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  1. I'm not talking about rugby style. I'm talking about traditional style but with 1 step. This the best technique.
  2. And every uniform combination they wear looks like crap. 😬
  3. When Atterberry first got on the field he was a 3-step punter and got his kicks blocked. I guess we will wait until this kid gets his chance and find out which of us is right. But my guess would be that the coaches fix it before he sees the field in a real game.
  4. Nope. Overload one side of the line and it's blocked. Won't matter how good those linemen are. No modern college program has a 3-step punter.
  5. I think Wren kept Mosley very involved in the strategic plan for UNT, and his plans for transitioning to the AAC. I think Mosley knew the short list for replacing Seth (I'm sure they've had the list at least since last season). The Morris hire looks very much like the McCasland hire and De Long hire. Mosley was the smart hire for continuing our growth as we transition to the AAC. He was the hire I expected Smatresk to make.
  6. He can't be a punter for UNT with that 3-step punt technique. Coach is going to have to fix that, or he will get a lot of those blocked.
  7. I think I counted 4 or 5 Pick-6's in that highlight reel. Most kids can't pull 4 or 5 Pick-6's in their entire playing career, let alone 1 season. What an incredible addition.
  8. What a great way to finish our signing class. I could see Anderson growing into a KD Davis type playmaker at LB for our new defense. With his speed and athleticism, he could be an absolute monster.
  9. And today UNT moved up exactly 1 spot in the NET to #63.
  10. I need to learn more about these recruits, but on the surface it is very encouraging that we are landing guys this late in the process that programs like Boise and UTSA were after. I can't wait to see what Morris and his staff can recruit when he actually has an entire year to work with.
  11. ^This. So much this. Aesthetics, as they apply to football uniforms, just don't get any better than these throwbacks. They are both unique and appealing. This is the look UNT needs to present as we play conference games on the ESPN channels against other AAC teams. That along with winning will grow UNT a stronger national brand.
  12. I think the final spread was 8.5. I believe this 10-point win will allow UNT to climb up the NET a little.
  13. I agree. I'm glad we only fell a few spots. UNT hosts UTEP tomorrow and we are currently favored by 8.
  14. As to the topic... Joe isn't as spry as he once was. Plus, I wouldn't want to see his image cheapened by parading him around all the time like Santa Anna's wooden leg. If the athletic department wanted to involve Joe in marketing UNT football, it should be in a way that honors his legacy and stature. He should not be presented like some used car salesman trying to sell our football program. I think an appropriate course might be to inquire about him recording a series of audio narratives for UNT football. These could be merged with relevant video and highlights for the development of promotional commercials. If we had a professional marketing firm develop this series of 30 second dialogs promoting the Mean Green, we could market a commercial for a year or so, and be able to continue this marketing campaign with other Joe Greene promotionals for 10 to 20 years. I think something along those lines could be impactful.
  15. A 4 point win over UTSA on our home court isn't going to impress the NET. We'll see how far we fall tomorrow.
  16. UNT hosts UTSA tonight at the Super Pit, and the Mean Green are favored by 19.5. UNT is currently #61 in the NET. Run it up Mean Green!!!
  17. Some might say this is an example of how moving to the AAC is helping in recruiting. Navy was the only other AAC program to offer Nelson. All of these other offers were from less successful G5 conferences, and the FCS.
  18. Yeah, this rendering has been around for years now. Notice it doesn't have the battle flags in the paint. While the new arena will lose overall seating, it will make up for it with amenities, like luxury boxes, and state of the art lighting and audio. I'm willing to trade 2,000 empty seats for a better overall facility. Basically, we will have something similar to SMU's Moody Coliseum.... but nicer and with more luxury boxes. That'll piss off the mustangs.
  19. The Lace will be getting new expanded grandstands and new dugouts. Once that is complete, it will basically be a completely new ballpark. There are also plans for a softball clubhouse, so they can have their offices, locker room, and player lounge at the softball complex.
  20. Totally agree. I think they should place a "battle flag sticker" in the shape of each player's home state on the back of their helmets. Lets build our brand and market it beyond the borders of just Texas.
  21. I agree. Our chosen font should either be classic or timeless. Ours' is neither, nor it isn't aging well.
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