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  1. Out of all the coordinators he's the one I'd be most okay with. He can damn sure call an offense, and he has experience recruiting at the G5 level, granted it's a private school, but I'd imagine he'd take a lot of the stuff he learned from Dykes and apply it here.
  2. I thought Graham would be a good fit simply for his QB coaching ability. Although at this point I'm thinking more about him coasting in the second half so many times after being up 3 scores. He could be great, but I'd like to see him get some HC experience first.
  3. I agree. I'm sure not having an AD is making it more difficult. Only reason I could imagine it taking so long is some interesting names entered late and they're vetting everyone. Either way every day they wait to announce is another day we lose in recruiting
  4. Maybe Bennett will rally the troops, but I'm not hopeful. Still the same staff that got blown out by UNLV, SMU, and Memphis. Boise is an even better program than any of those.
  5. I live within walking distance of the stadium and could care less. Just another blowout OOC loss
  6. I think some journalists that are actually paying a little more attention are starting to understand that not only did we not win, but we were absolutely smoked in every single one
  7. In the past Seth signed the majority of his class in the early period if I remember correctly
  8. Goodbye early signing period if this is true. Better hire a guy that can recruit his ass off between now and February
  9. Welcome to the forum and thanks for the input. You seem to be in the minority about Fuente from what I've seen of other VT fans. A lot of people are saying he left the cupboard bare and really floundered the last couple of years. Outside of the difficulty of following someone like Beamer and expectations, what went wrong? Personnel? Game Planning? Bad Coaching hires?
  10. Why do I feel like the people clamoring for Carthel also wanted to keep Chico after McCarney was fired?
  11. I think the assumption is that Fuente is pretty much locked in and the guys he's picking are gonna be exciting names. @TheReal_jayD might need to clarify since he's the one that mentioned it
  12. Yes and Qualon Farrar and Keith Smith. His point was that we haven't consistently recruited these places and several coaches from that area told him as much
  13. And Jeff Traylor was just a RB coach at Arkansas I'm becoming more and more intrigued with Jones. Especially after Gabe Brooks' comments on our lack of effort south of I-20. It's completely inexcusable with the amount of talent that schools like Desoto/SOC/Cedar Hill/Duncanville produce on a yearly basis.
  14. Gillespie and Emmett Jones are the two I'd really want if we went the McGuire/Traylor approach. But I agree. I think they're gonna swing for the fences on this.
  15. I feel like Skip Holtz is just barely better than Seth. Sure he won 7-8 games a year, and won his bowl games more often than not. But he never won the conference championship despite going to three of them. Feels like we need to aspire for more. Maybe it was his lack of resources at LaTech. He had a lot of guys go to the NFL so the development and recruiting piece seems good. Just worry we'd be in a similar position in 5 years if we hired him.
  16. A little proud sure, but they knew the outcome of this year. Maybe a conference championship appearance wasn't in the books, but a blowout loss in the postseason was all but guaranteed based on Littrell's record. Should've been done last year, but glad they had the stones to do it regardless.
  17. Hoping for a “mutual parting of ways” Expecting a 3 year extension.
  18. It’s always fun when people with seemingly inside info give cryptic ass messages. “Oh just you wait and see I know more than you nanny nanny boo boo” Hot take: Smatresk, Wren both fumbled this tremendously because they couldn’t tell the big money donors to shove it and make an actual proactive decision.
  19. Wren did a lot of good things for our Athletic Department. For that I’ll give him credit. We are absolutely screwed in our biggest revenue sport for the next 2-3 years because of his decision to keep Seth another year instead of firing him. We fire him now? Recruiting this year is gone, and we probably get a solid amount of players transferring out. New coach is left with some good players, but no immediate class of any worth. We keep/extend him? We will be the absolute laughingstock of the AAC until he’s fired Absolute joke of a way to run a football program. What an embarrassment At least we get to look forward to getting blown out by a mid level MAC team again in a no name bowl.
  20. No AD almost guarantees it I want him gone as bad as anyone, but current recruiting would be decimated and we'd probably lose some to the portal as well. This is why he should've been gone following the embarrassment against Miami OH last year
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