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  1. Still trying to understand all the UAB infatuation. A recent winning football program (for now) that builds a 47,000 seat stadium that was less than half filled in its debut game? Their 2’nd home game attendance looked even worse. (See pic) I think past traditional pecking orders of (mostly) perceived self-importance prevents Judy’s dream from happening. I like most the names in the West Division, but not impressed with the East Division (as they are equally not impressed with the West). SMU will probably be the fly in the ointment with this having a chance to happen as they have one leg in the AAC & their other leg with Big 12 aspirations. The SMU scenario has to have AAC Commissioner Aresca a bit frustrated; that is, having a school who ultimately doesn’t want to be in his conference still wielding so much power about his leagues future membership.
  2. I see no path for Seth in Year 6. When he turned down the Kansas State job I’m sure a few of us uttered under our breath—“you should have taken the job.” I told a fellow alum 2 years ago Seth has no fire in his belly since he turned down the KSU job. Obviously, I don’t think his good salary or the new Indoor Practice Facility changed that for him, either. Trying to remember the last time a UNT HFC left Denton a happy camper. It’s uncanny to me how there can be a Coastal Carolina & Liberty who show long-standing & traditional G5 schools how quickly all this can be done at a ranked level & then I think of schools who are still stuck in their “100 year plan.” I mentioned to another alum recently that after 48 years of this I’m disgusted by how I feel our school has squandered this athletic program by a comedy of errors-filled poor hirings of too many D2 level talent (from top to bottom) & all that for a school with D1 (FBS) ambitions. AD Wren Baker, President Neal Smatresk, the BOR’s, the Loveless & McNatt families & others give many hope. We have to get the next hiring right, though. This will be Wren’s first HFC hire. He didn’t do bad with the basketball coach hire. 🍿
  3. Fans in the stands still matters. Just ask the Commissioners of conferences seeking new schools to add to their leagues. I DVR most G5 games being televised & I’m not seeing that many games with impressive attendance. UAB with a winning record surprises me the most with how empty their new stadium is. Yet wouldn’t the irony turn cruel on us if one of those Commish’s said: “ Well, I was in the Apogee press box to look at both Marshall & UNT & ____________________________.” 😩 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ No doubt UNT athletics is getting high marks & 4 star ratings on our across the board varsity venues, but what will be said about our fan support in not so good times? One quote from Fry I distinctly recall before he accepted the Iowa job was when he was talking to his NT assistants about possibly taking that job & that which he related to a DFW media person which was: “The Hawkeyes have lost for twenty years but they still sellout their stadium.” Truth be told I think it was that attendance scenario at U of Iowa that sealed the deal for him taking that job & taking most of all the NT assistant coaches with him—including NT alum & NT Athletic Hall of Fame member Bill Brashier. 🦅 Edited just now by PlummMeanGreen
  4. More discussion from the CUSAbbs forum. https://www.csnbbs.com/thread-922728.html
  5. I’ve been a fairly staunch supporter of Seth, but I think the air has slowly been leaking from his balloon when he turned down a Big 12 job. I think it affected him mentally more than most of us would ever realize. Yes, he makes almost $2 million a year at UNT, but it’s not about the money at all. I feel sorry for him. It has just all gotten away from him. Not sure if a 5 win season could pull him out of this hole, either. He needed to have his team at least compete with UAB. UTSA & Liberty could be another impending disaster. Jeez! Did you see the ‘Runners vs WKU last night?
  6. Probably still a good idea, but it won’t happen for many of the reasons Arkstfan has previously posted. The long-established Texas & Deep South intercollegiate pecking order will stop it cold in its tracks. LaTech will never get in bed with UL & ULM. They’d drop football first. 🦅
  7. 🤔Why? You know exactly why, C Rod.😊 It’s because we are passionate Mean Green fans who give a damn about our college alma mater’s football program—some who’ve been passionate many more MG seasons than others. I’m in the middle of that group, but catching up to the Older Nestors crowd real fast—too fast.
  8. Whatever y’all do, don’t insert politics into your friendly diatribes. 😳😊
  9. North Texas...28 Marshall..........21 ••• The Murphy twins have a knockout performance! ••• Aune has a career game. ••• #3 rushes for 200+ yards ••• All is quiet on the Northern Front (for the moment) ••• True Story: It has been said that weeks before Jerry Jones hired him, that Barry Switzer actually inquired about the North Texas head football coaching job. (Maybe he had had a conversation with the late, great Hayden Fry about Denton)? Fry was always a positive advocate of both UNT & Denton. Look what they did for him (& what he did for us in a little over half a decade)? If North Texas is looking for a new HFC at season’s end, I think some will be surprised at the pedigree who will apply. I won’t be one of them. Just look at all our varsity sports venues inside the Mean Green Village? This one in the photo now toward the top of the list. ❇️It’s the 3’rd largest of its kind in the sovereign state of Texas. Other venues are being planned beginning with what will be an apparent end zone expansion of the present Athletic Center. I’m sure Wren Baker got a nice tour of UM’s new End Zone facility beginning last Friday in Columbia, MO. 🦅
  10. UNT alum Pat Boone sang the national anthem at the Apogee Stadium debut game vs the UH Coogs (& I cannot find a video of that anywhere). ••• Someone told me all 4 of his & Shirley’s daughters were born at Denton’s late great Flow Memorial Hospital. ••• Back in the 70’s Boone came back to campus & put on sort of a “Memories of UNT” show in the old Men’s gym. ••• While a UNT student the religious PB served as a layman pastor at a Church of Christ (his former denomination) in Slidell, Texas. •••This hilarious video showed Boone was a good sport about his toupe (which became more famous after this show).😱 🦅
  11. You are so right about Mr. Brown. 🦅
  12. Didn’t want to leave this UNT alum off the list. A Dallas co-worker of mine back in the day was a classmate of Michael Martin Murphy at Adamson HS in south Dallas. She told me Michael studied Greek at UNT. (She was a big fan of his). I had heard he was a real hellion in Denton.😆 He performed folk music gigs off Fry Street & elsewhere in Denton. Today MMM is a cowboy singer & has an annual Christmas concert at Bass Hall, Fort Worth. His “Wildfire” is a big song favorite across the USA. (Murphy would later transfer to USC—I guess Denton was not hip enough for him).
  13. I like your colorful font style, but do I detect some sarcasm you were so famous for before you took your sabbatical from GMG?
  14. Yes it was, but passionate fans cannot change the rules of College Licensing. CL is like the tablets of the Ten Commandments (of which half the nation still follows). Now a person can create his own sports clothes, caps, etc. as long as they don’t try to sell any of it. ___________________ ••• This is the crowd at a CUSA Division leading UAB vs FAU game today in Birmingham. I’d think the ACC will sure want to take a look at them, too. 😆 Obviously, we’ll have some similar pics in coming weeks, but UNT’s built-in promotions will make it look not so bad! So I’m sure we’ll have similar pics in coming weeks, but we’ve only won 1 game, too.
  15. NTSN, ask Silver Eagle & FFR about their experience with usage of logos or any similar item. College Licensing seems to have all that, uh, licensed? I agree that we do need more variety.
  16. It was another time (& I said this before), but SMU had .500 & under W/L seasons 10 years in a row & then were invited to CUSA to begin play in 2005. So not sure how much winning right now matters, but it would be nice if we were winning now. 🦅
  17. Then let’s pool all these multi-school G5 conference’s resources together (by our comrade schools) & then divide it among the poor. 🙄 I’m getting those 1-AA goose bumps back all over again. Still way too much school pecking order bias left even among what’s left of the G5. 🦅
  18. If SMU goes MWC then North Texas goes to the __ __ __ !🤠 Aresca could keep the MWC out of Texas & the DFW Metroplex (which I hear is a concern) if his league added UNT; otherwise, the MWC will eventually pick North Texas now or in the near future. This seems to be getting a little clearer on some aspects of re-alignment politics, but it’s like the Texas weather—if you don’t like it—just wait a minute. Greed (& survival) is at the forefront of all of this. 🦅
  19. SUMG told me Florida Gator fans are having a blast singing favorite son the late Tom Petty’s hit “I Won’t Back Down.” They’ve made it an every game tradition by singing it at the end of the 3’rd quarter. 🎶🎶🎶 UNT alums who made it big in the music world collectively have a large songbook of songs. Wonder which one song the UNT College of Music students might pick if we emulated the Gator Nation & sang it at the end of the 3’rd quarter? Or which one song UNT alums on GMG & Mean Green fans would pick? I pick UNT alum Bobby Fullers big hit covered by many other recording artists & that is “I Fought the Law (but the Law won).”
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