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  1. When I looked last night and earlier today, tickets were starting at $20. Weird that yours says $25! I attempted to try to find out what seats/row we would be in with some of the different options that pop up to buy tickets, but it was a nightmare if you don't know the seating chart - Once you click to add tickets to your cart, it then tells you what your section, row, and seats are, but the seating map only shows GA for every section, so it's almost impossible to know where you would be sitting until you get to the game. Just my 2 cents for anyone trying to get single session tickets online - Save yourself from confusion/headache and just buy them at the door upon arrival.
  2. Court A http://conferenceusa.com/documents/2019/3/9//MBB_WBB_CH19_Brackets.pdf?id=13048
  3. @TheReal_jayD Thanks for reeling in my question on the podcast! To clarify, I've listened to many of the recruiting podcasts, so I know y'all have one. 🙂 I more so meant I didn't know if my question applied to the topic of recruiting (because I hadn't seen any kicker names with the commits) - I was just curious to hear if they had anyone up-and-coming we hadn't heard much about yet since y'all were talking about next season anyways. Will keep an eye out for it this spring! Thanks for the insight as always.
  4. Yeah, it looks like I had a typo. We are actually in Row 6 of 210, not 110. 🤦‍♀️ You are right in the middle of the action in that endzone!
  5. Wellp, apparently I had a typo. 😞 We are actually 210 Row 6 (moved over from 211 Row 16). We like to have a view of the field from a little bit of a distance. That is a great view you have in those seats!
  6. Uh-oh, looks like I had a typo. 😞 We are in section 210, not 110. I'll still let my dad know you say hello! 😁 If I remember your section by the time August comes around, we will for sure come by and say hello. We pass 110 anyways and he and I always take a first game selfie down in the first few rows of section 111/110. What a small world!
  7. We ended up calling and were able to get the specific new seats we wanted a section over in 110 - almost double the amount of our previous section (as it was last year too), but worth it! We weren't able to do that online for whatever reason, but the ticket office was helpful. August 31, we're ready for you!
  8. I just heard the announcer say Woolridge is not dressed out for today's game. What did I miss? Is he injured? Fingers crossed Duffy gets out there today! Also, the camera shakes from the video crew on the sides of the court (not the main full-court camera) are reminding me of a really terrible ODU Football video crew. It's either shaky or it's way too zoomed in on the players. I spoke too soon - At about 17:30, the main camera did not get down the court when we had the ball on offense. Draper for the 3 made up for it on the next possession.
  9. I believe they have posted a link on Twitter - check the @meangreenFB Twitter; if not there, I think I saw that Wren retweeted something after he went on.
  10. I may be late here and you may already be recording, but ... What does our kicking team look like with Hedlund no longer here? How accurate are our new kickers on a scale of 1 to Trevor Moore? Looking forward to the podcast! *Edited to add* Sorry, I just realized you said "Recruiting" podcast, so my question may not apply. 🙂
  11. I didn't even notice that. That is pitiful! It looks like they are playing Marshall (only us and them are that bright shade of green). I have actually been decently impressed with our attendance this past year (except the So Miss game - pitiful people can't even come when it's raining) for the most part. Compared to what it used to be. Apogee better be sold out when we play Houston this year!
  12. No surprise Devin Singletary is #1. As much as Rice was/is terrible, Jack Fox had some INCREDIBLE punts in our game against them last year - This is also coming from a girl whose younger and older brothers were FG/kickoff kickers and punters, so we notice kicks in our family. They were extremely high, which is obviously good strategy to give your players more time to get down the field, but he had distance on them too. He had a great year, even though Rice as a whole was bad. Definitely an under-rated kicker. Prediction: We will see Mason Fine and maybe 1-2 others on here next year.
  13. A far better headline for the front page could have been the "UNT starts year 2-0 - First time since '09" or even something commending Rodney Long's first season and the positive start he had over the weekend. Highlighting the wins on the homepage of a newspaper, or even anything more positive, would make me want to read an article.
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