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  1. The Alamodome looked like 💩 when they built it 30 years ago, and it hasn't gotten any better looking over the years.
  2. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad to have those guys. I just want more of them, and more highly rated if possible. The football season is a war of attrition. Nothing wrong with being a little greedy when it comes to quality linemen.
  3. That daycare commercial is so horrendous, I'm seriously considering stopping my donations to the university's fund and instead sending that money to the athletic department with my regular donation. Part of me wants to downvote you just for posting that garbage. But I won't, because I know you hate it too.
  4. Does the UNT athletic department even has a director of brand management? Someone to ensure our logos and colors are consistent, of quality, and produced in an acceptable way in merchandise and media. I remember for years our diving eagle was depicted backwards on the flag they ran across the field after TD's. It was very embarrassing.
  5. I always liked RV. He really was a nice guy and truly cared about UNT. But for about 10 years, I tried to convince him to place a car dealership sized battle flag out by Fouts, and he never saw the protentional of doing so. Too often leadership is dominated by number crunchers. I'm glad Wren was able to see the bigger picture. I believe Mosley will too.
  6. It certainly lacks creativity, which I find troubling.
  7. Totally agree. Let's change the name of the NIL collective to "Show Me the Green!". 🤑
  8. They are two different initiatives. The Light the Tower Master Plan has been around since 2016, and this is just the updated version that has been revised in the wake of COVID-19 (Some of our needs were adjusted). The NIL collective just adopted the same name.
  9. That was De Long's choice. He chose to improve on Lovelace Field, instead of waiting for a new stadium later. Since he chose to stay at the Lace, the program has a new field, walls & outfield fence, batting cages, bullpen, and video board. The athletic department wouldn't have added those facilities if it was just going to be a temporary home for the softball program. The choice was obviously smart, because the girls are ranked #24 heading into the season.
  10. UAB was favored to win yesterday's game by 4 points. UNT beat them by 11 and have been rewarded with a sizable jump in the NET. UNT is now at #61 as of this morning. Still almost impossible to move our way into at-large bid territory, but we can still hope to continue improving on offense and make a run at the C-USA Tournament Title.
  11. I'm happy about these additions, but I'd love to see some P5 level DT's and DE's. Games are won and lost in the trenches.
  12. I hate OU softball. Is anyone else sick of OU softball winning every season?
  13. UNT's horrendous performance against Rice caused the Mean Green to drop 22 spots in the NET. Today UNT fell to #72. Absolutely terrible.
  14. Up our game day experience to a level no one else has done...... 1. Pregame Show- From tailgate hill, the Pregame Show is 1 hour long and starts about 2.5 hours before kickoff (Features, guests, cheerleaders, drumline, & game picks). Fans are encouraged to be there and be loud. The recorded Pregame Show is played on the video board 1 hour before kickoff leading up to the team's entrance onto the field. 2. Halftime Show- From the press box with the bands preforming on the field behind the hosts, the Halftime Show would focus on recapping the events of the first half, pointing out issues to be addressed in the second half, player stats, and recapping other conference game or importance. The halftime show should stream live on ESPN+ and play live on the tv's that are located throughout the concourses of the stadium formerly known as Apogee. 3. Scrappy's Fantasy Challenge- Available only to those in attendance, fans select 3 players from UNT's offense and 2 players from the UNT defense to earn points for them during the game (example: 2 points for every 10 yards a player gains, 6 points for every touchdown a player scores, 2 points for every tackle a player makes, & 6 points for every sack a player makes). A running leaderboard will be featured on a section of the small video board and periodically displayed on the main video board. A rundown of the top contestant's performance will be discussed during the Halftime Show, and the winner announced at the end of the game. Each week's winner will receive a team autographed ball and challenge trophy. I have other ideas too, but no need to bore you.
  15. After this loss to Rice, UNT will be lucky to still be ranked in the 50's when the next NET rankings are released. No chance at an at-large now.
  16. Only one thing to say about this performance.....
  17. McCasland has to make it our game if we want to have any chance of an at-large bid. UNT has to be inside the top 40 by the end of the season to have any chance.
  18. UNT beat FIU by 7 but the spread was 7.5. UNT fell a spot in the NET the next day, down to #48. As of tonight, UNT hold the #50 rank. The spread for our game against Rice favors UNT by 12.5 points. I guess UNT has to run it up or risk falling even lower in the NET.
  19. This won't be popular, but.... The Leach coaching tree has a reputation for fielding weak defenses. So, it is fair to be concerned until we see evidence that staff will contradict the stigma. We have added a few defensive players, but more are certainly needed.
  20. While that is a great addition for LT, I think they need more than just a QB to return to their former level of competitiveness.
  21. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!! Thanks for posting this El Paso Eagle. I gave you a +1, but would have given you a +100 for posting such wonderful news. You made my day!
  22. Yes. The spread finally failed as an indicator. I'll give you a +1 for being right. But, I'm still going to keep tracking this.
  23. The spread for this game favored FAU by 4.5 points. UNT lost by 4. So, if the spread continues to be an accurate indicator of NET movement, then UNT should actually see at least a slight bump from this road loss. I'll post an update after the new NET is released.
  24. This won't a popular post around here, but I'll say it anyway.... FAU exposed the fact that this team lacks the size and talent to be the best in C-USA. We are a scrapy team and we play some solid defense. But, we are the 2nd best team in C-USA. Maybe we can land a spot in the NET. McCasland has to bring in bigger and better talent if we are going to compete in the AAC next season. It's that simple.
  25. Ousmane has to stay out of foul trouble and the bench has to score at least a few points. If Huntsberry and Scott can take some of the pressure off of Perry, we should have a real chance.
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