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  1. The “real embarrassment” is not being able to win the conference championship we are currently in!!! How about doing that first before looking at getting into a different conference... GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  3. Time to Lock the Gate!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  4. Let’s head up to EastSide!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  5. Time to lock the gate!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  6. Let’s fill Trinity Hall with Mean Green fans before we fill Ford Field!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  7. THANK YOU Matt Simon!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  8. “Sounds” like a plan!!! Get it??? GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  9. Maybe you can "hand out" some info to the wait staff on how to provide something that resembles service... I couldn't resist GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  10. I'm not, but if I was in Chicago I would choose either Mother Hubbard's on Hubbard and State or Timothy O'Toole's at 622 N. Fairbanks... GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  11. Seriously??? This "former Mean Green player" needs to be called out... Just kidding, we're having fun here. Glad they made it to the game and were cheering. Maybe they just need a little "coaching"...
  12. Heading up early Friday morning to go mountain biking in Bentonville. Staying in West Fork with a group who's son is a student at Arkansas. It doesn't appear that there will be an "official" Mean Green tailgate put on by the Alumni Association or Athletics. Has anyone heard anything about some Mean Green tailgating? GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  13. Any idea what the "yummy club level treats" are gonna be during the event? GO MEAN GREEN!!!
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