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  1. 🧐 where did I say don’t practice? I just mean simply getting nil shots is fine but doesn’t translate to just being an amazing shooter in live games. Stone is a spot up shooter. He needs to work to get to his spot and take the shot. Defers too much. If he keeps missing bench him and try Cotton then. Keep trying.
  2. Yeah but shooting in a game is a lot different than shooting around in the gym. Especially just open shots. Could hit 26-30 three balls when going around the arc. In a game that won’t happen.
  3. I assumed some giveaways might be from donors, but they get in free. I didn’t think it could be financially straining by any means.
  4. The maniacs have a budget….? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Edwards and usually Buggs will pull it. Everybody else really does defer more than they should. Granted Edwards is our best option. Scott should look to shoot more but he really struggled yesterday and seems like he has on the offensive end recently. He and Jones pair well together so that could be his missing piece. Those two must return next year.
  6. I hope we return as many as we can and replace the ones who leave accordingly. Ideally Jones gets his “covid year” and returns to have one finally year with Scott. We replaced Allen with another transfer post who has a year left. Then look at Dixon, Morgan, and Moore and you if they can’t contribute upgrade them.
  7. I will settle for the NIT but they changed the selection process so conference champs no longer get in. I wish they would expand to 64 and keep the old selection process and simply add the perilous champ gets an invite if they do not make the big dance.
  8. He might have been thinking of Michael Doleac….. he is a basketball genius…. So I have been told…. By one person…..
  9. Yeah they switched it to Allen I believe (but it was switched I cannot recall who it was moved to)
  10. Well he is about to enter again. We simply lack death. Would like to see 2-3 minutes of Cotton.
  11. I assumed it was to send a message to Edwards after his bad foul then turnover.
  12. I understand the logic behind it…. But having been on all ends of it in one way or another it shouldn’t affect anybody. Crowd noise is crowd noise rather on the road or at home if you can get through that mentally it will be better for you. People get loud and cheer at every game. Take it all the same along with the silence as well.
  13. Fastest Moore has ever been put in a game.
  14. I don’t think we are allowed to step on the court during play….. but I will ask…..
  15. Cotton did well in my NCAA 2k game earlier 😉 🤣
  16. I’m confused as to why anyone thinks Dixon is a walk on…. I don’t believe so and when I tried to find out for sure, only Allo was mentioned as a walk on. Sources have confirmed to gomeangreen.com that North Texas MBB is using last scholarship to add 6’8 Forward transfer Terrance Dixon from Kilgore. Dixon averaged 8 PPG and 4 Rebs. North Texas was looking to add a lengthy 4 to the roster. It looks like they have found their guy.
  17. Wow what a drag….. Can we get 60 seconds without a whistle….
  18. Make it 6 and free throws for UAB with 16 minutes left in the half….
  19. Make it 6 and free throws for UAB with 16 minutes left in the half….
  20. To be fair bit everyone has the time nor money to do this. I am a huge Mavs fan but don’t go to games and now due to Bally only listen on the radio. I don’t think it’s to fair to say only true fans can do that. To many it’s financially irresponsible to go to games. I’m not paying all that money to go to a cowboy game. I will attend every UNT sporting event at home I can with my season tickets though.
  21. It honesty doesn’t feel that long ago…. Internet has ruined too many things. 😕
  22. Hoping so. If every team could take back one loss or bad loss in out of conference play might have made more noise. We should get the respect.
  23. UAB about to upset Memphis? This conference is tough. I hope the committee sees this and doesn’t take it as a bad thing. We should be a 2-3 bid conference for sure. I honestly think top 3 teams should get a bid and another 2 to the NIT. It’s legit basketball. Not Big 12 level but I think many teams could contend with the best of the best in other conferences like the MW and SEC.
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