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  1. We bought individual tickets prior to each game last year (not at the gate, but online on the tournament website beforehand at some point) and never had an issue. I honestly can't remember if they had individual game tickets available through the MG Sports website last year or not (they very well could have) because obviously we would rather buy via that route. I only remember looking early on and seeing the whole tournament package ticket prices - we didn't want to get those just due to not knowing our schedules and which games we'd be able to make. @MrAlien Parking has never really been an issue, but I am familiar with the area and know where to go. The big lot across the street from the garage (west side of garage) typically has plenty of spots available. If not, you can always valet with one of the restaurants by the garage and just have to walk across the street to the entrance to the Star. It has never been an issue for us. Fingers crossed they have fixed the scoreboards being so low and obstructed (didn't seem to notice it as much last year vs. the year before), but hoping to see a good crowd at our games like we had last year!
  2. The 2010 team was during my tenure (2011 graduate) and I absolutely loved watching this crew play. Have to agree with @emmitt01 that Tristan was probably my favorite to watch. I also met Cameron through a mutual friend and he was a super nice guy the few times I hung out with him. Josh White, of course, was another favorite. Odu would dominate the interior. Our current team reminds me a lot of the 2010 team - they're both just fun to watch. I think the 2010 team definitely had more height to them, but this team is spunky and moves the ball around really well. I'd give '19-'20 team the win, but not by much.
  3. Although inevitable, I’m sad to see the time has come for Darden to be listed a Senior.
  4. Hello and goodbye, snow! From the 70's to tornado warnings to snow, all within 24 hours. Texas, my Texas. 🔴⚪🔵
  5. Not sure why I laughed so hard at this, but I did. I'd upvote you, but I can't. So ... High five.
  6. Quite the allegations, but the whole thing seems pretty odd. Ruling of a suspension for 2 semesters, he appeals, is denied, then dismisses his own case after all is said and done, but a grand jury didn't have sufficient evidence to move forward with it. I would think it would be pretty hard for Seth and Co. to entertain a kid with a history like this, but I could be wrong. Maybe he's grown up a bit since all of this went down - Who knows. 🤷‍♀️
  7. I’ve had 1 and the rehab was brutal, definitely closer to 9 months, but I feel like I was moving slower than normal as far as rehab was concerned. Mine was a full tear. One of my brothers had a fine recovery and my other had a slower recovery like mine, but still at least 7.5-9 months after all is said and done. I agree and am shocked he did not have surgery immediately. I would’ve wanted to knock that crap out and would rather be on crutches the last 2 months of my season than just delay it even longer. My initial thoughts, but I honestly have no idea either ... Didn’t you also say you know someone who knows who’s doctor and he definitely tore it? Maybe it was someone else who said this ... I read your post and my takeaway is ... still 4 months + 3 months = 7 months. 7 months post-December is July. Football starts well before then. Mine felt fine after my rehab as well and I’d like to think he’s getting advice from his doctor but just think his appearance at games (i.e. being in the stands during games) was initially shocking to me and made me question his recovery. Again, just a fan and spectator’s perspective over here.
  8. Are we ready to combine this thread with the "Reeder and Reffett Fired" thread yet? 😋
  9. Pretty much. From the TV, it looked like he was hurt when he planted and his leg was twisting (before he was hit). I wouldn't be surprised if it were an ACL injury, as it didn't look good. Hoping it's just dislocated/nothing more serious than that. I thought I saw his leg in an aircast as he was taken off on the cart, but maybe it was just wrapped up. Also, when I tore my ACL (in college), I was taken to the ER, but it didn't do a thing for me. They were able to rule out a broken bone, but I knew that going there since I heard something pop. I went back to my dorm and called our orthopedic surgeon the next morning who got me in that day and could actually do an MRI on me. You'll get more answers there than you will at an ER - X-Rays won't show soft tissue like ACL's, so it's best to wait and get an MRI done.
  10. Sorry, but how is this even okay with the coaching staff, the fact that he is not even present on the sideline during games? If he is off the team, he shouldn't even continue to be acknowledged in the game programs (as small as that sounds, but just an example). In what world is this OK for a player, on an injured list, to NOT be on the sidelines for a game and instead, spending time in the stands? I'm fine with him not being recognized during the senior pre-game if he doesn't even bother to show up on the sidelines to support. Just because you're injured doesn't mean you get a free pass to not show up. Seems crazy to me, especially with the culture of 'teamwork' that this coaching staff touts - And sends a terrible message to the younger guys about leadership. Was he officially off the team? I had not heard that. If so, it was kept pretty hush-hush, but it looks odd when most everyone thinks he is still on the team, yet you see him out and about in the concessions area during games. Maybe I'm missing something ...
  11. I do what I can ... 😅 I heard attendance was pretty pitiful, so I'm at least glad our tickets got put to good use.
  12. Sorry, must have misread your sentence - It sounded like the safeties included JG. Thanks for the update!
  13. Congrats JG! Also - Safeties or WR's? Has Guyton been practicing as a Safety now?
  14. I very much wish we could be at today's game, but we won't be able to make it. 😫 I hope there are a lot of butts in seats to see this senior class off in the best way, even though this season hasn't gone the way we wanted! That being said, we have 5 season tickets we won't be using if anyone wants them - Section 210, Row 6, Seats 24-28. Pickup in Carrollton (Bush/Old Denton Rd. exit area). Seats include seatbacks. I also have a Blue Lot parking pass available that can be emailed (but tickets are hard copies, so can't email those). GMG!
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