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  1. It was a magic night for all who were there. The fans were so into this game with our crowd noise, especially the UNT students. For a weeknight ESPN game seems there were around 400,000 viewers.
  2. Still wish Stone Cold would be at Apogee this Saturday. Maybe all he needs is an invitation? Some of us saw him play linebacker for UNT & Coach Corky Nelson. In the one hour A & E Network documentary on Stone Cold Steve Austin (aka Steve Williams) there is a film clip that shows him dropping a TCU quarterback for a loss. (As I recall, that game was won by the Mean Green).
  3. 😆 Frontier justice has its place. Heck! God Almighty had a young sheppard boy take out Goliath.🙄 ❇️🦅❇️ GMG!
  4. 3 Keys To A Win vs the 15’th ranked UTSA Roadrunners. (1) •••The Mean Green “D” must force turnovers & even score a TD or 2 with a picked up fumble or a pick 6 or both. (2)••• UTSA’s skill players are ahead of ours as a unit. UNT needs a career game from Austin Aune & his young receiving corp will be a big key to that. (3)••• Torrey needs to have almost 200 yards rushing in this game & the 3 young RB’s have to contribute as they have in recent games. Attendance? UNT has usually built to good attendance numbers when the Mean Green have a few early season wins under their belt. Well, we know that is out of the question for now so............with 42,000 UNT students on a holiday break, Denton & Denton County folk will need to fill the gap. We all just need to overlook all the negativity of the situation during this “slow start” season; we all need to understand that this is a rivalry game & you can throw out each team’s W/L records & then — just go bat shit crazy over this Mean Green football team much like San Antonio has over a deserving UTSA Roadrunners team. ••• UNT vs UTSA could be lots of fun for any area college football fan. Read somewhere today one DFW sports media guy was imploring all area college FB fans to get out to Apogee to watch this game. In fact, he said he & his family were coming. ••• Finally, this game could be a back & forth shootout much like our bowl-clinching game vs the Aggies of New Mexico State when we won at the end & thousands rushed Fouts Field to tear down the goal post. (See pic) (Didn’t UNT beat the University of Cincinnati Bearcats in the New Orleans Bowl only weeks later)?
  5. Is that urban tale stuff or actually true? And yes, Siggers would have by now moved from UNT’s 3’rd string to the role the Mustangs have for him now. ❇️🦅❇️ SEE YALL AT FABULOUS APOGEE STADIUM THIS SATURDAY!
  6. An 💡 idea!😱 Combine the 2 bands this Saturday at fabulous Apogee Stadium (as we did with the UH Pride of Houston in 2019). Then———-fly in actor Hugh Jackman as a special guest soloist & he perform a piece from Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man!” It would be a show-stopper! 😱🙄 (Just kiddin’ of course)
  7. Now beginning to see where some of the joke writing staff for Hee Haw came from.
  8. Agree for the most part. Still trying to cough out the UAB disaster at Apogee which has been stuck in my craw. If Littrell is released I believe it will be that one game that would have been the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I am a typical American, though, & pull for the underdog & want a happy ending for all but—I don’t think that will be possible in this scenario.
  9. ...but of course, SMU calls us that, too. 😆 Intercollegiate banter? It’s what grown-ups do trying to re-capture their college days when life was much simpler? Every time I hit the Denton City Limits I become a 20 year old all over again. After about 4 -5 hours on campus & at Apogee & after I leave Denton I’m feeling my age (again) which is _ _ years old.🙄 (Just enjoy the moments this Saturday & none of us should really take ourselves too serious)? ___________________________ 🔥WE BE ON FIRE IN MEAN GREEN COUNTRY! 🔥
  10. Most are realistic I think. USM played them pretty close, though. Didn’t we beat USM? I know some who want us to lose thinking that will seal Littrell’s fate. I think Smatresk & Wren Baker have already decided—win or lose this Saturday.
  11. We will have our chance at Apogee Stadium, 1:00 pm this next Saturday!😆 it will probably be the largest attended home game finale in UNT history. I’m pumped! To me this is what college football is all about.
  12. I’d like something similar to this at App. State adjacent to an expanded Athletic Center & Apogee Stadium. I can’t wait to see Wren Baker’s rendering of what he wants to do with the aforementioned. We are fortunate to have him, Neal Smatresk & others leading our parade in 🇺🇸Denton-Texas-America!🇺🇸 https://www.dpr.com/projects/kidd-brewer-stadium-north-end-zone 🦅
  13. Actually, I was highlighting your post as I thought it was (somewhat) positive.😊
  14. In another lifetime (& totally different attitude) we once took almost 20,000 Apple-Green clad Mean Green fans to UT-Austin & the future-to-be-named DKR Memorial Stadium. No Zuckerberg kind of Fact-Checking required because I was one of the “almost” 20,000 fans— I concur. So did the Austin American-Statesman. Of course in this present era, we are so much more sophisticated as fans & alums & we even evolved into experts on who we should have been hiring (& firing) the last 40 years. We have also mastered the art of tailgating at UNT. You know, all the important things that a Top 25 program which has been playing football for well over 100 years should have a handle on? In fact, tailgating has all but become a religion at UNT-Denton. For instance, look how many just keep on tailgating even as the Green Brigade plays “Glory To The Green?” Even continuing tailgating as the Apogee Stadium video screen says the 2’nd quarter has begun. When something that could turn positive is only 8 days away it is predictable on this forum how some go into immediate Negative Ned melt down. Why are we playing Thanksgiving weekend? We can’t draw flies 2 days after T-Day. Why might UTSA fans possibly be sitting in a donors seating area (albeit they will have paid $45-$55 for tickets to sit in what would have probably been a Game Day empty seat). It is so inspiring to read all this from some GMG fans most of whom have never witnessed more than 4 winning football seasons in a row in Denton. In fact, one might wonder how many GMG visitors who read all this say “Screw this—I ain’t going to get involved with any of this since so many of their fans diss this football program about almost everything.” Comfort Zone: I know, we can just blame some of the GMG.com negativity on our culture. It’s the reason we are like we are? We have no control of how & what we think because of it? It’s almost like the Jimmy Carter malaise. Set the thermostat on negative! Hell, now look at little Ol’ me now doing some of the NegNed thing myself in this post?🤢 Shit fire & save the matches—who can I blame? Have I been bitten by a Mean Green zombie? 🤔Honestly? I actually hope some don’t come to the UTSA game because they are a constant negative force to this football program on every subject from A to Z plus— potential UNT recruits might over-hear some of their usual Schtick & say: “No way I’ll come here! I’ll just go ahead & visit UTSA because did you see how many fans they brought to Apogee & how many from UNT didn’t show up? I will add, though, that UNT has mastered the art of tailgating & they also have a great marching band.” ...
  15. If the Mean Green “D” neutralizes Sincere then its anyone ball game. I can’t wait until Game Day. Love the 1:00 o’clock kick! So with that in mind I propose there be a campus-wide invoking of the curse of Mean Joe Greene on the Roadrunners! May the UNT students set another student attendance record as they did the season before Covid ••• LET THE FIREWORKS BEGIN! •••
  16. Now ancient history, but Fry was not close to being .500 at SMU the day he signed on with UNT in December, 1972. Personally, I think Neal Smatresk & Wren Baker already know exactly what they are going to with our coach as UNT embarks with a future as a member of the American Athletic Conference. At this stage of the game 1 or 2 more wins won’t make a bit of difference in their overall Big Picture. (May be wrong, but am just going on both their recent history). 🦅
  17. I think for what Wren Baker would really like to do with the expansion of the Athletic Center combo End Zone Facility could be close to $100 million If he goes all out. Wonder if the State of Texas would kick in since students training & sports medicine training would be involved? They’ve been involved with financial assistance with other venues in decades past if memory serves me well. 🦅
  18. North Texas 24.......UTEP 21 18,500 butts in seats by the 2’nd quarter. If students come in from tailgating on “The Hill” make that 21,000.🙄 ••• My section of the parking lot where I always park was already full at 1:30. Lots of UTEP fans are in the old Fouts parking lot tailgating. ❇️ Watching pre-game warmups & the all green unis & white helmet with wings on each side look damn good. ••• Bring a windbreaker or sweater. GMG!
  19. For Homecoming (this Saturday) we will all expect you to stand up from your seat & play this, Phil!🤠😊
  20. 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸UNT Coach Chris Petrilli & any U.S. Veteran are the real hero’s. They helped keep America as the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave to such an extent that it seems half the entire world will break our laws to come to America (even with all our past sins & warts).
  21. Wow! What a resume for Fuente. With the AAC in the (very) near future, whoever is recruiting for UNT I think most would agree will need to raise the across the board quality of our recruiting. In 2019 when we played AAC member UH at Apogee that was a pretty big hint of that kind of quality. 🐎 SMU pioneered the transfer portal (as to get immediate starters) like no other G5 program, but we have hardly even begun that process. That process needs to begin soon (as in yesterday) since the American Athletic Conference is only 2 years away. In what will be our 3’rd season in a row at .500 & below (wins/losses) makes what Neal Smatresk & Wren Baker pulled off to get us out of CUSA into the American even more miraculous IMO. I hope Smatresk will not retire & “In Wren We Trust” stays for quite awhile. The dramatic Athletic Center expansion is on his “gotta get this done now” list because of its prime importance to all varsity athletes. •••Watch for an announcement any day from SMU with their picking back up & continuation in the NCAA FBS venues arms race. It’s ongoing for all G5 programs who mean business & want to advance from where they’re all at now. BEAT THE MINERS! ⛏ GMG!
  22. One reason he was critical of TCU fans was he thought way too many were coming to Amon Carter Stadium just to tailgate. Wonder what he’d say about the Hill while Mean Green games were in session? 😊
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