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  1. Congratulations to this team…players and coaches! They did a great job on the road against a solid team! Go Mean Green! Finish!
  2. I sure thought he was done after the UNLV game, but they are a different team now. Offense is rolling and defense has really come together with some new/young guys. Much credit is due this coaching staff and these players! Proud of them! They control their own destiny! Going to support them all the way! Go Mean Green!
  3. Wren, you’ve done a great job as AD! You’ve done a great job hiring great coaches! It’s time you go to your short list and bring in the football coach you know you want to hire. We, the alumni and fans, are ready for the change and look forward to a bright future!
  4. Defense is completely out of gas! Put in fresh backups! The arm tackling is worse than seventh graders!
  5. I believe he was put on scholarship at the beginning of last season.
  6. I think that making a move to the AAC is great news for UNT! And UNT making a move to the AAC is great news for the AAC and it’s member institutions! As a former university fundraiser, it is highly likely that all VIP personnel at each institution have already been briefed on what is about to transpire and have at least for the most part given their support to these moves. This includes university administrators, board members and key donors. These SMU “big money donors” that may be raising concerns are not in that key group of donors that would have already given support to this move and are really the true big money donors. People sometimes think they are the big money donors, but in reality, they are not in the group of donors giving transformative gifts to a university or other cause. The key donors that SMU and the other member schools needed to have on board in support of this move are very likely already on board. Anyway, just my opinion based on experience. Excited for UNT!
  7. Me too! With my two daughters! We still talk about the fun we had despite all the rain! And what a show Lance put on that day!
  8. Rico was a great player for us...really fun to watch! Clearly, there is more to this story that we may never know. Like everyone, I found it strange that right after the injury against Cal, it was like he was gone from the team...never on the sidelines and very little information being reported about him and brief, guarded, mentions by Coach Littrell. Was he on the sidelines at practice or ever in the locker room during this time? It’s interesting that it took this long for him to enter the transfer portal if his intention all along was to leave. If he tore his ACL to any significant degree, his best chance at full recovery would be an immediate surgery. Putting it off could lead to other issues down the road that would make it worse. And were there other issues that he had with teammates and/or coaches? I have no idea. Anyway, this all continues to be a mystery. However, there is no doubt that Rico Bussey, Jr. exceeded his 2-star expectations and played his way into becoming one of the top receivers in UNT history...and it would have been even more impressive with one more year!
  9. I agree on Simpson...very solid when he was in the game! And just as I thought when I watched him play in the 2018 state championship game (Beaumont Westbrook vs. Longview), I believe he is going to be a big-time player for the Mean Green!
  10. I think you are on to something there, because he has been very slow to get up after taking hits, getting sacked, knocked down, etc... this season, especially the past several games.
  11. It’s a great question, because as I look through the roster we have quite a few numbers not being used. I guess they let the players choose and as long as they don’t duplicate numbers on one side of the ball, they can do it. But it confuses announcers and stat keepers that don’t follow our team regularly.
  12. Lawrence actually had one catch for 15 yards, but the box score, at least the one I saw on the CBS Sports app., incorrectly credited defensive player, Joe Ozougwu, the other number 32. Same thing happened with not crediting Loren Easly for his rushes...gave them to the other number 23, KD Davis.
  13. There was one player that didn’t quit that day. It was Jeff Wilson, Jr. He was still running hard throughout the game and trying to fire people up on the sidelines, but literally no one, players or coaches, showed any fire that day and just stood there, blank, as Jeff tried to fire people up. Perhaps no surprise since I’m pretty sure he’s the only player that played in that game that is still playing football.
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