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  1. I’m deeply saddened by this news. As per the usual, UNT tried to cheap out on things. Pay this man what your last coach made and quit making excuses. I would bet all the AD department will receive healthy raises so the coaching should as well. #TYPICAL UNT
  2. One of them was former UNT QB Ladarren McClaine.
  3. He said he will be calling the plays. The OC will be in name only. He will help but Coach Eric is calling the plays.
  4. Must be cold there. Coach Henson's nipples looked hard in that sweater.
  5. This my fellow Mean Greeners is why we can never get over the hump. Morris makes a great hire, with accolades and praise from the best high school programs and college coaches all over Texas. Yet our fans have such a damn chip on their shoulder that they just can't accept good news and have to second guess it. This has to stop if we are to ever move the program forward. CULTURE! CULTURE! ALL 3 PHASES!
  6. This defense is just horrible. Were playing 5 yards off their WRs and rushing 3. Pathetic
  7. 1 fire Jalie 2 retire replace soccer coach 3 finish out arheltuc center 4 baseball 5 parking at Apogee 6 get a long term contract and buyout from McCasland any more?
  8. The suspense of this thing and how it is playing out is killing me.
  9. We certainly appear to have risen in stature. It’s nice.
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