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  1. Several top contenders, but I’ll go with the rediculous number of offensive penalties. Unrelated-I was in the north end zone. Was that a fake punt on the south side of the field early?
  2. I would probably go, but can't. If anyone wants two tickets (sec 105) and a blue pass PM me. Free-I want someone to use them. Seriously bummed about the year. We could/should have done what SMU did. What a difference a year makes. I'll be back next year. I'm like a Cubs fan.
  3. Outstanding! Congratulations
  4. Is anyone else having trouble getting the radio broadcast of the game? I’ve tried the KNTU site and Tune in radio on iphone and iPad. Uuugh
  5. Is there a trick to this? I can’t get it to work. thanks
  6. Make me an offer by PM. I can overnight them to you. I'm not going to be able to make the game this week. Thanks
  7. That was a great time. Enjoyed hanging out & meeting you guys.
  8. The line started around the 25 yard line on the band side toward the end zone where the green fans sat. I wish I had known about that. I could have used the sun block.
  9. The fans were really cool. The stadium-not so much. Port a potties for restrooms at. pac 12 stadium was a surprise.
  10. I have two tix. Make me an offer. Pick up at tailgate party or near entrance. Section 119. Visitors section
  11. I have two tix. The wives just bailed out. Make me an offer and pick up at tailgate party or near entrance.
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