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  1. I mean apparently every coach makes too much sense lol. But I do like Keeler a lot and I’d hooe UNT would atleast consider him as hes proven he can win everywhere. Just wonder if he even wants to move up to FBS as hes yet and I’d think hes been offered jobs before but who knows.
  2. Lol thats an interesting first post. Id like UNT to atleast reach out to Patterson just to see if there is absolutely any chance hes interested. Then, when he inevitably says no, you immediately move to your next target
  3. I get that. But him being burnt out I don’t see
  4. We do? I don’t. Id take him over any other option thats been previously named in a heartbeat. He’s significantly better than every other candidate listed and has had sustained success. If hes a dud then yeah it sucks big time but his upside is much higher than everyone else
  5. Better have already called up Patterson and made sure he says no before you move on to anyone else
  6. You must be younger than me lol. I was a kid when he was hired and I remember it being talked about nationally as a game changing hire and how UNT was the first school to pull a HC straight from HS and were starting a trend. It was praised by virtually everyone but ended up being probably the worst decision imaginable by UNT
  7. If UNT is smart then they already have their man and will formally announce it in the next couple days. Otherwise they better hurry the hell up
  8. Need to get a Head Coach ASAP with the portal open and to get the ball rolling for next season and then get an AD. I would normally say AD first but UNT is in a bad spot with a HC
  9. Hes the safe option id get if you absolutely cant get Patterson, Riley, Grimes or Keeler
  10. Seths downfall can be attributed to a few things: 1. Lack of wins in big games including Conference Championships and Bowl games 2. Lack of any serious care about defense until Year 6 3. Lack of QB development outside of Fine 4. Poor offensive line play until Year 6 5. Poor hires in the middle of his tenure 6. Being paid like one of the best coaches in the G5 without having the results to be one. He started off hot and set the bar high enough for him to get paid but he could never get back to where he set it thus he was fired
  11. While ive seen that he wants to return to CFB, i think it will be in a OC capacity or something along those lines. Ive seen him suggested as an OC candidate for A&M and a potentially very highly paid WR coach at Texas. Not sure he’d be interested in being the HC at UNT and on top of that, not sure UNT wants someone without HC experience
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