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  1. I’m sick of the teases! When is Stone Cold going to come out on his four wheeler flying down the field and span the breaks to smash some bears and throw them down mid field! Enough teasing and make it happen UNT!
  2. Trusted the kicker from 55 but not 50…. Interesting.
  3. Nope…. Just get the penalty to have extra space for the punt.
  4. I wouldn’t want to ever scoop to that level of disgusting and pathetic. I would never want a player who has to stoop to that level of pathetic on my team. Don’t pay players! Fix the system!
  5. You know full well that was intentional to get extra space on the punt to try to pin us inside the ten….
  6. Gotta let out guys know this isn’t touch football… DB should have laid him out and hopped he drop the ball. Instead he just tries to touch him…
  7. Except that’s how they started our last hike game before getting beat deep. Had a better result this game than last. They already packed the line the first couple drives the previous game….
  8. So it’s brunch in the club section? Maybe some free mimosas?
  9. No…. We will be lucky to hold them even close to that and lose by 13-17. That may be the goal…. Keep it close and come back and best Temple to get to 3-3. Anything less than that is not good.
  10. How pathetic and disgusting what college football has become then. Would never coach up or want my son to ever have that mentality or life.
  11. Just so much cowardice involved in this new transfer portal world. Want cash no and don’t want to get better for the future. What a joke.
  12. I wasn’t aware someone could be in front of the ball in motion during an onside kick. That’s odd.
  13. It’s usually just a bunch of grumpy old men grumbling….. it’s just like sitting at a bar to watch a game 🤣
  14. There was a family that sat net our table where we ate. Before the food came out someone was talking to them and I heard them say they use to live in the area and his brother went to UNT so they came up for the game… so maybe a family member gave them tickets… although I think they had 5-6 people in the group so who knows.
  15. Pretty irritating actually. I know Duffy was “on the team”…. Didn’t know about Jordan Williams, but that makes me want to win the million even more to let them know they can shove it. I wonder why Smart didn’t play. He practiced with the team.
  16. Why are there only 8 guys on the team now? Where is Jordan Duffy? In the box score it also showed Jordan Williams as not playing and never heard he was even on the team. I know when it started they had 10-12 and Duffy was on the roster.
  17. Wish they were all former UNT players Hamlet, Hunstberry, Reese, Bell, Simmons, Jones, Williams, Mitchell, Taylor, and Geu -10 former guys who can still suit up. Win it all.
  18. Absolutely not. Just eliminate other post season tournaments and make the NIT 64 teams…. Then make all play in games the 16 seeds. It’s not that difficult to do.
  19. From? UNT? George King, Chris Davis, and Jordan Williams are near the top/topping my list. Would have been Jermey Combs but we all saw what he did…
  20. Perry showed his true character… he won’t touch the NBA…. He is about him. Not the team. Maybe overseas one day….
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