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  1. Cheaper tickets and then allowing them to sit wherever…. Some people have stopped going to basketball games because there is a mindset it’s open seating and many sit in season ticket holder seats or anywhere they want in the lower bowl instead of at the ends or the student section.
  2. To be fair it’s a slight to People who have had season tickets for 25-30 years…..
  3. As long as they sit in the seat they purchased….
  4. Thanks. I think I really only get crap from CBL and Tasty Greek. The rest are maybe just negative UNT fans. Also the droughts in college ball are due to the shot clock difference. It’s only 6 seconds difference but around 50% of the time NBA teams put up their first shot under ten seconds. In college the average (use to be…) around 20 seconds. It may have been 35 second shot clock then. Idk what it is now but it can’t be far off.
  5. At this point I assume Walker comes in next season.
  6. He wasn’t lost last year either…. He got a bit bulkier but nothing else changed. We just have a lot of solid guards and did last year as well.
  7. Seen just about everyone. Surprised no Dixon as I thought he and Walker would round out a 10 man rotation. Morgan, Cotton, and Moore all see decent play time.
  8. That’s what defense is for. I agree it could be an issue but that’s not a UNT issue that’s many to most basketball teams. Hear the same thing about our high school programs. Every Mavs fan board is full of the how can we go 4 minutes without scoring. It’s part of the sport. That’s why you play defense. Mavericks can’t play defense at all. At least UNT is aggressive on the defensive end.
  9. Morgan coming in before Dixon. Interesting.
  10. Yes, but happy they beat them handily. FAU, Memphis and UNT look good. If they were all undefeated to this point I might believe we were a three bid conference ….
  11. You mean best the snot out of them! I know every team takes a bad beat but I wonder what their ranking would be if they had beat Bryant.
  12. Walker gets eligible and we see a bit better showing from Dixon and we have a ten man deep roster that could really contend in the AAC.
  13. Waiting for @Censored by Laurie to let us all know with his basketball knowledge and shooting ability how we could have won by 50. He won’t be impressed…. 🤣
  14. Not good for the conference
  15. The coordinates to the successful defensive playbook. He had been waiting for Capioni to decipher the code all year. Maybe this week is the week…. Then they will Journey to the depths of the universe to retrieve it. Then comes our 12-0 season.
  16. No late hit there…. These refs are atrocious…. I guarantee they would cal it against us so should at least be fair both ways.
  17. I disagree. That’s 100% considered a TD if in the end zone and would be ruled a fumble if it happened in bounds.
  18. Oh he had possession in the bobble going out of bounds but they call the incomplete pass for us on the other end…. Load of bull!
  19. Wow what a bull crap call….. he two feet in. What crap.
  20. I’m more interested why Dixon doesn’t get minutes. He and Cotton (since Walker seems to be out the year) would make a good 9/10 off the bench when needed. 8 man rotation can wear down and doesn’t hurt to have a couple guys who could give you a 2-3 minute run.
  21. Isn’t the fuel when you post always…. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  22. Honestly both games were very winnable. I do think if we lose out next game it will be a disappointment. Have to close out games. Have to be better in the paint. Have to find the guy who is taking those clutch shots.
  23. I forgot….. he has to pull a billsee or whatever the account is and Google everything…. Got it 😉 At least people like Cooley seem to have it down and people in the metroplex hoops circle know him. CMJ keeps it simple. Emmitt. Well I like Emmitt and he keeps it basic too. Next time I will let chat GPT dictate my posts too…..
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