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  1. I will vote for which ever president ends this crap and holds the NCAA accountable. End the NIL and end the Portal. 🤣
  2. Real men…. Real winners….. they cannot be bought.
  3. Well… I had Purdue beating Arizona…. So I guess I need Purdue to win.
  4. I hope May never wins another game and the players barley see the floor on their new venture….
  5. HOF should be special and unique. Meant for those who truly sacrificed and gave all for the betterment of their team and the school. It’s tough but you shouldn’t water it down like we have just for the sake of having a ceremony every year to make everyone feel happy and good about themselves….. It feels like the WWE HOF watered down and all pomp and circumstance. 😒
  6. Yeah it sucks…. I can understand going JUCO to D1 and at the end potentially going to another D1. That’s as far as it should go one single D1 to D1 transfer.
  7. Third transfer…. Really don’t want him. Just chasing…
  8. It’s something everyone struggled with. Lack of contentment breeds anger, hate, greed, corruption and more. Nobody said don’t question things…. Blind loyalty isn’t great either….. Clearly the entire transfer portal and the way college athletics is run should be questioned. Wanting for more is human nature and not innately wrong. However it seems people question the wrong things. Blinded by their own desires and wants they ignore what’s best. The irony of all of this coming out of college is a bit humorous and sad.
  9. We have had season tickets for like 30 years. I won’t give football or basketball up. Will continue it with my kids just like when I was kid; however I’m never giving to any form of NIL collective. and yes I could make many players. I would have to really think though haha. Maybe Eric Jackson to George King were some of the firsts as I would be them in the driveway at home after games shooting hoops.
  10. So I’m still unsure if all this isn’t just an April fools joke because transferring benefits neither of them; however of all the players who could transfer they should be allowed. Neither has previously transferred. 3-4 years respectably. Ruben yes Scott idk if he had stayed 4 then yes. I think it should be only for players who end their career for UNT but that’s not written in stone anywhere.
  11. If I won a Billion dollars I would use all of it to fight the concept of the NIL and the portal than to give it to people who don’t understand the concept of loyalty, team, family, and sacrifice.
  12. April Fools….. good try though
  13. Exactly. No loyalty so difficult for fans to care. Outside of Rubin and Scott there really isn’t a player last season to root for. Just a bunch of guys looking out for them s else trying to do whatever they believe is best for them instead of a school or a team or a family. I’m ten years these people will be out working and jumping job to job or family to family. The world is going to be in for some hurt. Maybe a class on settling or being content should be mandatory for all college freshman. Might have even benefited us. 🤣
  14. I told you you were not going to win it. You were suppose to lose to A & M…. But it changed . You were suppose to lose then actually.
  15. Except I’m stuck behind two people in my work bracket who have Duke and Tennessee as champs…. 😒 let’s go Purdue!
  16. That’s the one issue most seemed to see was how we lacked depth. I’m assuming the NIL actually makes they more difficult. Do we want to pay guys like these to just sit there… can we afford more…. I hate the NIL
  17. But Dwight still stayed…. The transfer portal is a ridiculous concept. I can understand a single transfer, the constant jumping in and jumping out. That’s a problem. Basketball is a team sport and part of being on a team is being loyal. I’m sure part of the problem is also family and friends just whispering in peoples ears about the money. It’s not about basketball or the game or the team anymore. It’s all about me…. And that’s not how society should operate. (I understand it does at times…. But that should never be the norm).
  18. At this point let’s just assume everyone doesn’t want to play or win…. This is just going to be everyone. I think it’s just cowards ball. Always run away and always about me. It’s the new norm apparently…. Can’t even celebrate a player we sign because they have done the same. Not fun anymore to be a fan….
  19. I figure he and Dixon transfer and Allen graduates. The rest should stay. We replace those with two solid big transfers from the portal and then pick up a younger combo guard.
  20. He already showed who he was running tail out of town then ending up in the NIT and losing before UNT. It’s all about me me me….
  21. We aren’t getting any sort of 50/50 call when we drive to the paint. We better at start hitting some threes because we aren’t going to get any favorable calls here.
  22. Too many post season tournaments. I thought we were in the Women’s NIT….
  23. I simply don’t believe college athletes should be paid as amateur athletes. If anything the only pay/incentive outside of a debt free degree and all the other benefits should be a payout based on success. X amount of wins, wins in a conference tournament, making the big dance, NIT, winning there. It’s all equal payout and given to all team members.
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