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  1. He won’t win as he hasn’t got enough talent to hang with this Belt squad. But will he make it close? Will he have his team prepared with the lights of a national audience? Will he run dive plays up the middle on 3rd and 3 down 21? Tonight gives Littrell a chance to erase a lot of bad football decisions he has made over the past few years. He doesn’t even have to win, just show up and play hard, make it close.
  2. So cutting thru the bS. If this dude who played at a very low level of competition can play great - that said if he can’t it’s still a good play as he’s rich and if his peoples throw is a bone it would be cool.
  3. The main reason we got him is OU and everyone else wanted him at DB. If he can immediately produce at WR great - if not move his ass to DB ASAP!
  4. Can’t wait to see how he expresses himself at UNT
  5. Seems to me this guy left our UNT daughter waiting in the chapel. Why do we continue to allow ourselves to be used like this?
  6. Well stated. Agree with you 100% @Milo How will we get better when you have people like @PlummMeanGreenstating the best we will ever be is CUSA West. We must set our sights higher.
  7. Yesterday seems to always happen to the UNT athletic programs. Big opportunities seem to pass us by.
  8. So Traylortrash can be in his first year and kick our butts but Bowen can’t? Cmon man!
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