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  1. There is always going to be movement based on other teams playing and those teams moving. I really don't understand why dislike my tracking this. Again, you don't have to follow this topic.
  2. No. Just UNT and the teams we are playing in each game on that night.
  3. UNT wasn't able to cover the 9.5 spread, and regardless of the NET formula, the Mean Green tumbled from #38 to #47. LT beat the spread in their loss and moved up from #152 to #143. This indicator has not failed this season.
  4. Today UNT was #38 and LA Tech was #152. The last spread I saw was 9.5 and we only won by 2. I'm fairly sure FAU didn't cover the spread against FIU either. So unfortunately, I suspect we will drop in the next NET ranking. I'll post the new NET when I see it.
  5. No it wasn't. The spread for that game was 4, and we won by 4.
  6. LT is always a tough out. Glad to see the guys step up at the end and send the Dawgs packing back to Ruston.
  7. Agreed. I'm happy we are landing some quality linemen, but Morris needs be sure to upgrade the defense as well.
  8. Not going to lie, based on the O-linemen we landed, this one is a bit of a surprise. I'll have to watch some film on this guy. ULM isn't where I expected Morris to look for a QB.
  9. Morris adding a successful OL lineman from an elite Leach offense is a great sign!
  10. It's been accurate all season. And currently the spread for tomorrow's game against LA Tech is at 9.5. I predict that if we again beat the spread our NET ranking will improve. If following this anomaly is insignificant to you, then ignore my posts. Or you can just ignore this thread all together. No one is forcing you to read or follow this topic.
  11. I haven't brought it up in every game thread. I address it in this thread, which is the proper place for it.
  12. What does it matter? I made this thread and want to post about it. You don't have to read this stuff. And, I don't care if the spread isn't officially part of the formula. It has been an accurate indicator of our movement all season. So, I'm going to keep tracking it.
  13. If I were a rich man, I'd buy the naming rights, and they'd be hanging a new sign on it that reads "The Stadium of North Texas.... Because smu Sucks!"
  14. Did you lose you sources, or did they tell you they can't comment on our movements?
  15. Maybe it doesn't, but we appear to move up or down as we preform against the spread. So, as long as that remains true, I will continue to track this.... because I find it interesting.
  16. Old West Cafe & Beth Marie's Ice Cream (Ice cream can be a meal in my world)
  17. Great. When do we find out who they are? jayD doesn't have the dirt on this yet?
  18. Yeah, and their terrible at basketball too.
  19. Maybe so, but when we cover the spread we move up in the NET, and when we don't, we drop. This has been true all season.
  20. Despite terrible losses by teams we have beaten this season, UNT moved up from #39 to #38 in the NET. We beat the spread and we moved up in the NET. It seems like a simple formula. This season, I have yet to observe UNT drop in the NET after covering the spread.
  21. The guys got jumped at the start, but adjusted and fought back to make it a game by halftime. I felt good about where we were at halftime, and was confident about our team after the start of the 2nd half. MT had to know they weren't going to win once we took the lead.
  22. Those other scores might have an effect, but I think UNT will move up a few spots in tomorrow's NET. This season, I haven't seen UNT drop in the NET after beating the spread.
  23. The current spread has UNT favored by 2.5 points for tonight's game at MTSU. Net rankings are included. #39 UNT at #125 MTSU
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