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  1. If we play Army, what is the total passing attempts, combined, for both teams? 20? 25?
  2. The win over a ranked, undefeated UTSA and the five games win streak is great; but if you have an opportunity for a better coach this year (e.g. Justin Fuente, Skip Holtz, Garry Patterson, etc.), would you not kick the tires or consider it? Those guys may not be available next year when SL end the 2022 season with a 6-6 record. Or maybe that’s good enough.
  3. Maybe it depends if he has a chance to start next year. If he is listed as 3rd or 4th QB after spring ball, why would he stay on the team with a family to care for.
  4. If Dave Aranda leaves for another job, like LSU or some other place, will Fuente be Baylor’s target again? If so, how are we going to compete with Baylor?
  5. I don’t know. Something is not right when you have to tell a $2M, 6th year head coach how to build a team. If he can’t figure that out already then do we really need him here?
  6. Couple guys at #6 on the list seem really intriguing Joe Moorhead (Oregon’s OC) and Todd Monken (Georgia’s OC) Both had college head coaching experience and were successful. Are they out of reach for us? Do they have some other issues? I don’t remember seeing their names discussed on this board.
  7. Do you get scholarships back when your own kids enter the transfer portal?
  8. Is Fuente spending too much time planning for his next gig that takes away time for game planning?
  9. Did we copy Oregon Ducks or did they copied us?
  10. I realize fans will be disappointed if we don’t make a change after three consecutive losing seasons and uninspired football. However, most of us (from what I can see) have complete faith in Wren and the leadership team. IF “that coach” (who Wren really wants) is available at the end of this season, we can assume (and trust) Wren will do everything in his power to get that coach in here. Even if it meant paying a buyout fee. But if for some reasons “that coach” is not available, should we not assume (and trust) Wren would wait to get the right coach in here? I realize we may temporarily lose some fans, but if/when we start winning again after the right hire, fans will eventually return. I hope and Trust Wren is building and setting up the program for long-term success. If this meant waiting another year for a new head coach, it is worth one more losing season and uninspiring football. In Wren we trust.
  11. Can the 11 teams that are leaving temporarily rescind their decisions to leave so they could vote out (or kick out) LaTech, FIU, and UTEP? Then vote to dissolve the conference? 🙂
  12. Hi everyone, first time commenting on this board. Please go easy on me. I think it depends on who is available, and if there is someone who Wren really want. If not, why not wait another year? I totally agree SL is not the solution long-term; but I don’t want Wren to just hire someone he is not too exited about just for the sake of change. For example, if Wren’s list includes Fuente and Patterson and VT keeps Fuente another year. Or if Patterson wants to take a year off to reassess? In that case, he waits another year to see if he can get “his guy” while saving some money (from buyout) in the process. I’ll hang up and listen.
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