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  1. Sorry to bring this back to topic, but I hate this quote. With this thinking, how do we expect to beat out bigger schools for recruits? Just frustrating to read this, then read how people wonder when we are gonna start beating out the bigger schools. I know Manziel wasn't highly recruited, but look what he did for that school. What if this kid does the same thing for tech?
  2. That continues to open the mgb site just hoping to see, " Breaking news, Unt fires Benford." I'm just such a hopeless romantic, and I have a man crush on Villareal. I really hope he does the right thing. Just wish I/we had the money to influence the decision. Unfortunately, we don't have any big money donors that are knee-jerk die bards like us. If only I can pick those 6 numbers right. I'll make sure we are set.
  3. There's the problem. Only spends 5% on X's and O's. I think it shows.
  4. We took a chance on a new coach. It didn't work. Go get a coach that does. .
  5. Crap, we've fallen so far espn forgot we have a basketball team.
  6. My point is that he was a playmaker with a ton of potential, and Mac played him.
  7. Hey, I'm not tryingto support Andrew because he does throw some crazy stuff out there, and he does fan the flames, but he also said it best. I don't know why it's not working, but it's not working. I think it just comes down to benford not being able to motivate the players to do what he wants them to do. I think dodge kind of suffered from the same thing. I hope smastresk won't allow us to keep him another year at the very least. We have got to get somebody in here that can get the most out of these guys before we really stop getting talent in here. My vote is still for Danny kaspar, but I would also love to get the current sfa coach if a bigger program doesn't poach him.
  8. I had to watch this one from home. Newborns first Halloween, so the wife made me. I'm not gonna lie, after all the years of disappointment, I thought after the penalty they were gonna score for sure. Just been let down to many times, but man was it so cool having all of my family members jump on board after the stop. They had been basically laughing at how enthusiastic I was about the game all night. Everything changed after that. I'm trying not to get to crazy yet, because I have been the guy overselling the team since we signed dodge. But man am I getting really close to being that guy again.
  9. When you've had your heart broken so many times, this is your attitude until proven differently. Kinda like the mavs before their championship. And the cowboys. And the rangers. Damn. My sports life sucks.
  10. Pot is legal in Colorado now.
  11. I'd like to agree with Mac, but you know what? I show up to every game so do most of us on here, but don't ask for our fans to show up unless you are winning. Sorry, but don't call a lame ass, overly conservative, not trying to win gameplan for the first half of a game against Tulane, and then tell fans they need to show up for us to win. Show us you are willing to win all games at all costs. Then ask those that are fringe fans to show up. I don't serve good food 1/2 of the time then ask people to come to my restaurant. Sorry. Just tired of hearing them asking for support. Freakin earn it.
  12. Live in: prosper with my wife/ future all conference Unt qb coming in July. Degree: started as business finished as sociology Favorite Unt memory: like so many on here, so many, but 802 Massey and fry street tavern have got to stick out. Favorite Unt sport memory: the season after the '02 nmsu goalpost tear down, we were at a Unt memorabilia auction that was at one of the football games, and there was a picture of my buddy riding the goalpost from that game with his hat up like he was riding a bull. Priceless. Yeah he bought it and still has it hanging on the wall in his man cave.
  13. It has to be better than last year. I was one of the many who had egg on our faces after promoting how good we were gonna be, but injuries did kill us last year. We gotta hope for better overall guard play, and outside shooting. Plus another year of emphasis on d, and hopefully it will pay off. (Right?) Really hope that Tj is the real deal, j will takes yet another step, and Cj too, but mostly that he stays healthy. Gotta be an optimist guys, that's what keeps us going. Kinda like it was being a rangers fan before their run, a Mavs fan before dirk, and a cowboys fan since '06. It's all we have to cling to. When it finally goes right, it's the greatest payoff of all!!
  14. Mcnulty has actually looked the best among qb's, and nobody has mentioned him.
  15. If you guys are ever interested to meet in Addison, I've got a restaurant there that I would love to host a Unt hh. If ever interested pm me, and we can figure out how/when to set it up.
  16. Can our trainers please talk to the guys that worked with AP and RG3 to find out the program they got those guys on?
  17. Can't watch it on my iPhone. That sucks
  18. Yeah, but it's a bs rating. Having gj ford stadium and fiu's stadium that far ahead of ours? Ridiculous. No way you rank those as better than ours unless you graduated from that achool
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