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  1. Sissoko shuts down Soriano and UNT gets hot from deep. North Texas wins by 7.
  2. Nah. They even have a 7/8 game at the end so you get 3 games no matter what.
  3. Shakes Magic 8 ball….. *Highly unlikely*
  4. I’ll take that ad a compliment 🤣 I just work from the baseline that CBL had never touched a basketball in his life and never coached at the high school level or really anything lower. We just have a good laugh at his posts at work. It’s hard to convince a Denton kid or guyer kid probably to play here though if people like CBL are considered knowledgeable on the basketball front 😬🤣
  5. Should be the commemorative NIT ticket.
  6. Was it the NIT ticket? We got it the previous game. Kinda cool. I wish instead they would offer the food in the tunnel before the game. Those were the best days!
  7. Nice little quick 4 point sequence there. Should pretty much out it away and hopefully we can keep the double digit lead. Was hoping for a 30-40 point blowout, but a win is a win heading into the tournament next week.
  8. We park by the tunnel since we have had season tickets for 25 years or so. Celery couldn’t read in the last thread?
  9. When I made the comment it was 6…. Good try though 😉
  10. Odd because people who were actually at the game would disagree but ok 🙃 to be fair we are all sick tonight so not at the game. Maybe they addressed the issue, but it seemed more students are using it and the section by the dorms is being monitored. We have a parking pass off the street so we can walk right in, but others already commented on the issue and we say it driving up. In the 90s even with Fours there you could see plenty of parking for all night basketball games. Students have probably affected this but last year was noticeable for sure and last game was awful.
  11. Was hoping we would be up 20 at half…. Disappointed so far, but no matter what going 2-0 heading into the Charleston Classic will look good.
  12. Yeah has been before just last few seasons. I’m assuming that @NorthTexasWeLove dude hasn’t been to a game in a few years and wasn’t at the game where people had to walk far or het a parking ticket….
  13. Which was full and on one section people were ticket for parking anyway…. Open spots near that intersection of Bonnie brae though. That’s a bit of a walk for season ticket holders.
  14. It was fine but yeah super salty!
  15. Where is the orange lot? I think fouts field parking lot is for basketball games.
  16. Yeah I’m confused as to what’s going on at the PIT. I hope we build a new arena where fouts was and find a way to connect a large parking garage to it to help for basketball and football.
  17. Somebody doesn’t know how awful parking is around the Pit…. We get the side street reserved but most have to park at old fours or further. Not ideal in the dark for many who would want to come out. The students should help fill it up and they look decent right now.
  18. It’s a decent crowd so far with 4 minutes to top we could get to 2-3 thousand maybe….
  19. 🧐 I’m unsure. In the Mid 90s y’all were apart of the Talons I believe. Unless you went to games before you were at UNT? That’s where I first met you and Rudy although y’all were older. We threw the ball a ton on those old fields in the 90s.
  20. Brining 6-7 guys every time and our DBs can’t stay with the receivers….. Nobody else is there to cover because they are all up front or attempting to “contain”. Need a shake up on D and stop bringing so many guys right up the middle.
  21. Except we bring 5-7 guys almost every time and nobody contains the sides.
  22. Emmitt being going to games less time than I have and he gets a jersey….. way to go Emmitt 🤣 Rudy is next
  23. We pack 5-6 guys near the line every time so maybe re phrase this…. What it looks like to you isn’t what it looks like to others watching at home and having conversations at the workplace about it…..
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