest game in the History of Western Civilization.
  22. Yeah, they won their first two titles under Crum in the 80's.
  23. As far as Cincy goes - all of those were pre-Super Pit era. We have played them a bunch of times though.
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