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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the first signing day when we haven't had to tell each other that "ratings don't matter" Life is good
  2. This is the longest one minute of basketball I’ve seen in a while.
  3. jacksondf

    GMG recruiting podcast. Need questions

    What time does it broadcast?
  4. jacksondf

    DRC: UNT bowl projections roundup

    I would love the New Mexico Bowl. Combine ski trip with bowl game.
  5. jacksondf

    BTG: FAU ... Great ending.

    Ending makes me proud to be a MG fan!
  6. jacksondf

    Question for Recruiting podcast tonight

    What time does it air? Thanks
  7. There is a very nice Hilton Garden Inn downtown. The best part of it is that Keagan’s Irish Pub is right next door. It’s a lot of fun.
  8. jacksondf

    FAU discounted tickets

    8:30PM on a Thursday? I’m sure there is a good reason why it will start so late but I can’t think of it. I hope it’s a typo. GMG
  9. jacksondf

    Ten takeaways from North Texas' loss to UAB

    Great article
  10. No BeIn Sports is making it hard to find the UAB game. Does anyone in Arlington or Fort Worth know of a place to gather and cheer on the MG? The gathering in Allen looks great, but it is too far to drive home from a place that serves beer.
  11. jacksondf

    Game Day Parking Observation

    Getting out of the Blue Lot was awful. They need someone to direct traffic if they don’t want people to leave early to beat the 45 minute gridlock.
  12. jacksondf

    Credit to La Tech

    Jaylon Furgeson (45) singlehandedly took our offense off track-ouch. Lot’s of mistakes that we don’t usually make that we will probably clean up made the difference. GMG
  13. jacksondf

    North Texas gear at Slovacek's in West

    I need that shirt. Anybody know if they sell it somewhere in Denton?
  14. jacksondf

    Beyond the green... did it air?

    Great Episode!