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  1. Circling back to this post as I’m moseying my way through recent forum topics catching up ... I found it interesting when seeing all of the Twitter announcements of players going to the transfer portal ... So many of them specifically thanked the S&C Program/Womack (some didn’t even include Littrell in their “thanks and see ya” posts, but I guess that might be expected if they weren’t happy). I don’t know why, but the ongoing direct thanks to the S&C Program just caught my attention. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Can’t really say I’m sad about this one after the way he left NT with his attitude towards the program and his teammates his last season. I truly enjoyed watching him play, but character speaks louder than play-making in my opinion. Any athlete should know that.
  3. I have a good friend on staff at UMHB in Athletics (she’s a NT Alumni as well!) - and she is dreading the spring season. She doesn’t know how they’ll get through all of the shuffling around they’ve had to do; including conflicts with other spring sports too. It doesn’t sound like the players are super excited about it either, but obviously they’ll still get to play, so that’s the plus. She says it’s just chaotic. 😅 Also - I think ACU is in an interesting situation. I know someone on staff there as well and he said they were playing some of their games in the fall (I think they were travel
  4. I’ll publicly disagree with you. 😂👏🏼 I hate(d) practically everything about it. 😫
  5. As a systems administrator, I love me a good Internet Exploder joke. Touché.
  6. Is it just me or does Bean have some really ugly throws? 🤨
  7. Agreed Matt. I don't know why we haven't figured this out by now at this point in the season. I will just never understand. Play those who can contribute and make plays ... otherwise pull them. This may prove to them that there can be consequences - with someone else playing instead of them. Just sounds like being disciplined to me ... Sounds like sports to me.
  8. He especially shouldn't need to read an article to know this ... considering that Seth and Sonny are close friends too.
  9. My initial understanding just looking at some posts on here with the RV reaction was this as well. Who knows anymore ...
  10. I understand that and agree about the email getting deleted or just not responding to it. Seems silly to do with a poster at this point, but to each his own!
  11. I'm confused. What did you specifically ask/email about in regards to the moment of silence and National Anthem?
  12. Do I need to get on to both of you now? 😆 *see previous response* (Though I do tend to agree I don't believe he has earned that kind of salary, but again - Not the way to express disapproval of that 😉 )
  13. This explanation by far exceeded my expectations for a description of the reactions. Thanks for your wonderfully entertaining response! 😁
  14. Ok, Admins - I need a run-down of some of the reaction emoticons on here. Ray, Skeptical Eagle, RV, ... Obviously I don't need an explanation on the laughing reaction, upvote, downvote, etc. Basically, I need to know what it means when someone "RV"-s one of my posts. 😁 Sincerely, An Alumni who came out of the RV era alive
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