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  1. I did a search on the forums but could not find the answer. Thanks in advance!
  2. Take the freaking points! Did they learn nothing from last week?
  3. Personally, I'd rather see the bowl game local for attendance reasons. I'd probably make the drive to Shreveport, but definitely wouldn't be able to make it to NM.
  4. I was just about to post the same article! It was a great read.
  5. But people most people are going to make plans ahead of time. I know the day before the national weather service was predicting 100% chance of thunderstorms all the way through to about 6 or 7 pm. I am one of those people that did not attend. At kickoff, I was kicking myself for not going.
  6. Haha. Beats the hell out of the porta-potties on the hill and at Fouts
  7. If you are an active alumni member, show your card or give name for them look up in system. If you are not an active alumni member, it is only $10/person and the restrooms are worth that for sure!
  8. What is your go to "good luck" beer? Mine was the Audacity (fellow UNT Alumni) Battle flag pale ale. Since they've closed their doors I have moved on to the F5 Tornado by Co-op, but it's no longer sold in the stadium and I only have 1 Audacity left.
  9. Agreed. I bet most fans of the sport would too. Something fun about football in the snow that isn't present for snow in heavy rainfall.
  10. That MTSU game was one of the best! Other than the band, the stands were empty. We absolutely murdered MTSU. Had a great time tailgating and celebrating in that rain that day/night!
  11. Really wanted to go to this one, but with the lightning threat, I don't want to spend my whole day out there. Wife and I have to make it to her dad's 50th on Saturday night too. Have fun to all that are going!
  12. The offense played pretty good. UTEP was playing the run aggressively and forced Fine and the WR's to make it through the air. The defense played okay. The UTEP coaches took advantage of how aggressive our was team playing on defense. All in all, it was another win. Was not the blowout many of us were hoping for, but we put it together and didn't lost 2 in a row.
  13. gmg147


    The North Texas chant in the 4th quarter was the best its ever been.
  14. Hey Everyone, I have been a member of the alumni since graduating, but have never been to the pavilion. Typically tailgate, but looking to try out the pavilion next Saturday. I know they have a cash bar, TV's, and live music, but what is the situation with food? Any details would be super helpful!
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